The Most Promising Anime Season?!

Video Games have E3, a once a year spectacle that brings together Game Developers , Journalists and Fans to showcase all the new gaming titles and hardware meant to hit retail in the next 6 to 12 months. Hollywood has Trailers a good 6 to 12 months before release in theaters, critics get the chance to watch some of the movies early and review them even before they are screened in theaters. Both of these create a considerable amount of hype and buzz in their various communities (which I am a firm part of) usually leading to monetary success. So what does Anime have? A 2 Month window to get a clear view on all the upcoming shows, movies, OADs’, etc.

It’s not even official either, keeping in tradition with anime fandom in the west, the very comprehensive  Seasonal Anime Charts are all fan made. Not that you can blame anyone really, officially the industry only started caring about currently running shows after the rise of Crunchyroll. In spite of this, the future looks bright and with the release of the new Autumn Anime Chart there is more than enough need to “get hype.”

It has been customary for me to watch at least 4 or 5 shows with each season, the expected hit, the sequel, the moe show, the surprise hit and the guilty pleasure. Im sure you guys are familiar with the routine, some seasons have better shows than others and some just suck. The Fall/Autumn Season however has got to be the most promising line up I have ever seen. Lets go through some of the Titles I expect to do well.

Massive Hits

These are the shows I expect will rival the Madokas’, Usagi Drops’ and Tiger & Bunny tier anime for the coveted title of anime of the year. These are the ones I expect will also be licensed but we will keep that topic in mind for another day.


Why Not start on a bang right? I am a huge fan of the Fate/Stay Night Anime series, yes a fan of the anime and not the visual novel (they exist). I also enjoyed the Unlimited Blade Works movie that came out last year. The fact that this series is going to be a prequel means that it has its doors wide open for new fans and fanboys alike, Type Moon Fanboys will squee at the fact that Gen Urobchi the original writer of the novel is on staff for the anime as well and new fans will rejoice at the fact that the series gets a cleaner fresher look thanks to the talented animators at Ufotable. Yuki Kajiura is also on staff providing her awesome melodies and the seiyuu mostly reprised their roles.

This series is going to be big and will most likely be a huge seller when it gets licensed and hits our stores over here, all we can do now is just wait in anticipation and hope they don’t do the impossible and botch it up.

Lupin III

I’ve mentioned on this blog before how old school fans seem to have been forgotten by Japan, well thanks to the release of this new series that all seems to have been thrown out the window. I only recently saw Castle of Cagliostro which was the theatrical version that was directed by non other than Hayao Miyazaki. Needless to say it was funny and brilliantly executed, Lupin has a certain charm to him that just can not be explained I suppose that is why no matter how many years have passed fans just cant seem to let go of this anti hero.

Not much info has been released on this anime yet so it could be a remake or an entirely new season, I personally hope it is a new series with a more modern feel it.Think Lupin meets Eden of the East, now That I can get into.

Persona 4

Here’s how much I know about the Persona Franchise, It is created by ATLUS makers of Catherine. It is a JRPG with some relationship building mechanics, Someone shoots themselves in the head during battle. Yup I’m pretty clueless but that will not deter me from getting exited for this title. The fans of the games swear by it and nearly everyone I talk to about its story tells me it’s so weird, creepy and out there that its awesome. After going through Catherine and experiencing ATLUS’ unique story telling style for myself I can only imagine what they can do with an entire season length of time to work with.

Persona is already an established brand name in the west so chances are we will get to watch the show with the same Voice Actors from the video games, I know that sentence made a lot of fans smile…you are welcome. 

Boku Wa Tomodachi Ga Sukunai

Oh yeah had to slip the personal favourite on here somehow. I got to know of this show thanks to Aquagaze‘s constant ramblings and decided to look it up myself. It is derived from a very popular light novel and has character designs that set the moe scale to a maximum. The real driving force behind this title is the Staff working on it. It will be done by the AIC Build and directed by Saitou Hisashi which is the exact same team that worked on Oreimo. This is basically a romance anime from what I have looked up so far, the prospect of having an anime that can potentially  surpass the unrealistically high bars that Toradora! set for romance anime has me literally on the edge of my seat. And even if it does not manage to surpass Toradora! I certainly know it will come close and that’s saying a lot.  

Good Shows

I expect these shows to be at the very least entertaining, chances of dropping these titles will be very low seeing as most of them are sequels or just might be one of those surprise hits we see each season.

Shinryaku!? Ika Musume  (Squid Girl season 2)

Squidquel to the popular series that aired at around this time last year, (wow its been a whole year already) Squid Girl is really hard to dislike and everyone that saw the first season has been eagerly anticipating this. Could it be better than the first? It’s very possible, as long as they stick to what made the original good this second season is going to blow the minds of Otaku all over again.

Working!! or (Wagnaria!!)

The second season to Working!…you know what if you don’t know what working! is just check out this April Fools trailer they made.


Whats that, you still don’t get it? well then watch the first season why don’t You.

Bakuman 2

We finally get to see Ashirogi Muto in their debut as legit mangaka, their dream is coming true but will they cope with all the stress of work, school and that really badly written romantic drama. We can finally get back to weekly Miyoshi boob jokes and meta manga industry references like Shonen Jack. Man I love Bakuman.

Shakugan No Shana III

Rie Kugumiya as a loli Tsundere…..again. You know you love it.

Kimi To Boku

I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again, the reason I like moe shows is because they showcase the importance and the power that the little things friends do together have. Like going to Karaoke and teasing the friend that’s awful at it, or talking about how to make the perfect bento box or playing deserted island on the beach. These little moments are filled with “d’aww” and to give them maximum impact, Directors decide on using cute girls for the cast. now what happens if you turn that on it head and have an all boys cast.

Yup ive joked around saying Kimi To Boku is a deconstruction of the moe genre and you know what I may not be wrong. It will be interesting to see what they do with this premise and im sure all the fangirls wont mind this either.

Un – Go

Studio Bones doing another noitaminA show that doesn’t have any yaoi far, Dang I know. Well get this it is getting directed by none other than Seiji Mizushima and is a mystery anime set in the near future. Like most noitaminA shows little is known for now but God Damn its Seiji Mizushima!!!

Last Exile: Fam The Silver Wing


Sequel to the very popular Last Exile anime that aired in 2003. The show premiered at this years Anime Expo and will also have a run at Australias’ own Manifest Anime Convention in Melbourne. GONZO seem to be banking on the recent surge in Steam Punk popularity and I think that was a very smart move on their part. Fans of the original have been waiting for this for a longtime and I also think it’s about time I worked on my backlog and completed the first series as well.

On The Fence

These are the shows that I am not certain will be good like the ones listed above. However they do warrant a mention because they wont suck either.

Mobile Suit Gundam AGE

Yes Gundam AGE is not going to be as bad as everyone expects it to be, in fact I think it will blow  Gundam and non Gundam fans away. The story is meant to stretch through three generation meaning the Pilots will age (pun totally intended) and while we will see the youngest Gundam meisters in the series history this also means we might see the oldest meisters (pilots) as well. I also think that seeing kids in war like life and death situations will have a higher emotional impact than we are already accustomed to, this show has a lot to prove and I know if the fans just give it a fair chance it will probably be the best Alternate Universe Gundam show there is.

Guilty Crown

Another noitaminA show from Production IG, I doubt this will surpass the popularity of Usagi Drop but Mecha done right can be a gold mine. Guilty Crown has pretty boys, Supernatural powers and action, Mecha , is set in the near future and has music done by RYO (Supercell) you know the Vocaloid guy. The show will be Directed by Araki Tetsurou of Death Note fame meaning we can expect to be wowed at random characters eating snacks  . The problem with shows of this nature is that it may not be able to flesh out its plot in 11 episodes, hopefully they have their script all done so we can avoid a debacle similar to one like Fractale.

Thats pretty much it, I didn’t intend to do a Season preview but after looking at that chart I got so excited I had to talk about it. This year has been one of the best in terms of A+ anime and can rival legendary years like 07 and 06. Am I the only one super excited for this or are you guys with me? let me know.


~ by kiddtic on August 14, 2011.

10 Responses to “The Most Promising Anime Season?!”

  1. I’m such a Fate/Stay fag – that’s why this season wins me over. Oh, and there’s Persona 4 as well.

    Though Shana is fun, I don’t get what all the fuss is with that show.

    • I am yet to see Shana myself but I have had it on my to-watch list or a very long time. Not many series get to have 3 seasons unless they are shounen plus Shana always seems to find herself as a top runner in the Saimoe competition. There’s definetly something there.

  2. It’s late here so I’m not thinking clearly, but your bit on Persona 4 is slightly off. The head-shooting thing is actually part of Persona 3. It feels weird to hear “From the makers of Catherine…” – I’m not sure if I like that being the tagline for Atlus. It sounds backwards. I got on board with the Persona games, which are spinoffs of the Shin Megami Tensei games, which are apparently ball-bustingly hard. But even though the Persona games aren’t as difficult, they’re plenty challenging. The social link mechanic (think visual novels) is awesome, and the battle system is great too. The games are nice and long (taking place over the course of a school year), allowing you to get to know and bond with your friends, both party members and NPCs.

    You have a tough choice ahead of you- game first, anime second, or anime first, game second? It’s only new once. Actually, I would recommend Persona 3 first- there’s 3 versions: original, FES, and PSP.

    I’m looking forward to the anime too- I want to see the original VAs do their thing.

    • Hence why I said I was cluelss. I think Ill watch the anime first, unlike most Otaku Anime is my primary hobby games come second I think ill get more enjoyment from watching the anime than playing the game. I will get my hands on Persona 3 because many of my friends have said that I will like it and I also heard that Yuri Lowenthal is a prominent voice Actor in those series, I love that guy. That alone is a good enough reason to play the games.

  3. I just checked Yuri Lowenthal’s roles in both games- he played some hilarious characters.

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  5. I think Guilty Crown will be all right. I do like your choice of Persona 4. I think it’ll be really good this season.

    • Yeah Im hoping so too, Ive seen some concept art and character designs for most of the cast, thats not much to go by but it still looks unique and fascinating.

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