Most Anticipated Games at E3 2011

I was fortunate enough to watch E3 live this year and the coverage I got from my/our favourite gaming  journalists was unprecedented, not to mention my awesome twitter friends. Watching the reactions to the announcements was almost more exciting than some of those conferences, Im looking at you Ubisoft.

As someone that has been a gamer since 1995 I have grown up with games, I have seen Legends made and seen Giants fall. This E3 is probably the worst in the history of pre show leaks but that didnt take the excitement away from it certainly not for me. Im going to count down my most anticipated games from E3 2011.

Number 10 – Rayman Origins XBOX Kinect, PS3, Nintendo Wii


Ubisoft started their conference by pushing those Nostalgia buttons, something I noticed in Devolopers this year was that they heard their gamers cries. Theres been a big explosion in the whole retro gaming movement in the fandom and with big titles Like Mortal Kombat and Marvel vs Capcom staying true to their origins and going back or staying in the 2D format, Ubisoft opened their eyes and knew they could cash in on this retro fad. The result was Rayman Origins a 2D sidescrolling platformer whose world warps and recreates itself almost at random in real time. Its definetly Unique and groundbreaking and very very fun. As a fun of Rayman Racing and raving rabbids this is certainly a Rayman i want to get my hands on, it looks beautiful and it will also have 4 player Multiplayer which IMO rivals New super Mario Bros Wii. This game would probably be lower on my list had it had the rabbids in it but with the confirmation that the rabbids are a completely different IP, the hype lowers.

Number 9Mario Kart 3D Nintendo 3DS





We all have our own unique Mario Kart memories and most of those fond ones are the ones spent on your first ever Mario Kart experience mine was on the Nintendo 64. What is so different about this particular Mario Kart you ask? well apart from the fact that it has 3d capabilities this game looks fairly decent for being on a handheld. The Karts are customisable which is pretty awesome and the best of the new features is an ability to ride or drive underwater and also spout gliders and float across the air. Mario Kart is arguably the best Multiplayer game you could ever play and with the 3DS’ Streetpass capabilities there is certainly a whole lot to look forward to with this title.

Number 8Battlefield 3PC, PS3, XBOX 360, Wiiu





I have never played a Battlefield game before and the fact that this game makes my list just goes to show how much of an impact this game has on me. the main reason this makes my list is because of its Frostbite 2 engine. We all know Crytek has always been the engine to look up to but with frostbite 2s’ capabailities to completely level entire 12 storey buildings and near perfect body animations, this is the engine to have. Battlfields maps are Huge! and I love open world games, the team based multiplayer is back and is polished so this is definetly one to hop onto with your friends.

 Number 7 – Brothers In Arms: Furious 4 – PS3, XBOX 360

Its been a very very long time since I was immersed into a good World War game and with the immense popularity of Modern Warfare I knew i wasnt going to get any AAA title from a Call of Duty game that I wanted. This is where tried and trusted Brothers in arms comes in. However, leave it to Ubisofts gearbox games to create something totally new and fun for the immersive IP. The four protagonisits are as charismatic as they come, this game looks like it will bring intence authentic World War action and some comedy and attitude with it. I wouuld expect no less from Duke Nukem: Forever creators.

Number 6 – Assassins Creed: Revelations – PS3, XBOX 360 , PC (possible) Wiiu

 Another year another Assassins right? well yes. Ubisoft somehow managed to woe me into yet another Ezio adventure. I really wanted a new character in the franchise, the possibilities with this Ip are just immense and with this title set to take place in Constatinople/ Istanbul Turkey. We are bound to go exploring and sight seeing just like we loved to in the previous Creed titles. The battles have had an overhaul but counters are still core to owning everyone. Its another Assassins its gonna be great, oh and Ezio is old thats a plus….. I think.


Number 5 – Halo : Annivesary – XBOX 360

Combat Evolved did just that, it evolved the FPS genre in so many different ways, the recharging health bar, the use of multiple vehicles in maps, the co – op story mode and the epic EPIC system Link. So its literally a given that a reboot of arguably the best FPS ever made would get any gamer excited. I certainly am, just thinking about the online capabilities and new add ons is enough to get you to buy those Xbox live points right now! By the Way Halo 4….eh.


Number 4 – Kid Icarus: Uprising – Nintendo 3DS, Wiiu

To me this game is completely new but to most retro gamers its a game that has been long looong overdue. Its use of 3d is integral to its success the graphics are just incredible. The battles are intence and immersive the exploration is exciting in the air and the Multiplayer? OMG this title is one I can not wait to get into. For those unfamiliar to this IP (like myself)  its been described  like  a mix between Devil may cry, God of War and Zelda now you gotta admit thats something to look forward to.

Number 3 – Luigis’ Mansion 2 – Nintendo 3DS

Luigis’ mansion is the first hardcore 3D game I ever played so saying that the game holds a special place in my heart is an under statement. Luigi and his trusted vacuum return in not 1 mansion but 2 (or more) in this epic survival game and in glorious 3D! Not much else to say about this it is afterall a Nintendo game and we know they always deliver. Hopefully this sequel will garner this series the limelight it deserves.

Number 2 – The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword – Nintendo Wii

Teases at last years E3 this game is just one we just want to have in our living rooms and dark bedrooms allready, Its set for release Holiday season 2011 so we just need to hold out a little bit longer. Its use of the Wiis’ motion control is unprecedented and the shinier brighter look of the game just instills that sense of Nostalgia that Miyamoto just knows how to stir. The most epic thing about this game is mode of exploration, Twilight Princess had horseback, Wind Waker had Sea travel and Skyward Sword….well you guessed it. It has Air travel on birdback, the backdrop looks amazing and the idea of being able to fly over Hyrule just makes my blood boil. Its a Zelda game and had it not already been shown to us last year it would be number 1 on my list.

Number 1 – Tomb Raider – PS3, XBOX 360, PC, Wiiu

If you know anything about me you know I have been following this reboot ever since it was rumoured last year at around this time. Surprised Uncharted didnt make the list? well this is the reason why. For years I have always said how Uncharted was a Tomb Raider done right for the HD generation of consoles but something was just missing for me and no it wasnt Laras’ voloptous body..per say it was more just the lore and the name that Tomb Raider carries with it.

This new Lara looks amazing certainly a hero for the new millenium, she is young, cute and athletic. Shes like that cool girl down your street thats into sports and is Hot, way hotter than any super model esque beau would ever be. The new Tomb raider is dark and gritty and the dungeons look as exquisite as these machines could possibly allow the game to be. Laras’ voice acting is exceptional and the puzzles are back!. The best thing about this new game is that it will be an open world, I love sandbox games the possibilities are nealy infinite and the jungle setting just creates a beautiful backdrop. This is the game every gamer will have on their shelves by 2012 November no doubt about it.

What are your favourite games? What are you looking forward to? Let me know.


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