The Problem I Have With…

Ive been really nice in my posts so far so I decided to switch things up a bit and talk about the Anime I dont like. Im going to quote the great Chris Beveridge here and say “listing the worst anime ive ever seen would be boring because we all know they are bad, but Ill tell you the anime I know are “good” but just didnt like, for example Spirited Away” Needless to say those lines shocked a few people listening to him at the Anime Boston 2011 Panel but I agreed with his line of thought. Not all of us will have the same tastes and every so often a couple of titles will pop up that I just dont get. So lets go ahead and ruffle a few feathers shall we.

Ninja Scroll is one of those, I understand how this movie got all the attention it has now. It was released in the west in the early 90’s, it had blood, it had gore, it had boobies, it was about Samurai and it also had boobies. In the early 90’s Anime was just slowly starting to slip into the mainstream market and to make sure the ignorant onlooker didnt just pass it by, it was sold with the tagline “look it has violence, sex and gore its definetly not for kids.” While that strategy seemed cool and hip back then its just lame now. Anime fans are now okay with admitting that the shows they love are goofy, childish, romantic, FOR KIDS and etc. Cartoons are now part of the big blockbuster hollywood lineup, studios like Pixar and Dreamworks have capitalised on this and are making it big because the general audience now is less judgemental about animation in general.

When I was starting out as anime fan I asked for recommendations like every other new fan does and this title was mentioned everywhere, luckily for me I had no access to it until quite later on in my fandom and was really dissapointed. The story had great potential but was just not executed right, the excessive amounts of needless naughty bits including TWO rape scenes just put me off and to top it off I watched the dub which was quite honestly under par. Luckily for me I found out about a similar Anime called Basilisk, it had the same basic premise but was a series. I decided to give it a chance because I couldnt give up on this story just yet.  What I got was one of the greatest Ninja shows ever, I later saw a live action adaptation called Shinobi : Heart Under Blade which believe it or not was recommended to me by my cousin who is not an anime fan. I suggest you check it out if you have the chance it is rather well made.


Now Im only halfway through Shiki so it could change my mind yet….. not really those first 5 episodes totally killed me. This is the perfect example of “lets take our premise way too realistically and take more than 5 episodes before anything starts to happen” (okay I made that up) in other words this show is slooooooow. no not Blood+ slow that was bearable and No not Eureka 7 slow that was also bearable, heh no not even Mushishi slow and that show sells itself on being slow. This one just decided not to start until the 5th episode, the worst part is nearly everything covered in those episodes would have been summed up in 1 just 1 episode! who was the editor on this thing?

Being a noitaminA show it ofcourse was of quality and had a unique style. the story is good and interesting but the scar that those first episodes leaves with you is eternal and unless you like staring at crazy hairstyles and have the patience of a crazed stalker I suggest you give this one a pass. Oh it’s also about Vampires.

Aaargh so much CG, aargh why doesn’t your story make any sense at all. Seriously though, Karas has some of the best looking visuals in anime today, I will have to admit it was very bold of the creators to try and mix 3D rendered CGI with 2D animation and to be honest it does look good on SOME parts. The story is all over the place, im not even sure it has a begining. Its one of those shows that expects you to wait for the plot to uncover itself while it lures you in with “cool action scenes” Im sorry Im not buying that. PASS!

“This is the most insanely exciting, visually exhilarating anime film you’ve seen in decades. Incredible fun.” – Anime News Network

This one was my own fault, I failed to read between the lines..quite literally. This film was part of the Madman 2010 Reel Anime Festival, A once a year treat anime fans get to see the new blockbuster Films soon to be seen on DVD. On the list were Masterpieces like Evangelion 1.0, Evangelion 2.0 and Summer Wars but of all those titles of all those wonderfully made films Redline was the one that got the most hype. Guys excitement does not even begin to touch the surface of  the feeling I had going into that Cinema to see this Film.

It was dumb. Excruciating Dissapointment does not even begin to touch the surface of  the feeling I had after I saw this film. Now like I said it was my own fault for not reading between the lines of all the reviews I had seen. Yes this film was the best one I had and still have ever seen Visually, you do not know what animation is until you see Redline and to be honest I was very lucky to see it in the theatres. I just wanted more from this movie, it didnt have any characters I could relate to and it was just way too wierd. I guess the hype it got kinda screwed with my expectations also I had just seen Eva and Summer Wars just before so I really wanted something to top the drama of those movies.

Ive found that a lot of ol school fans enjoyed this movie and good on them its a pretty good film it just doesnt fill all the right boxes for me, I honestly wish Madhouse would have spent all that money on something that would have a much wider appeal and maybe we could have had a massive hit on our hands.

I could go on and on but I dont wanna make any enemies hehe. Fact is most of the titles listed above have something going for them they just didnt touch me in the right spots know what I mean. They werent complete garbage like Kanokan, Kampfer and Najica oh God.


~ by kiddtic on June 28, 2011.

8 Responses to “The Problem I Have With…”

  1. Yo, Kidd, I’m very happy for ya and I’mma let you finish but Kampfer is the best worst anime of all time!


  2. Nothing wrong with not liking Ninja Scroll. I have no idea why it is STILL gets recommended as a “first dose”, as i do believe it to be a huge disservice for the whole of anime. But…you cant really fight hype, dumb crap like Gintama or Haruhi will always be popular.

    • I agree it should not be recommended as a “first dose” but should be something fans get to discover on their own if they interested. and erm about Haruhi……(Actually a big Haruhi fan) 😀

  3. […] those over-stylised Vampires? Ive talked about how I feel about Shiki a couple of times on the blog so go check those out. All I have to add to my previous articles is the fact that, this show has one of the best final […]

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  5. Totally agree about Ninja Scroll, but actually did not like Basilisk either. I came to this realization the moment I found out that Nenki Mino could choke people out with his nose hairs. With the plethora of great samurai anime around, anime ninjas get neglected. Btw, I’m still trying to get myself to finish Shi-ki as well. Yawwnnn..

    • haha Basilisk is kind of wierd but I managed to get through it because of the bittersweet love story. Shiki is one hell of a drag but boy does it pay off towards the end. keep trying I guess.

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