Blog Progress Overview, Celebration and Competition

Hey there guys just wanted to make an official post thanking you all my readers for supporting my work by continuously visiting my blog. It’s almost surreal how far I have come in such a short span of time, just 5 months ago I remember debating with myself on whether it was necessary for little old me to start up a blog and in the end I decided to do it for the heck of it. My first test was with Tumblr, which is still active but only use for commenting on my friends other tumblrs.’ I found tumblr a little too hard to use so I then switched to WordPress. I didn’t publish my first post here though, that honour fell upon the lucky guys over at Japanators community blog section (which is a great place for ani-blogging) The response I got there was positive and encouraged me to finally take the plunge and finally post on my very own blog.


In my first month of blogging I got a total of about 130 views a month, as of today that number has gained a few 0’s and some, which totally humbles me. My blog is not as big as the others out there but it is definitely growing and its all thanks to you guys. I was also lucky enough to add team members to the blog, Ian aka De gesso893 joined the crew in early July and has contributed some magnificent articles. I am also proud to officially announce the addition of a third team member, Jake “the Root-Beer King” to my blog, you guys can look forward to his unique insights on the fandom and on anime.

Celebration and Competition

As many of you may now know, after my interview with Madman personnel at this years AVCon went live on my blog some of the Madman staff liked what they saw and asked me to officially review anime for them. This was big for me and was rather surreal considering I had only been blogging for about a couple of months at that point. Even more exhilarating was receiving my first Review copies in the mail, not many bloggers can attest to that. Since then 3 reviews have gone up, a list of which you can see in my Review Guide page.

My First Review Copies


So in celebration of everything that has happened I will be running a little competition, that will grant all my readers a chance to win themselves a copy of either K-on! volume 2 on DVD(Region 4) or The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya DVD/BD combo pack (Region 1)


All you have to do to enter is;

either comment on the blog or subscribe to the blog. A winner will be chosen at random in the first week of November.

-A comment will get you 1 ticket in the lucky hat

– A subscription gets you two little tickets in the lucky hat

-5+ comments gets you two little tickets in the hat

Any queries or questions you may have can all be asked on twitter or in the comments, the competition starts right now so good luck guys and thanks for reading.



~ by kiddtic on October 8, 2011.

9 Responses to “Blog Progress Overview, Celebration and Competition”

  1. Man, Madman gave you great stuff! (Dance in the Vampire Bund?!) All our anime club got from them were, uh, odd stuff..though I guess Daphne in the Brilliant Blue is considered superb in some (very select) circles. And we didn’t review the copies for them, we just mooched. XD

    Anyway, expanding team is great. Looking forward to more posts. 🙂

  2. I would want to own both, since I have watch K-on I would probably want that, but I would be against winning The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya DVD/BD. Though I am not sure which Region I would be in.

  3. im even rewatching k-on right now so this would be awesome! and a bit!!

  4. You really should consider yourself extremely lucky to get a chance to review anime that you receive directly from the company! I think that’s like every aniblogger’s dream! x)

    I’ll definitely be checking out your reviews, and what do you plan to watch next?

    • Oh Thanks you ^^ and I do consider myself extremely lucky. I will be reviewing both Eden of the East Movies and the movie TO: 2001 Nights next.

  5. Well, I guess this is my 1 ticket in the licky hat 🙂

    It’s amazing that you get to review anime that people send you so quickly after starting up your blog.

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