Eden of The East: King Of Eden Review

With Eden of the East being one of the best anime series created in the past 5 years, Kenji Kamiyamas’ sequel movies have a lot to live up to. Fans of the series have a lot to look forward to in these installments as they are meant to conclude the story and plot points left hanging from the TV series. So how do the movies hold up in the end?

The King of Eden

The King of Eden starts off right where the series left off with a few surprises though. Akira Takizawa is aparently in the states and has lost contact with everybody, the only clue he left was his Selecao phone which had a message that hinted at his location. Saki sets out to find him after getting a lead on his possible location, destination New York. The entire movie takes place in New York and it looks amazing, the art departments clearly spent a lot of time on location and recreated each and every inch of the locations almost perfectly. The main plotline of the story centres around some of the remaining Selecao trying to eliminate Akira because of the new “hero like” image he made for himself after saving Japan from the missle attacks. The media dubbed him as the “Air King” and an image macro of him pointing at the missles with his phone in one hand became the symbol for this icon. The game is still very much on as we discover that saving Japan from the missle attack was not exactly Mr. Outsides’ idea of ‘saving Japan’ thus the remaining Selecao are forced to come up with new plans and ideas in order to win this do or die game.

The Positives

The art style used in the movies is very much the same as in the TV series which is great, the vibrant color pallete keeps the show from looking too dark and gritty which is a welcome change of pace when you compare this to other shows that tackle this similar kind of genre.

The music is still composed by Kenji Kawai and while some iconic tunes from the TV show are kept some of the more over the top action scenes have been given a rehaul for a more cinematic feel. The English voice acting got even better in the movie, probably because the voice actors got used to the roles and characters, Leah Clark and Jason Liebrecht reprise their roles as the two leads and J. Micheal Tatum often steals the spotlight whenever his character is on screen. As usual the supporting cast is just as amazing with the obligatory Coleen Clinkenbeard and co FUNimation voice actors. Not to be outdone the Japanese Seiyuu pull no punches either, The King of Eden has one of the best English voice acting I have heard in anime, the now famous Taxi scene in the beginning of the movie being a perfect example.

The story and direction in this film is just as good as the series if not better, less time is spent on “Johnny jokes” (there are still some though, it wouldnt be Eden of the East without them) and more on fleshing out the broader scope of the story which almost feels global now that it is set in the United States. The action scenes are also a lot of fun to watch, even though they are far and few between they are certainly something that the viewer can look forward to and will remember for a very long time.

New-comers may find it hard to get right into the movies and understand what is going on but the film does go out of its way to initiate any newbies. There is an entire compilation movie bundled in the extras which covers the entire TV show, any fans too lazy to spend 3 1/2 hours watching one of the best TV series of the recent decade have the option to watch a 2 /12 hour compression, not a bad addition by any means.

Speaking of Extras, the ones added with this movie are pretty decent, not as good as the series but definitely better than the others out there. I mean its kinda hard to beat a whole nother movie packed into one disc right? we get trailers, TV spots and a very nice Blu Ray menu, if you get the Blu Ray that is.

The Negatives

The whole movie is very very slow paced until the last 3rd, the whole thing feels like exposition and build up, this is not necessarily a bad thing after you see the second movie but for fans who have been eagerly awaiting the continuation of the very climactic ending of the TV series this may feel like a  letdown. The cliffhanger ending of the movie does not help this either as fans of the show may feel like nothing was achieved (in the broader view of things) This is the main reason I recommend the two movies be watched together.

You guys know I love Eden of the East and it is because of this that I am very critical with the sequels, despite all its flaws it is still better than a lot of other good things being made right now so I give it a 7/10

Final Verdict: Buy It! Its freaking Eden of the East guys, this is one title you are guaranteed to want to see over and over, owning it would be the most convenient way to achieve this.

The movie is available in both DVD and Blu Ray from Madman.

Look forward to the Paradise Lost Review coming up tomorrow.


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  1. There’s a great post about the hidden links in Eden of the East on the Manga UK blog. Have you read it?


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