Trigun: Badlands Rumble Review

Im one of those fans that got into anime way after Trigun was popular, so when I heard that a movie adaptation of the very popular series was made I honestly didn’t care, for one thing Im not very fond of the action genre in anime and westerns have never appealed to me either. So with the lowest of expectations I had a chance to see the movie at my anime club, my expectations were SMASHED!

Badlands Rumble starts off in the middle of a bank robbery being carried out by the notorious Gasback, The heist goes smoothly until he is betrayed by his own comrades. Vash proceeds to save both Gasback and his colleagues in a very classic Vash The Stampede kind of way, all parties escape with their lives. Fast forward 20 years later and Gasbacks men are rich and wealthy but in order to get back at them for betraying him Gasback sets out to search and destroy all of their livelihood one by one. The trio are alerted of this and place a bounty on Gasbacks head leading a mass migration of bounty hunters to the city, Vash included.

Part of these Bounty Hunters include a young female named Amelia that has a strong urge to stop Gasback herself, Vash keenly follows her around but for reasons that aren’t exactly clear. Oh Meryl and Milly are also present in this city sent to protect a golden statue that has been insured for $$5 billion by their insurance company, poor girls.


The characters in this movie were fun to watch it was great to see every character from the TV series come back and act exactly they way they did in the TV series. Vash was still hilarious and has his serious/cool moments, Meryl and Milly are still a great source for comedy while still staying bad ass and Nicholas D. Wolfwood is still Wolfwood. The new characters are also fleshed out nicely, Gasback is easy to like even though he plays the role of villian in the movie and Amelia has substantial depth to her character not often seen in a lot of anime.

Its been 13 years since the TV series so the improvements to the art and animation really stands out. The action scenes are wonderful to watch and unlike most action anime the movements are very easy to follow. There is more than one ‘mob scene’ which is both cool and hilarious to watch, the amount of time and effort put into those scenes would have been immense. Lets just say a lot has improved in 13 years.

The story in this movie is not too complicated for new-commers, I saw this movie before the TV series and never got confused at all, in fact watching the movie is what led me to buy the TV series because I couldn’t get enough Vash.

The English voice acting in this show is good. I was not the biggest fan of Johnny Young Bosh as Vash in the TV series, in fact I thought that was one of his worst roles (Im in the minority in this I know) but the delivery in this movie has definitely gotten better. Its a FUNimation dub so you know Colleen Clinckenbeard is in it, this time she had a major role as Amelia and did a fine job at it. Luci Christian, Trina Nishimura and even Chuck Huber all give solid performances but the pick of the bunch would have to be John Swasey as Gasback. The Japanese cast remained exactly the same except for the addition of Maya Sakamoto as Amelia which was cool.

Either Madman are finally listening to my cries or this is just another lucky on shot but this movie has over 130 minutes of extras. Ofcourse an extra disc was provided just for this which I highly approve and hope to see more of. The extras include Staff interviews, Premier Screening footage, trailers and many many more.


The only problem I had with Trigun is that unless you are a fan of action comedies it really wont tickle your fancy. Ofcourse the audience for action comedies is huge but for those few people out there that are used to having a mish-mash of genres in their anime there really isn’t anything for them here. To be honest though that’s nitpicking.

Badlands Rumble is great film to watch with your friends or family its very Western audience friendly so I would even recommend watching it with a friend that is still new to anime or has never seen anime before.

Rating: 8/10

Final Verdict: Buy It! It took me 24 hours between watching this movie and buying the TV series because it was just that good, if you decide to pick this up and have not seen the TV series yet grab that as well.

Trigun: Badlands Rumble is available on DVD, Blu Ray and Digitally on PSN and iTunes from Madman Entertainment.


~ by kiddtic on December 7, 2011.

3 Responses to “Trigun: Badlands Rumble Review”

  1. Oh wow, I had absolutely no idea that there was a movie available for Trigun, especially a newer one with such nice looking graphics. I’ll have to try it out. Thanks for sharing!

    • You are welcome, yeah I don’t think FUNimations advertising campaign did justice to this movie. Either way its out now and you can watch it.

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