My Favourite Anime Staffers. Music Composers’ Edition

This is a continuation of my previous post the Directors Edition  click the link and follow the entire series, its fun.

Some of  the most memorable moments in anime are always accompanied by a spellbounding soundtrack. This post is meant to give tribute to the creators of these mood changing melodies that compliment the magnificent visual artwork we have come to love. Sure Anime Opening and Ending themes are awesome but its not the J-pop/rock bands I am honoring today, we all know  they have their fair share of praise. Its the creators of the music that plays in the background of the most pivotal scenes I have come across that will be listed below, some of the stand out artists are;

Music Composers

Kenji Kawai

Credits: Eden of the East, Ghost in the Shell, Mobile Suit Gundam OO, Patlabor, Fate/Stay Night, Moribito e.t.c

The first time I noticed Kenji Kawais’ entrancing music was when I was watching the boat scene in Ghost in the Shell. It is quite possibly the most iconic tune of the 90’s. His style consists of cultural Japanese instruments giving his music an authentic olden oriental tune. The contrast between this and the futuristsic landscape in Ghost in the Shell complemented each other well and allowed you to take in the beauty of the futuristic city.

as much as the contrast between a folk sounding tune and futuritic scenes are incredible its when the mix was perfectly placed in the show Moribito that it really touched me on an emotional level. The very last scene of the show brought more than just a tear drop to my eyes, the story was touching enough in and of itself but the adition of the music gave the scene a nostalgic feel that just enhanced the impact. It truly was brilliant and is an experience every anime fan should experience, if you have a heart that is..and a good ear.



Shiro Sagisu

Credits: Neon Genesis Evangelion, Bleach, Macross 7 e.t.c

From blood pumping action sequences to single frame dramataic scenes Shiro Sagisu has proven that he can set the mood for any type of scenario he is tasked with. I personally remember thinking to myself man how cool is this Bleach show with the hip hop/ funk/ nu metal/ opera beats in the background while these charismatic characters beat the crap out of each other. It gave the show a unique sense of style and class and to this day every Bleach fan I have come across has nothing but praise for the first seasons Music, most of them have the tracks as ring tones.

Sagisu got into my “Hall of Fame” with the Tsuabasa wa Kudasai cover he mixed into the ending scene in Evangelion 2.22. The sheer amount of awesome packed into the visuals alone was enough to give the harshest of critics a boner, add Sagisus’ cover and viewers minds were blown.

Disclaimer video may contain spoilers



Yuki Kajiura

Credits: Kara no Kyoukai (series), Puella Magi Madoka Magika, Time of Eve e.t.c

Miss Kajiura probably has one of the most impressive CV’s in this industry her range is clearly limitless and her tastes are very eclectic. Her music tends to really “sit” in the background a little more than the other composers but this is because her style uses synthetic beats paced at just the right tempo for each scene. Howeve, there are a few scenes where her magic is let loose and the most memorable one for me is a fight scene in Madoka Magika. The actual scene was really quite dark and somewhat depressing but the music lead you to cheer on the character as she so desperately fought with her might for her life. Its one of those scenes that just sticks with you forever.

Disclaimer video may contain slight spoilers



Toshio Masuda

Credits: Naruto (franchise), Mushishi e.t.c

Naruto Shippuden was the show that re introduced me to anime and it is no co-incidence that some my favourite OST tracks are from the first season of Shippuden. why do I love the music in Naruto so much?Its probably nostalgia or maybe im just being a fanboy or it just could be that Toshio Masuda has a way with that Grass Whistle. Either way the fight scene music is Awesome.



Yoko Kanno

Credits: Cowboy Bebop, Wolf’s Rain, Darker Than Black e.t.c

Do you watch anime? if the answer to that question is Yes then you have probably heard the name Yoko Kanno thrown around atleast once. Her sun among the stars is definetly Cowboy bebop without a doubt, tasked with arranging Western Music for a show meant to appeal to the Japanese was not an easy thing to achieve and while you may argue and say but Kidd Bebop was not popular in Japan. I can reply by saying its popularity in the west is enough to warrant that the music in Cowboy bebop was a success. I still know people that have never seen the show but hum perfectly to Tank.

The scene where Spike falls out of a Church window is quite arguably the best anime scene ever, Enjoy.



Yoshimori Makoto

Credits: Baccano!, Durarara!, Natsume Yujinchou, Kuragehime e.t.c

 Get your study hats on people this one is a name you must memorise, I know you are wondering to yourself how is it possible that the epic music from baccano and durarara! was not composed by a veteran like the ones listed above? well Japan seems to have an infinite supply of fresh talent because this young composer has talent and he has it in spades. Now before I go on Ryogo Narita and Brains base fanboy rant Ill get to the reason why I love his music.

The ability to fuse music relevant to the times and location is  Makotos’ speciality. Baccano! takes place in the 1930’s America, Durarara! in present day Ikebukuro and Natsume in present day Rural Japan. Watching all three of these shows you would be hard pressed to find a similarity between them except pure awesome. Natsume has Enka type melodies to accompany its mellow pace while baccano has 30’s jazz and swing and Durarara!? well it has this…



 Okay okay enough fanboying heres the actual Music, Enjoy.



Next Time I talk about Voice Actors, see you then.


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