Dance In The Vampire Bund Review

There has been a recent surge in the popularity of the supernatural in optical media, Zombies, Vampires and the like are all “in” right now so naturally, Anime would not be left behind and has recently given us some potential hits of their own. Well at least the creators intended for the shows to be potential hits.

Dance In The Vampire Bund is a show about, you guessed it vampires, but not just any vampires, the lead character is a 12 year old looking Loli Vampire that is actually the Princess of her clan and has set out on this great scheme to form an independent country where all Vampires could live together in peace.

The premise is fascinating and morbid curiosity if nothing else  is what kept me watching this show, the very first episode does an amazing, amazing job at inserting the viewer into the story. They use a  TV game show as a format to discuss the possibility of Vampires in todays real world, The segment was very similar to that one episode in Ergo Proxy did you guys watch that? it was epic.

The game show goes haywire after one of the guests reveals himself to be the Vampire that has been on a recent Killing spree and begins to attack everyone in the studio. Co Incidentally Mina Tepes, the main character of the show also happened to be in the studio at the time and  proceeded to stop the killer Vampire with a mere flick of her wrist. This is when she proclaims that she is actually the Princess of the Vampire race and her plans to purchase the land fill segment in Tokyo and turn it into an independent country.

However, the idea of an entire country consisting entirely of vampires does not exactly go well with some Humans and some rigid extremist Vampires, Dillemna!

The Show is a regular Ecchi and has some nudity, yes pre pubescent nudity, matter of fact this show has something for everyone, Shotacons, lolicons, furrys, bouncy boobs and of course panty shots! hence the MA15+ rating. If you can get past the fanservice (or if it doesn’t distract you) there’s a lot of cool action sequences, the fight scenes are very well animated and are what I enjoyed from this show the most. There is also some romance but I found it really tacky and just badly executed, because the show was quite obviously shallow fanservice for action and booby(or lack there-of) fans adding some “deep” drama just contrasted the fanservice and highlighted how dumb the story actually was.

I did enjoy the little segment at the end of the episodes called Dance With the Vampire Maids, it was a little comedy skit using the same cast of the show in SD (super deformed) form. The voice actors really let themselves go in this segment and they sounded great, In fact most of the voice acting in the entire show was actually good, it wasnt super awesome but good. The stand out performers were Cherami Leigh that played May Ren and Monica Rial that was both the ADR Script Writer and lead character Mina Tepes.

The Director Akiyuki Shinbo, famous for such works such as the recent Smash Hits Bakemonogatari and Madoka Magica brings most of his signature style to Vampire Bund as well. The backwards, over the shoulder stare, the contrasting colours between the foreground and background and close-ups on random body parts (or maybe not so random) during long conversations. If you like Studio Shafts works chances are you will enjoy this as well.

The Extras on the DVD are your standard Textless Opening and Ending and some trailers so that was weak.

I really don’t recommend this to everyone, it is for the hardcore Supernatural fans and definitely for fanservice fans. My Final rating is 5/10

Final Verdict : Try It!  That first Episode is really cool and is what kept me watching, if you watch the first episode and enjoy it Im pretty sure the other episodes will please you (in more ways than one) as well. You can preview the episodes at the Madman Screening Room FOR FREE.


~ by kiddtic on August 30, 2011.

3 Responses to “Dance In The Vampire Bund Review”

  1. Despite the glaring flaws (plot-holes, poor/animation errors in the TV version, and uneven pacing) of this one, I really enjoyed it. Maybe because it was the first seasonal anime I really got into. However, I honestly liked DiTVB for its raunchiness, dark themes, action, and most importantly Meiren; as her striking introduction, along with her general badassery forced me to stay for the whole ride. Not to mention I liked Mina for not being the usual bratty loli archetype. I just look at it as a quality late-night B-grade supernatural anime. Has all of the exploitation, cheapness, and cheesy entertainment value of one. With a bit of that SHAFT pretentiousness to make it somewhat worthwhile. I hope DiTVB does eventually get a second season since the the fake Mina plot line was left more open than a fresh cut.

    But as a critical analysis, your review hit the right marks. Short, simple and sweet. Great work. Its not a show I’d recommend as a “good” anime, and definitely not SHAFT’s greatest work.

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