Ani Bloggers Choice Anime Awards: Final Rules

After publicizing my idea for a bloggers choice anime awards I got some very useful feedback and suggestions as to how to make the whole venture work successfully. I was lucky enough to have more than 15 anime bloggers confirm their participation already, most of them being pretty big names in the anime blogosphere.

One of the main responses I got after I suggested the idea in my previous post was confusion, a lot of bloggers either didnt grasp the point or were too overwhelmed by the awesomnesss of the idea. So I went back to the drawing board and made a few changes to the formula, hopefully this wont be as confusing as last time.


  • Various Anime Bloggers must either submit a list of their top 12 anime that aired this year or better yet post the list on their blog.
  • Out of the 12 anime, bloggers must then pick one show as their anime of the year.
  • Only one Licencor can be picked by bloggers for the Licencor Award. Bloggers must also state their favourite Home Video release from that licencor.
  • The results will then be tallied and announced on my blog after the 16th of December.

Lists and/or posts must be live or submitted to me by Friday the 16th of December.

Any bloggers that have not yet notified me of their participation can do so in the comments before the 16th of December.

The Awards are open to any individuals that either blog, podcast or review anime.

Why Am I running this Contest?

Good question. I have always had an interest in what the anime fandom as a whole thinks about the anime they watch, that is one of the reasons I started blogging about anime in the first place. Also anime fans dont necessarily have a metacritic equivalent which whether you are a fan of or not is  a rather nifty and convenient thing to have, I thought organising a one-off event like this would be the closest we could get to having something like that.

Why did I scrap the Readers Choice Award?

The readers choice was meant to be run by individual bloggers on their sites, some blogs are already doing this and others arent and are just not interested in doing so for various reasons. I am personally not doing this on my own because I dont have the sufficient traffic to do so.

What is the incentive for Readers?

In order to make thing interesting for readers I decided to have a little contest for them. Whoever picks the closest top 10 anime mirroring the Bloggers Choice Final top 10 in correct order will win a DVD title from the Licencor of the Year from me. All you have to do is predict which titles will be the best and you win free anime, awesome right?

Final Thoughts

I really hope this becomes ‘A Thing’ and it can only be successful if a whole lot of you bloggers out there participate as well. Im not even doing this for views or publicity I would be happy if anyone else took over the hosting next year, heck Id be glad if we rotated it every year. I realise past attempts at such ventures had some drama or whatever but I have done my best to ensure no such thing will occur. Lets show the naysayers just what the anime fandom is capable of when we work together.

I look forward to your choices in the coming weeks, readers get your analytical hats on coz you just might win yourselves some free swag from it.

Some Confirmed Participants in the ACAA

Aquagaze. Probably the coolest guy on the internet, most known for his unique and brilliant weekly blogs on Japantor called Aquagaze Anime Weekend he has on more than one occasion enlightened many fans to a wide range of shows they would have never given a chance. His unique style of blogging has the ability to make shows seem more interesting than they really are, I shall forever blame him for my love for Fractale. He can now be found hanging around on Project Haruhi, Oh! He also likes Yuri.

2DT. There is a certain bar anime bloggers strive to reach when it comes to editorials, 2DT sets that bar and then some. His blog 2D Teleidoscope just recently launched a podcast which is of extremely high quality as well, is there nothing this guy is good at?

Jelx23. Mostly known for his impressions on weekly anime on his blog Bran New Love Song his views and opinions are strong but his demeanour is welcoming, calm and collected. Probably the most mature anime fan you will find on the internet Jelx23 is a great guy to have a chat with you would never know he is an old school fan either.

Scamp. I will never forget the weekend I squeed with joy when I found out the new noitaminA shows would include one called ‘Ore no Kawaii Okaa san’ (My mother can not be this cute) only to find out Scamp was trolling the fans….again. Definitely one of the most creative bloggers today The Cart Driver provides insightful previews of the upcoming shows and some great editorials as well.

Lostty. She has been blogging for over 3 years now nonstop and is still chugging out marvelous articles on her blog Anime Princess, A proper fangirl if I ever saw one she continously seeks to defend Mawaru Penguindrum no matter how many times I tell her its pathetic. I am now watching Penguindrum thanks to her…I can atleast appreciate the character designs right.

Kuuki. My  favourite fujoshi that also happens to be French has also been blogging for a while. Her wonderful articles on the different types of fandom  are what led me to realise that I was actually a fujoshi in disguise, who knew? Maybe you are too best way to find out is by reading her blog Kuuki no Puraido.

Sam. A huge influence and inspiration for me, if it weren’t for The Otaku Study I probably would have never had the courage to start up my own blog talking about anime fandom from an Australian fans point of view.  Look how far Ive come in just 6 months, thanks a lot Sam.

And many many more, I hope you guys are looking forward to the Awards as much as I am, dont forget to tweet about it with the hashtag #ACAA so I know we have some buzz going. See you guys December 16th.

P.S I might have a banner for the thing by then as well 🙂

~ by kiddtic on November 29, 2011.

63 Responses to “Ani Bloggers Choice Anime Awards: Final Rules”

  1. I’m glad I noticed that you’re doing this project =) Sounds like fun, you can count me in.

    Just a couple of questions…do you want us to e-mail you our top 12 list? If so, what e-mail address should we use? And for the licensor award, you mean one of the American anime licensors like Sentai and Funimation, right? And we also pick our favorite release of theirs that came out this year?

    Thanks, and I’ll send you my picks as soon as I can get to it =D

    • I would prefer if you made a post on your blog stating which 12 anime you picked But you can also send me an Email of the list to

      The licensor award is restricted to American licensors because to be honest they really do license everything in the West. Yes the licensor release should be one that cam out on DVD this year.

      Thanks for joining I look forward to your picks.

  2. Sounds cool can i join?

  3. I’m in – it’ll go up on December 8 and I’ll link to your posts about the project. I’ll also invite the other writers on my blog to join in and I’ll let you know if there are any takers.

  4. Uh-oh–seems I better try and get in this too! I think this will be fairly fun eh?

  5. […] sidebar).  The first thing I saw when I went onto his blog was an idea he came up with called the “Ani Bloggers Choice Anime Awards” (ACAA for short).  I quickly jumped on the chance to see if myself and a few of our writers could […]

  6. […] without further ado, here are my picks for the ACAA, arranged by season. Image source: Pixiv ID […]

  7. Sounds cool, I think I’ll join. I better start writing that post…

    I do have some questions though. Must we vote for the Licencor award? Also, out of the 12 animes in the list must there be the top 3 from each season (as per your previous post)? Lastly, if I do email you the list, do I have to include reasons (yes I’m lazy =w=)?

    Hope I can make it in time lol.

    • Thanks for joining. No you don’t have to pick a licensor but it would be nice to show them some love as well don’t you think?
      There should only be 1 top anime from the 12 picking a favourite from each season is entirely upto you.
      If you do send me an email reasons are not necessary. However, doing this will mean I wont be able to properly plug your blog when I do announce the results later this month or on a future podcast that is in the works 🙂

      I look forward to your choices.

  8. I’ll be jumping in on this contest as well since a couple of participants have already brought it to my attention and suggested I give it a try 🙂 I look forward to seeing the results!

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  11. Ooh, nice. I’m jumping in on this! I’ll have my post up on December 13, and I’ll link you to it. ^_^

  12. Sounds cool; I don’t usually make Top 10 (or in this case, 12) lists before the end of the season, since some potentially high scoring series are still airing, but I’ll definitely make an exception for this. 🙂 I’ll aim to have a post up over this weekend.

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  15. Throwing in my 2 cents. No licensor award though, as I’m not American and don’t really know/care enough about the titles released out there.

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  17. Looks interesting. I think I’d like to join.

    However, I don’t live in the US, so I don’t know anything about licensed anime out there. I hope you don’t mind if I skip that part.

  18. I’ll join in too! I’ve seen others do it, so why not? I hope that’s fine! I’ll skip the license-thingy though.

    Geez, I really love these kind of things. Makes the blogging community like a big family.

  19. Hey, a little late to the party, but I’d like to join as well. I’ll have a list for you ASAP.

  20. I’ll have a list up later in the week. But yeah, there’s no way in hell my list is gonna come close to the consensus. No prize for me. Heehee

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  23. If you don’t mind a relative unknown like me throwing himself into the fray, I’d be more than happy to take part.

  24. Yo, I think I’m a little late, but count me in.
    Gomen, I might have to skip the Licensor part too…

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  26. Hey, just noticed that I’m supposed to put a comment here to participate. I’d like to send in via email instead of posting.

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  28. What the heck, might as well give it a shot.

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  31. I’d like to participate, too, but don’t have time to post a list this week. Perhaps email would work? Thanks!

  32. Mine would probably be up by tonight or tomorrow. Barely made it in time *whew*

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  36. Shirokurou of confirming participation.
    The list will be up tomorrow on as an editorial.

  37. Assuming there’s still time left, I’d like to participate – if only to see how far from the average my picks are. I’m sending it in via email since I probably won’t get around to posting it on my blog until January.

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