Eden of The East: Paradise Lost Review

The conclusion of the hugely popular Eden of the East series is finally here, after a stellar TV series and a so-so movie, expectations for this final installment are extremely high. Lucky for us Kenji Kamiyama brings the entire story full circle in this final movie, question is does it satisfy?

Paradise Lost

Akira is on his way back to Japan with Saki after his request to become ‘King’ meant that he conviniently became the Prime Ministers son thanks to Juiz’ ever surprising powers. It turns out that Akira might in fact be the legitimate son of the now deceased Prime Minister after Saki manages to locate Akiras mom. The main plot of the movie is based around Akira trying to foil Mononobes’ (Selecao no 1) plans to destroy all the remaining Juiz trucks. Personal secrets are revealed, plans are revealed and best of all a clear winner of the game is revealed…finally.I’ll leave it at that in the interest of making this review spoiler free.

The Positives

A lot and I mean a lot is covered in this movie and thankfully it does not feel rushed at all, The direction is spot on as can be expected from Kamiyama projects and most if not all the hanging plot lines are covered and concluded. The buid up from the previous movie all pays off in this final installment. There is a fair bit of action but that really isnt the highlight of the movie. Kamiyama finally spells out the reason he made this series in this film and while it may seem only releveant to the Japanese society there is something everyone can take from it. Also we finally get to see Mr. Outside.

The Music and art style are the same so that is always welcome and so is the voice acting, we don’t really get any awesome English Japanese voice acting like in the previous film but that’s okay.

The Extras are also pretty decent in this film, we get a visual commentary by Kenji Kamiyama and all the staff that worked on the Eden of the East project in which they recreated the Eden of the East system on the big screen by texting in real time, I thought that was pretty cool. We also get commentary from the US staff and voice actors which is always fun to listen to. Those are all packaged with TV spots and a considerable amount of trailers.

The Negatives

While a lot is covered in this movie it does feel out of place because suddenly its a lot of talking heads and just that, unless you are really really interested in the story side of things (which we all really should be) it can get a little boring for fans that loved the series for the action and suspenseful mystery.

All in all, compared to the Tv series which was stellar, Paradise Lost is a bit lacking but to be fair we are comparing it to one of the best anime series created in the past decade and if you have been following the series all the way through this movie will not disappoint you, avoiding it would be doing yourself a diservice. So I give it a rating of 7/10.

Final Verdict: Buy It! The subjects discussed in this movie are very political, intellectual and best of all current. Its a movie I will want to see whenever I feel like wanting to watch something to make me feel smart again. Also it is the conclusion of the series you just have to have that.

The movie is available in both DVD and Blu ray from Madman.


~ by kiddtic on November 17, 2011.

5 Responses to “Eden of The East: Paradise Lost Review”

  1. Thanks for this review! I appreciate the exclusion of spoilers since I have yet to see it. I loved the series and enjoyed the build-up from the first movie, but everybody told me I was going to hate watching the second movie so I became nervous to watch it.

    You’ve managed to encourage me to finally go ahead and watch the movie. It may not be fantastic, but as you mentioned, seeing as I’m a fan of the series it really is a must to see! I at least need to figure out how it ends! 🙂

    • Thanks a lot, glad to know I encouraged you to see the film, it is actually not as bad as some people claim it to be. Tell me what you think after you see it.

  2. This is a great and informative review. I’m really looking forward to seeing this!

    Have you read the post on the Manga UK blog about the hidden links in Eden of the East? That’s quite an interesting read, too 🙂


  3. the resolution was bad what was the whole journey for if akira and saki relationship are going nowhere to be honest i was pretty dissapointed a little by the end well its still a great series though and i hope they will do something about the resolution in the future like give us a ova of akira returning to saki and getting married and stuff well i dont think thats ever going to happen.

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