K-on! Exclusive Madman Interview


AVCon happened during the weekend and as any self respecting anime fan would do I took the opportunity to get to ask the companies that provide us with the material we enjoy so much some much needed questions. Here is an edited version of the Interview I had with Mr. Sylvester Ip, the “Brand manager” of the K-on! anime. Please note I didnt record the interview by audio or in written form so everything I type will not be an exact quote.

Kidd: Hi Sly nice to finally meet you in person, well ill get right to it. Thanks for releasing K-on! in Australia :). I just wanted to find out why you chose the 4 part format for your release? Most of your recent releases have been divided into two or less so why 4 parts with K-on!?

Madman: Releasing K-on! in a different format i.e in less than 4 parts would mean the time between release in America and Australia would be extended even further than it already is. Had we released K-on! as  complete Boxset, fans would have had to wait until atleast Februaray next year to enjoy K-on!

Kidd: Thats fair enough, but with the 4 parts comes the topic of price range, each volume is currently priced at $30 Blu ray and $26 for DVD. Thats $120 for 12 episodes LoL

Madman: Thats 14 episodes actually.

Kidd: Oh! are you adding the OVA’s as well?

Madman: Yes all the OVA’s will be included.

Kidd: I was told to ask this question by a multitude of fans..well not really a multitude but most of them. Where is the special artwork you promised the K-on! fans? I bought the Limited Edition Blu Ray boxset and all I got was a tiny little slip with ads.

Blu ray Collectors Box

Madman: We add everything we are provided with, The licencor is very strict with what artwork we use. If its available it will be added.

Kidd: What about extras, do you only add what Bandai provide?

Madman: Its easier for us to add extras that have already been subtitled into English, so we try to add as many extras as are available to us.

Kidd: Are Bandai easy to work with?

Madman: We actually got the K-on! licence directly from TBS.

Kidd: wow straight from the source huh, is it cheaper to do it that way?

Madman: *shakes head* No 🙂

Kidd: Back to the extras, I notice you are handing out free posters of K-on! did you consider giving those out as the artwork for the Limited Edition collectors Boxset?. I know I would have been satisfied with that.

Madman: We gave out a number of posters to our various retaliers and it was up to them to decide what to do with them.

Kidd: So they (retailers) had more than one?

Madman: Yes we gave multiple posters to the stores, we have no say with what they decide to do with them.

Kidd: Guess I should have asked for one from Shin Tokyo. Anyway, a little more of a serious question now. How well is K-on! doing so far?

Madman: Its hard to say because it has only been out for a week

Kidd: Well considering you acknowledged that it was expensive to licence, Are you planning on marketing the title to the ground?

Madman: We are pushing the title as best as we can and we hope it does well. We are even considering having it on Television

Kidd: Wow TV really? heh its a pretty “Otaku” show. do you think it can work on TV?

Madman: We think having it on a channel like ABC3 would bring in the young female fans. I believe girls would like this title.

Kidd: Ive never thought of it that way. I guess that would work. So if K-on! does well do you plan on releasing K-on!! (season 2)?

Madman: Yes! we would like to release that as soon as it is available, we are also looking forward to the movie. Thats in December right?

Kidd: Yes December 3rd! (giant smile) Could we possibly see the movie at next years Reel Anime?

Madman: We will have to see what other movies will be available, but it is possible.

Kidd: I noticed your poster says Volume 1 would be released on the 1st. I got my copy on the 20th, is the poster accurate?

Madman: Yes the poster is accurate, Every volume will be released within that time frame.

Kidd: So I should expect Volume 2 on the 20th of September?

Madman: It could even be out a week before then, but it is definetly going to be released in September.

Kidd: Do you have any plans for any more “moe” titles?

Madman: We are always open to suggestions and try to aquire as many quality shows as we can. Just keep a look out.

Kidd: Thanks for indulging me, it was nice talking.


So yeah for those of you that dont have the time to read the interview line for line here is what was basically discussed.

The 4 part format is neceassary because that is how Bandai USA are releasing their version. If Madman released it as one boxset it would take forever to be available in Australia.

The Extras included in the Aussie version will most likely be the ones added in the Bandai version because subbing new extras is a pain and its also expensive. Having more extras would make the price go up, we dont want that.

Expect a new volume of K-on! every second month on the 20th… approximately.

K-on! might have a run on Tv, If it does well we might also see the movie in the cinemas.

Final thoughts… Buy K-on! its great.

Special thanks to Sly for the interview, here is the link to Madmans, K-on! page http://www.madman.com.au/catalogue/view/15119/kon-vol-02-bluray 

I Had an extended interview with Madman about nearly everything so look forward to that as well.


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  1. Great exclusive about the anime industry in Australia. Keep up the good work!

  2. […] at last years Adelaide Anime and Video Games Convention, AVCon. I used that opportunity to ask them some questions about their release of K-on! which I am ofcourse a big fan of. It was quite surreal for them to recognise me at the con because […]

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