Kidd and the Squid Anime Podcast

My awesome co author De_gesso893  and I sit down to discuss the 2011 AniBloggers Choice Anime Awards and we give a little background of ourselves and why we started blogging On the first Kidd and Squid Anime Podcast. Just so you know we came up with the name afterwards hehe.

Intros and 2011 Anime Part1

Direct Download MP3 (runtime 48:00 minutes)



Introductions and Our Experiences Blogging

The AniBloggers Choice Anime Awards

Our favourite shows in the past year

Music Used:

“Dream of Life” by Shiho Itei

“High Powered” by Sphere

“Secret Base” by Kimi ga Kureta Mono

“High High High” by Kasarinchu

“For You” by Rie Fu

“You Should Become A Magical Girl” by Yuki Kajiura

“Hiru no Hoshi” by Sohei Kano

“Oath Sign” by LiSa

“hyadain no kakakata☆kataomoi” by C

Thanks for listening hope you enjoyed it, we will be looking forward to your feedback on how we can improve the show and so on. So comment below and look forward to part 2 of the podcast.


~ by kiddtic on December 13, 2011.

8 Responses to “Kidd and the Squid Anime Podcast”

  1. Really enjoyed listening to what you had to say about the Australian anime industry. Perhaps we don’t have as wide a variety as our North American counterparts, but we still have undeniably awesome companies releasing titles!!!

    Look forward to seeing more podcasts over the coming months.

    • Thanks a lot, one of the ideas I have for the podcast is to get Australian Anime Industry guests and Bloggers, so prepare yourself you just might be a guest on here soon LoL

  2. I am a blogger. Am I guest material? 😛

  3. I enjoy discovering new anime bloggers starting podcast. Great job with the first episode by the way it was a good listen. I understood the whole madman discussion as I am also an Australian anime blogger. I guess I missed the whole Ani-Bloggers Choice Anime Awards Top 12 Picks 2011 but oh well maybe next year.

    • Yay Another Aussie Anime Blogger, Its always great to find more bloggers from this region. Im glad you enjoyed the podcast there certainly is more to come and we will work on improving it some more. Yeah you JUST missed the AniBloggers Choice Awards, I hope more bloggers get to participate next year since this was the Inaugural one. You can atleast look forward to the results right? 🙂

      • Yeah I will be keeping an eye out for the results. Good job on organizing something this big i’m sure it takes a lot of effort. Where and when will the results be posted anyway? I will be comparing my top anime list to the results and see how they fair against my top anime.

        I’ll probably listen to the second episode soon.

  4. […] few months after he joined ‘the team’ and it turned out to be quite popular, The first Kidd and Squid Anime Podcast went live on December 13th and since then we even had the chance to Interview Madman which was a […]

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