Kidd and Squid Anime Podcast 2

Part 2 of this podcast has a funny story, the only reason part 1 and 2 were divided is because as we were recording the podcast I got a power failure so yeah… Anyway I powered through that and got this podcast up so I win Ha Ha!!

Its True XD

Our Convention Experiences in 2011

Direct Download MP3 (runtime 35:50 minutes)


Visit The Otaku Down Under 


Kidd at Armargeddon 2011 and at Neko Nation

Kidd at AVCon 2011

De_Gessos’ Earthquake Fundraising Poject


De_gesso at Wai-Con

Hope you guys hope you enjoyed it and dont forget to give us some feedback.


~ by kiddtic on December 14, 2011.

7 Responses to “Kidd and Squid Anime Podcast 2”

  1. Cool podcast, could use a little more polish but the format’s good and it flows well.

  2. Just finished part 2. The bit about English voice actors was interesting. I actually got Tiffany Grant signature when I was at Supanova earlier this year in Melbourne. I waited in line for 2 hours.

    I hope you guys keep doing more podcasts I think you could get something really cool started here.

  3. Congrats on your first podcast. As for things that could be improved:

    – A bit on the long side. Do leave in only the essential parts when doing the real thing. No harm cutting out the parts where the discission doesn’t flow that well

    – Watch out with comments like “people should learn how to pronounce moe already”. You use a lot of Japanese titles and words in your podcast, and while your pronunciation is understandable, it is not near-native or anything. Don’t paint a crosshair on your forehead.

    Good luck with your following podcasts!

    • Thanks a lot, You reckon the podcast is too long? what would you suggest be the length?

      I really wasn’t trying to start a flame war with the comment about pronunciation I just found it odd that a word so widely used would be mispronounced.

      Thanks for listening, I’ll work on improving those aspects a bit more 🙂

      • There’s obviously no set length that a podcast should be, that varies based on the content and people behind it, but the rule of thumb is: no longer than it has to be.

        It’s all about maintaining the “worthwhile content per minute” ratio high enough. As an anime fan, you probably know well enough how fine-tuned we all are to detecting filler content ;). If I can give any concrete advice, it would be to decide what you want to talk about well before you start recording. Have all the participants aware of the general outline and prepare bullet points to guide you as you go along. Force yourself to do the thinking beforehand, leaving only talking for whey you do the actual recording. Trust me that it will not affect how natural the conversation sounds, but will contribute a lot to cutting out “filler conversation” and awkward silence.

        If you can keep a good conversation going for two hours while doing the above, by all means do so. Your first podcast is probably a special case, as the direction/content you wish to cover is particularly vague, which is one reason behind conversational lulls, but it’s something to keep in mind for your next recording.

        Alas, I don’t have personal experience in podcasting and all I can say are just my impressions from the listener side. I hope you find them of some use.

      • If you think his show is long, you should probably stay away from my show. We usually go on for 90+ minutes.

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