ACAA 2011 My Personal Picks. 12 – 7

The ACAA is a thing and  it is happening, with over 25 prolific anime bloggers, podcasters, journalists and reviewers participating it is turning out to be more successful than I had imagined. In case you still have no idea what the ACAA is, it is short for AniBloggers Choice Anime Awards. It is exactly what it sounds like, various anime bloggers all come together to decide or vote on which anime they regard as the best of the year.

The Awards are already in full swing and with the first wave of votes already being submitted I decided it was about time I let my votes be known as well.

12. Fractale

You guys know I had to squeeze it in somehow, Fractale just barely beat Hanasaku Iroha which to be honest was a show that had potential to be the best of the year. I really enjoyed Fractale mostly because I went into it knowing what to expect, it gave me a wonderful setting, it gave me fun characters and most importantly it gave me Nessa. If it was upto me I would have made it mandatory to vote for Fractale in the ACAA but I’ll save rigging for next year LoL.

11.C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control

This was probably the biggest disappointment for me this year, yes even more disappointing than Guilty Crown. “But Kidd if it was so disappointing how come it comes in at number 11 on your list?” well my curious reader the reason for that is because I expected C to be the greatest thing ever made. I mean it was an original story by Kenji Nakamura with a fascinating premise, it had Takagi Noboru (Durarara!!) as its series composer and it was a noitaminA show, all the right ingredients for future classic. But no it just turned out to be good. I highly recommend this show to anyone that cares about economics and its affects on the average joe, it also has cool fight sequences and english gotta love that english…Mezzoflation!

10.Working’!! (Wagnaria’!!”)

I love this show it is very funny. Each and every single character in this show has their own quirks and personalities that just blend so well together. This is comedy at its very best, the jokes are all magnificently timed, the punchlines are crazy good and some of the repetitive jokes never ever get old. This season umped the cute factor with Yamada getting more screen time being cute and moe but this is not a bad thing at all Yamada is awesome! Working’!! is a title I can show to any person thst loves comedy even if they do not watch anime and I know they will find just as hilarious as I do.

9. Invade!? Squid Girl (or season 2 if you insist)

I love this show it is very funny…bla bla…. everything I said about Working’!! bla bla. Squid Girl is cute bla bla. Honestly who isn’t watching this show??? If you aren’t watching this could you please get it together, this is way better than that dud Nichijou (ooh low blow) need some reasons to watch Squid Girl? here is 100 of them, narrowed down to 5 for your convenience.

8. Bakuman Season 2

No other show and I mean NO OTHER SHOW, gets my blood boiling like this one. Each and every single episode is like an adrenaline rush. You would think I was describing an action packed shounen series right? well that is exactly what this is except there aren’t any battles. If it wasn’t for the cancer that was the stupid relationship plot that this series has it would have been perfect, perfect I tell you. Bakuman is a really fun watch and the suspense added every week is unrelenting, if you have a slight interest in how the manga industry works or you just like some good suspenseful drama/slice of life this is a  must watch.

7. Chihayafuru

Im a sucker for Josei, so when I heard that Chihayafuru an award winning Josei manga would be made into an anime I was pretty excited but then all that excitement was swept away when I found out that the show was about some obscure card game. I still had some hope though so when the first episode aired I gave it a chance and boy was I blown away, the art style is pretty generic shoujo but it still has a bit if a distinct style that makes it unique to itself, the characters are all fairly lively and unique as well, Chihaya reminded me of Ohana and she still does…man HanaIro would have been good darn it!

And those are my first 6 picks, find out which shows make my top 6 and which Licensor gets my vote for licensor of the year in my next post. In case you were wondering if you can still join, yes you can voting ends on the 16th of December so get those votes in. You can either make posts about your votes on your blog (and notify me ofcourse) or you can just send me a list of your choices in an email which is

Which shows do you guys think will make my top 6?


~ by kiddtic on December 4, 2011.

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