AniBloggers Choice Anime Awards

Seeing as its the end of the year and Award season is looming, I had the idea to make an article stating my favourite anime picks of the year. But the only problem with this is that I have not seen all the anime produced this year and at this point if you follow me on twitter it should be pretty obvious what my picks would be. So to make things interesting I decided to put it in….the Ani-Bloggers hands, dont worry you guys will have a say as well.

The reason I chose Ani Bloggers is because by having them pick their favourite shows and talking about them on their blogs, a whole lot more anime fans will get a chance to know about it. I do have to say this can only work with their participation and without that this entire thing will fall flat on its face, so Ani Bloggers please participate. Allright without further ado here is how this thing is going to work.

This is how its going to work

  • There will be four categories, 1 for each season. Bloggers will pick their top 3 anime from each season stating which was their favourite.  The number 1 show will get 3 points, the 2nd 2 points and the 3rd 1 point.
  • Bloggers must then pick 1 show from their list that they consider their anime of the year, that will get an extra 2 points. e.g If Metanorn (good blog read it) pick Fate/Zero as their number 1 show for autumn (giving it 3 points) and also as their anime of the year (giving it an extra 2 points) the total score for Fate/Zero from Metanorn will be 5.
At the end all the numbers will be totaled and the results will be published here.
Readers Choice 
The readers choice awards will be the 1 title that readers of each respective blog will vote on and consider as Anime of the Year. All the voting for this will be organised and done on each respective blog. This will be the best way to drive engagement by the readers on a wider scale and is also an opportunity for all you fanboys and fangirls out there to vote more than once for your favourite shows.
The readers Choice title will also get 5 points but will be entirely separate to the Ani Bloggers Choice.
The Nitty Gritty
-In order to participate you must have a blog, obviously and you can inform me of your picks by tracking back to this article when you post your choices on your blog.
-Having a readers choice is absolutely upto you if its too much of a hassle for you don’t do it.
-You can only pick shows that started airing this year, no rollovers.
-Feature Length movies can also be picked.
-If you dont have a blog, but a podcast or whatever and you want to participate you can always contact me on twitter as well.
-Final dates for submissions will be announced as soon as I get more than 10 participants. At this point just assume it should be done by the 16th of December latest.
-Readers can vote more than once on separate blogs (it will be impossible to track anyway)
Well just in case you forgot what shows you saw this year here are the charts to refresh your memory.

WINTER 2011 (January -March)

SPRING 2011 (April – June)

SUMMER 2011( July – September)

AUTUMN 2011 (October – December)


I thought we should give the anime licensors some love as well so I figured a licensors award was in order. The same rules apply except each blogger only picks one Licensor and states their favourite DVD/BD release of the year. In case you forgot here is a brief list of some of the bigger titles they have released this year.

FUNimation: Summer Wars, Evangelion 2.22

Viz: Naruto Shippuden, Bleach, Vampire Knight

Bandai: K-on!, Gundam Unicorn

Section 23/ Sentai Filmworks: Angel Beats!, High School of the Dead

Manga Entertainment: Redline

Right Stuf/ Nozomi : Revolutoinary Girl Utena, Martian Successor Nadesico

Media Blasters: Squid Girl, Bakuman

ANIPLEX: Durarara!!, Oreimo, Blue Exorcist

NIS America: Wagnaria!!, Arakawa Under The Bridge

Crunchyroll: Lots of Stuff…

Thats about it, hope you guys participate and enjoy it. You can contact me on Twitter if you have any questions.

~ by kiddtic on November 24, 2011.

12 Responses to “AniBloggers Choice Anime Awards”

  1. Count me in! Well I’ll pass the licensors award since well, me being French would make me judge only French releases, I’d feel lonely, but I’m definitely in for the rest.

    That being said, I have a question, for shows running for more than a season, do you consider the season when they started or when they ended?

  2. I’m in, but as a suggestion maybe we should just do a straight top 10 or even a top 5 since some seasons had more good (or bad) shows than others. For example, for Winter I only watched 3 shows and one was Infinite Stratos. I thought the show was pretty terrible and I would HATE to give Infinite Stratos a vote on a technicality or vote for a show I didn’t watch. Just a suggestion, I’d be happy to participate either way.

    • You raise a good point.I was just going through my picks and realised there are some shows I would rather have on the list from other seasons. Allright we could subtitute some shows from other seasons or I could scrap the whole point system and ask you guys to pick your best 12 plus 1 for anime of the year regardless of season. what do you think?

      • I agree with jel here, I would have to go and give shows like Fractale points because the overall season they aired in sucks and not be able to give shows I enjoyed way more than Fractale points because I already gave points to three better shows that season. Best twelve, regardless of season fits better, I think because it is the anime that counts, not the season.

  3. Oh man, this sounds like a lot of work. I’m not sure I’ll be able to get around to picking my top anime, but if I do manage to get it done by mid-December you’ll get a trackback from me.

  4. Count me in! I don’t think I’ll be able to contribute to the reader’s choice section as my blog is really new. However, I’ll definitely give my personal favorites for the individual seasons. 🙂

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  6. […] this years, and several more that I didn’t get to watch.  And so when Kiddtic proposed an AniBloggers Choice Awards on his site (and later made a final, more structured setup), I jumped right on board.  It also […]

  7. […] this years, and several more that I didn’t get to watch.  And so when Kiddtic proposed an AniBloggers Choice Awards on his site (and later made a final, more structured setup), I jumped right on board.  It also […]

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