A New Anime Fan?

This Blog is based on my own experiences on discovering Anime, I wrote this in order to help any other anime fan out there that’s hesitant or simply doesn’t know about some of the basics of this fandom This being my first blog ever I hope you find it enjoyable and enlightening.

So You’ve made the big decision, you have watched a fair number of shows declared them AWESOME!! and are on the look out for more of the same. You are by all means an Anime Fan.

As You should know by now this medium has a very loyal and vocal following, especially on the internet. It is always important to know that you are not alone (atleast it was important for me). This loyal following has over the past decades evolved into a sub-culture, a very very rich sub-culture. To the clueless/ignorant observer the antics and meanderings of this fandom are somewhat wierd or downright confusing even nonsensical and dare I say it monumentally annoying. But dont let that phase you because the more you get to know, the more you will realise just how much fun it is to be part of this awesome sub-culture.

Well first things first, for now I will give you the essential things to know and do in order to “blend” well into the sub-culture.


Anime is not produced locally, the fact that you are reading this in english (romanised text) definetly guarantees this point. The bulk of it is produced in Japan. foreign companies buy licence to the products and those with enough resources dub over them and then sell them to retailers.


I know this will shock many of you but I had NO idea what manga was until a friend of mine took me to borders in the graphic novel section. i was shocked to find out that it was all Black & White, it had th exact same script as my favourite shows and most of all was read from right to left. Its an experience I will never forget. as i stood there mooching over as many volumes as I could with the biggest grin on my face I knew I was just introduced to a whole ‘nother dimension in the fandom.manga are Japanese provide over 60% (estimate) of source material for anime (more than 75% fo me pesonally)


depending on how you were introducd to the medium this topic can lead to fiesty debates, which is quite shocking really.I come from a region where there are physically NO stores that sell/rent anime/manga heck you cant even find bootleg versions the Dreaded Region 5. I was introduced to anime through my friend, he lent me a DVD that he downloaded. The net back home at that time was preety bad so streaming was out of the question, I knew this method of aquiring anime was illegal but I was completeely ignorant of the fact of how it was hurting the industry until I moved overseas. Things aren’t so bad right now back home (Zambia), the 24 hour anime channel Animax was brought to us through satellite television at a butt busting price of $66 US a month.so things are looking up….well sorta.


Okay this one is a whole ‘nother blogs worth on its own. the best advice I can give you now is this. when you come across a terminolgy you dont understand, Google it :). then watch a show based on it. Let me elaborate.

I didnt kno what the term Lolicon meant, i came across it on a forum and looked it up. I wont lie to you the result shocked me and grossed me out but I was still curious. So I used the ANN search encyclopedia and found the most suitable show with lolicon tags that I could bare watching. that show was Kure-nai. Not only did I fully understand what lolicon meant I also found a show that still sits firmly on my Top 10 anime of all time. So go for it, theres a whole lot to explore out there.


Being part of a culture is interacting with people and to be honest that is the 2nd best thing about being an Anime fan.(the first being anime itself, Duh!) I would recommend joining a forum that you are cofortable with. All sorts of discussions are held there and it’s the best way to share your opinions on a particular show or any subject pertaining to the fandom. It’s also the best way to find out anything you are not sure of.

Anime Reviews, Recommendations, Season Previews e.t.c can all be found on various forums. Websites like yours truly Japanator also have news feeds and podcasts that you can use to keep up with whats new in the fandom. I would also recommend social networking sites, especially Twitter. The links provided there by fans and people in the industry are very good.

Lastly you can also search online or your local Universities or Colleges for Anime Clubs.

The Fandom is always growing and theres always more and more culture being added to it. It makes me proud to know I am part of this community that is rich in diversity and shares my burning passion, it certainly is…


~ by kiddtic on May 12, 2011.

4 Responses to “A New Anime Fan?”

  1. A lot of very wonderful points.

    Especially legality. A very tough issue for a lot of people. Because as a fan, many of us would like to support our favorites shows. And I believe some of us try our best (granted we have the money), but some shows just aren’t available to purchase yet so downloads and watching things online is the best we can get.

    And being part of an anime club is an amazing experience and if people’s schools/colleges have them, they should join. From my own experience, it’s so much fun to be around people who are fans of anime, manga, and J-drama shows. Also if people can afford it, going to conventions are another good option if they don’t have any clubs around them.

  2. nice site Kidd..brilliant! J45H

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