My Favourite Anime Staffers. Directors Edition

Probably the most under appreciated members of the enteratainment industry  in the west are Japanese Anime staffers. Mostly because they dont throw themselves in the spotlight like certain other Western directors or actors and also because japan is just foreign to the west. However, in my short tenure in the anime fandom I have come to notice a few patterns in my favourite shows. I noticed that the same Names kept coming back to my screen on the shows I really liked here are some of them.


Makoto Shinkai

Credits: 5cm per Second, Voices of A Distant Star, The Place Promised In Our Early Days and recently Hoshi wo Kodomo.

5cm per second was the first of his works I saw and boy was it a good Romantic movie, very emotioanl and well written. His signature is the use of sharp and cleverly composed lighting as well as the recurring theme of  having young teens go through complex romantic relationships, most of them long distance relationships. His art style and character designs are fairly unique but its the backgrounds that ironically are the highlight in his work.


Mamoru Hosoda

Credits: The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, Summer Wars.

Hosoda is quite possibly my favourite anime director at this point, the two titles named above are both perfect in every single way. They are very succesful in Japan and also in the west, Summer Wars actually managed to get to the last 13 cut off point in the oscars best Animated film last year. His Character designs are generally cute but not very detailed, the strength in his work is in the narrative especially the climaxs’ of his movies.

Seiji Mizushima

Credits: Full Metal Alchemist, Mobile Suit Gundam OO (franchise), Hanamaru Kindergarten and Neon Genesis Evangelion (epsiode 9  Both of You Dance Like You Want to Win)

At this point its almost a given that the director of the original FMA would be on this list, add a little Gundam OO on top and you have one of the best in the business. Those two titles have given him the stereotpe of being a war themed director. However, his work on Hanamaru Kindergarten which is a far cry from a war anime totally blows these little restraints people have put on him. I also recently found out he directed one of the more memorable Evangelion episodes,  episode 9 Both of You Dance Like You Want to Win. I like to call it Dance Dance revolution saved the world.

Akiyuki Shinbo

Credits: Bakemonogatari, Puella Magi Madoka Magicka, Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha, Arakawa Under The Bridge e.t.c

The only two shows I have seen by Shinbo are Bakemonogatari and Madoka so why does he make my list then? Because those two shows left such a strong impression on me, their unique “trippy” art style intrigued me and the use of common tropes and re -using them in different ways was also very interesting. Shinbo has quite a few signatures like the classic lopsided camera angles and characters turning their heads in an akward manner to look behind them (what You didnt notice?)

I strongly Recommend looking up the names of the directors from your favourite shows, its an easier resolution to the recommendation Dillema. I purposely ommited more famous directors like Mamoru Oshii and Hayao Miyazaki because they are the perfect example of “if you liked his one movie you will enjoy the other”.

Next time Music Edition, see you then.


~ by kiddtic on June 21, 2011.

2 Responses to “My Favourite Anime Staffers. Directors Edition”

  1. A director I think who doesn’t get enough props is Kazuya Tsurumaki, the director of FLCL, Diebuster, and the Evangelion remakes (co-director for that last one). Those are pretty much the only works on his resume, but they clearly show his incredible amount of talent and skill in constructing action scenes.

    • i have actually never heard of him. Its true FLCL was phenomenal and has stood the test of time. I hope he gets to do a serial anime so we can see what he is capable of with a budget.

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