November. The MoNth of the Nerd

I’m sure you have all heard the term “All of my money” Well never has the term made so much sense to me than when I looked up the soon to be released anime catalogue for Region 4. We know that the Video Games schedule is set to bring down both XBOX Live and the PSN for a second time because of the sheer amount of awesome being released then, so it makes me glad to see that the Anime Industry is stepping up to the plate and saying We can be cool too.

The Releases im Looking forward to are;

Spice & Wolf: Blu Ray both seasons

I really enjoyed the first season of this series and oddly enough its one I had ignored for a long time because its premise just didn’t appeal to me. Everyone told me it was about  “Economics” well I don’t know about you but that didn’t sound very exciting but I continuously heard praise and decided to give it a go and boy was it good. I plan to review both seasons on the blog  you can all look forward to that, I plan to make everyone watch and love this show, yes that is my new manifesto for the blog. Madman will release both seasons on Blu Ray on the 14th of September so prepare yourselves.

K-on! Vol 3

Well Because Bandai is Bandai, they managed to split a 14 episode anime into 4 parts. Bad Pricing and Otaku exploitation aside, I am highly anticipating the release of the subsequent volumes of K-on!. The dub turned out good and some of those extras were actually fun to watch. The second Volume is going to be released later this month and the third volume is set to be available in November. There is nothing that will get you even more hyped for the Movie than getting these volumes, speaking of which a new trailer for the movie was released

Mobile Suit Gundam (0079)

Finally!! We get to see where it all began, I got into Gundam through Gundam Unicorn and even though I thoroughly enjoyed it, I could tell there was a lot of stuff that was referenced and I just wouldn’t get unless I got to see the rest of the Universal Century Timeline Gundam. This collection will contain 22 episodes which is half the series, OMG Bandai actually aren’t bleeding their fans dry! I have been slowly collecting all the UC timeline Gundam series so after I get to watch all of them I will post my impressions on the series I am really looking forward to this one and hope it does not disappoint me. Just like the other series this will also be available in November from Madman.

Gundam UC2

Kyaaaaa! After that Cliff-hanger ending in the first UC movie I just can not wait to see the action, the Unicorn Gundam is revealed right at the end and it looks sweeet! This movie is going to be released on the same day as the original Mobile Suit Gundam so hopefully I will be able to understand the similarities between these two guys.

I am kind of disappointed this series is not being released on Blu Ray but that must be because Bandai has the rights to all regions for the Blu Ray. Problem is their Blu Rays are only Region 2 coded so I guess everyone but North americans and the Japanese are stuck with DVD’s, way to go Bandai!!!

Gundam OO second season collection

Madman is finally releasing the affordable version of the second season of Gundam OO in October. I really enjoyed the first season and to be honest I think Seiji Mizushima wrapped it up nicely, from my perspective I don’t think a second season was needed but they funded one so it had to be made. I liked the first season, I like Seiji Mizushima and I’m a completionist so I’m gonna have to watch it. At the very least it looks good, sparkly robots and pretty boys are always a good combination.

The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya

This movie is rated number 1 on ANN’s top anime list, it is the second highest rated anime  on AniDB’s list and it is in almost every otakus’ Top 10 list. At this point if you still doubt that the  Haruhi Suzumiya series is good and still have not watched it, you are just doing yourself a dis-service. I saw this movie just when it came out in the theaters, yes I saw that horrible camrip..all of it. I later saw the DVD rip and it still blew me away all 2 1/2 hours of it. I can’t wait to listen to the dub, more than an hour of Crispin Freeman monologues now you know you cant pass that up. And to top it off, MangaUK announced that the Blu Ray of the movie will have more than 100 minutes of extra content, more than a 100! Thats quality for your money right there. Its going to be released in November from Madman in both Blu Ray and DVD formats. Also Moe Nagato Hnnnnnng!!! Yes this is also a Bandai anime, man why do they release all the good shows.

so much Hnnnng

Trigun: Badlands Rumble

I saw this movie one Tuesday night at my anime club, I then got the entire trigun series the next afternoon, that is how good Badlands Rumble is. I’m not a fan of westerns or of episodic anime but the comedy and action in this movie was just so good that I was able to overlook  the absence of a central plot in the series. In fact, I actually think the series went downhill once it actually got serious. The movie feels like a normal extended episode of Trigun and all the characters come back to add to the fun of the show. The extras that madman have included in this release are worthwhile so im sure this movie will sell big once November hits.

Eden of the East: Paradise Lost


I just finished re-watching the King of Eden movie and honestly I really enjoyed it. Kenji Kamiyama really had a vision and a he told it well, add the Chica Umino Character designs and some Kenji Kawai music and you have one of the best series ever created. The first movie felt underwhelming because it ended on a cliff hanger and felt like it did not really progress the story that much. This being the Final movie the expectations are high and everyone wants to know how the movies will conclude such a fresh and interesting story.

Baka to Test

 It’s very rare to get a unique and good comedy anime these days, one of the titles that comes to mind is The World god Only Knows which is also fresh and hilarious. Co incidentally Shimono Hiro is the Seiyuu for both leads in the series. The art style is both unique and colorful and really expresses the fun like atmosphere of the show. This is also getting released in November and while it may not be a huge title it will definitely stand out and will be a great change of pace for any anime fan.

Full Metal Alchemist Complete Collection

We will finally be able to get the entire Full Metal Alchemist (the Original series) in one collection, for a cheaper price of course. Madman are releasing this in October so if you never did get the chance to buy this excellent show, this will be the best chance we will ever get. This is my second favourite anime and I always, always plug it to any new fan or any person interested in the medium.

Naruto complete Collection

Madman are re-releasing the complete collection for all the fans that missed out or were too broke to buy all 22+ volumes of the original series. Its going to be released in October for a staggering $400

Angel Beats! Blu Ray

I saw one episode of Angel Beats! fansubbed and loved it so much that I put it in my to-buy list, only Nana, Soul Eater and Spice & Wolf have been series that have gotten this treatment. I also saw the first episode dubbed through the anime boston live Stream and thought it was excellent which hyped me up even more for its release over here. To top it off Siren Visual announced at this years AVCon that they will release the show in Blu Ray in November. Get Hype!

Hoshi wo Ou Kodomo (Children who Chase Lost Voices from Deep Below)

Makoto Shinkai why your titles so long? I love Makoto Shinkai, I will consume all of his work even if I am blind folded. I can not describe how ecstatic I was when the man himself announced on twitter that his new movie would be region free. CD Japan currently have the movie up for pre-order for a mind-blowing $100+ Totally worth it!

The signature highly detailed backgrounds are present in the movie and surprisingly the story is not your typical long distance romance that Shinkai has become known for. I really expect this movie to do very well and come November this will definitely be on my shelf.

What are some of the titles you guys are hyped for?


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