AniBloggers Choice Anime Awards : Winners

After weeks of tallying results and cross checking, the results of the first Ani Bloggers Choice Anime Awards are finally here. I know most of you aren’t even going to bother to read this so I’ll just get right to the point but first some Special Thanks.

Special Thanks

A very very, special thanks to everyone who participated in this little venture of mine. In truth you guys put in just as much effort as I did if not even more and I would just like to let you all know that I was very humbled by this. I hope we can continue to support each other  and show everyone what the anime community is capable of doing when we work together. A very special thanks to Rukishou  from Rukinet for designing and creating the banners and pictures he is pretty awesome.

The Awards

Over 80 different shows, Movies, OVA etc were nominated by over 40 various anime bloggers and all of them had a chance to be crowned as the best anime of 2011.  But first some special Awards.

Most Underrated

This is the show that managed to get enough votes to not be in the pile of mediocrity but still not high enough to make the top list. This is the show people who watched  loved and everyone else probably missed or ignored.

Ikoku Meiro no Croisee

Studio: Statelight

“One of the best iyashi-kei anime I’ve seen, Ikoku Meiro is great at being cute and soothing, but also interesting with its historical setting. Like the most famous iyashi-kei anime, Aria, Ikoku Meiro is all about creating a pleasant atmosphere through setting and characters, which it does very well. And unlike so many others, Yune’s moe is one I won’t soon forget! If you like this kind of gentle show that offers drama and comedy, without being extreme in either, this is one to check out.”

Yumeka36 from Mainichi Anime Yume

“The story takes place in France, in the 19th century, which depicts the struggles of how the east and west cultures and relationships, actually come together as one. One of the show’s main character, Yune, and Usagi Drop’s Rin, are definitely the two cutest character this year.”


Licensor of the Year

Tied for top in the licensor section was FUNimation and Aniplex USA. The Award for release of the year will go to Durarara!! because it is the only title that got more than one vote.

I highly recommend checking these two companies catalogues, they released some great titles this year.

Top 12 Anime of the year

Number 12

The World god Only Knows Season 2 (11 points)


“Another continuation of a show I loved, Keima and Elsie pick up right where they left off on their mission to collect loose souls.  The new batch of girls prove to be more complex to define and seeing Keima actually make some progress as a character, however slight, is worth the price of admission.  It’s hard to get too emotionally invested in TWGOK since most of the girls come and go after two or three episodes, but it’s definitely a fun and unique variation of the school comedy. ”


” This is probably the only harem anime I genuinely like. I don’t usually like the genre and get bored pretty soon. It didn’t happen. Not only that but the second season was much more enjoyable than the first.”


“It improved a lot upon the first season, now with comedy that works and with a pacing not feeling as disjointed as before. But not only that! With some of the sweetest romance scenes this year, Manglobe really showed that they really can create good stuff when they want to. ”


Number 11

Tiger and Bunny (12 points)

Studio: Sunrise

“T&B was a joy ride.  Think of it as riding a Ferrari going 100 mph (but without the crashing): it’s exhilarating and gets the adrenaline pumping.  Kotetsu for prez.”

Judge from Moar Powah

“When it’s doing things right, it’s the best super hero story ever animated, rivaling the best episodes of the Justice League cartoons. In those moments, Tiger & Bunny gets the super hero. I don’t think I’ve liked a super hero story this much since the Claremont-written heydays of The X-Men.”

Mecha Guignol

Number 10

Working’!! ( 14 points)

Studio: A-1 Pictures

“First few episodes withstanding, the second season of Working!! has been just as addicting and fun as the first.  Despite the somewhat cumbering inclusion and emphasis on previously minor or entirely new characters, Working’!! is an excellent show.  It seems that the animation staff and/or the mangaka whose work the series is based has figured out how to use each character most effectively.”


“Being the second season of Working’!!, this definitely does not disappoint. The slice-of-life elements are retained but doesn’t get boring. In fact, it’s pretty relaxing. The comedy is also pretty entertaining and it’s always nice to see Satou pick on Popura. Also, Yamada is <3.

Working!! has always been one of my favorite slice-of-life animes and I’m glad the second season lives up to the reputation of the first.”


Number 9

Nichijou (16.5 points)

Studio: Kyoto Animation

flomu_ post clearly defines and describes the random spirit of Nichijou in his ACAA article , Oh Flomu.

“Probably the most unpredictable comedy to emerge for quite some! I would have to take a long break after each episode to gather my senses, as I’m left thinking “what the hell was that?!” and re-watch it on YouTube to make sense of it. Despite all these crazy events, they treat it as if life was normal which painfully ironic (hence the title Nichijou a.k.a My Ordinary Life).”


Hanasaku Iroha (16 points)

Studio: PA Works

It was a Tie

“This series is beautiful. I literally could spend a week waiting for it to air on Sunday and when it stopped, my schedule felt empty.

While Madoka is no doubt the deconstruction story of 2011, HanaIro is the story of the year for me. Its characters, its humor, the beauty in the attention to detail. This is my best anime of 2011 “


“As the anime progresses, every single character changes in some significant way or another, and it all started with Ohana’s arrival at the Kissuiso. The development of everyone was interleaved believably in a manner that seemed realistic and logical.”


“A masterpiece when it comes to anime which revolve around the everyday lives of people. Even when the characters face some difficult situation, the show always has a bright atmosphere and it encourages people by a hidden message that hardships are meant to be overcome by work and dedication and that there is nothing like an utterly hopeless situation”


Number 8

Wandering Son (19 points)

Studio: AIC

“The sensitivity of the series, the beautiful animation style, and most of all, nearly a dozen compelling characters (take note all you series with similar numbers of characters and not one that’s interesting!) help mold a show that is different, but equal to (or I think better than) the manga upon which its based (which should be noted, has a very different tone).  Even further, watching Wandering Son was an experience for me – a show that moved me spiritually and moved me to think more deeply about long-held beliefs, while still remaining wholly entertaining.”


Wandering Son’s art design is absolutely stunning. Episodes feel like watercolour paintings come to live and characters truly blend into the backgrounds, rather than being slapped on, as is the case with many other anime.In the end, Wandering Son is simply beautiful in every meaning of the word. It never bores, frustrates or strains.

As far as I’m concerned, AIC can keep making seasons of this. Not only will we have moreWandering Son, We’ll have less Strike Witches and Maken-Ki! too. Now that is a deal.”


Number 7

Mirai Niki (22 points)

Studio: Asread

“Mirai Nikki, why are you so awesome? Perhaps it’s the amazing yandere that is Yuno. Perhaps it’s the awesome (occasionally) goth-loli-wearing Minene. Perhaps it’s the fact that Norio Wakamoto voices a god. Perhaps it’s the fact that Yuno is axe-crazy I’m not repeating anything, nope. Perhaps it’s a combination of all that and more.”


“Mirai Nikki is such the amazing anime. The characters make the show so interesting, especially the psychotic Yuno. The psychological parts of this show is what makes it a real gem; the plot twists come at unexpected times and the story’s really gripping. Watching the various antics of the characters is also entertaining.”


Number 6

Mawaru Penguindrum ( 24 points)

Studio: Brains Base

“It’s thrown me here and there, spat in my face, stomped on me with stiletto heels enough to leave bleeding puncture wounds, and I’ve loved every minute of it because of the excess of… well, everything. The animation’s also gotten pretty good, the comedy’s dead-on the characters are appropriately tragic, and the symbolism’s spread thickly enough to make a nice philosophy-bagel to nosh on. Really, it wasn’t a close call. Mawaru Penguindrum is easily my favorite show of the year.”


“The flawed but sympathetic cast and fantastic use of atmosphere guide your emotions where they need to be, until the truth is finally ready to be revealed.  Of course when you have a world where just about anything can (and does) happen, you can grow a little numb to the twists and turns in the plot.  But despite that I still found myself waiting with nervous anticipation for each new episode.”


Number 5

Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Boku Tachi Wa Mada Shiranai ( 29 points)

Studio: A-1 Pictures

“My 2011 anime of the year is Ano Hana. If you have seen it you can probably understand why. If not, what the hell are you waiting for? I just told you it’s the best anime of all year, go watch it! Don’t even finish this sentence, go watch it now!

Still here? Huh. I’m flattered. Anyway, back to the show. I am not a very emotional person but if I were, I would have cried at the end of Ano Hana and I know many others did, including several of my guy friends.”


” it was hard for me to find the words to describe my love for it because it had truly left me speechless. It was eleven episodes of pure perfection. I was so emotionally involved and I know for some this may not have been the case for them, but no matter what sort of criticism I read, I will always consider this anime a damn  good one! AnoHana is an anime that reminds me why I am proud to be an anime fan. This is without a doubt the best anime series of 2011!


Number 4

Fate/Zero (30)

Studio: ufotable

“Fate/Zero is not afraid to go all-out. It transforms the laid back F/SN into something more grim and dark. All the characters now have their own motivations and their personality shines through nicely. This is a show that has no fear and is barging straight ahead, making its own path and avoiding the easy routes. There’s no lazy storytelling with one Servant slaughtering one after the other. Instead, we get a grand battle with a diverse set of characters. We actually get a war. That, my friends, is awesome.”


“I love scaled down representations of alliances and treaties, historical characters tickle my fancy in a very particular, enjoyable, non-sexual way, and I’ll be damned if it doesn’t look pretty and Iskandur isn’t the best character of the year. Objectively, I should rate Fate/Zero a fair shake higher than everything else this year because it’s just that goddamned good at only halfway through.”


Number 3

Steins;Gate ( 34 points)

Studio: White Fox

“So many adaptations crash and burn.  Either that or they collapse under the weight of references to the original, a natural consequence of a market that favors hardcore fans.  So Steins;Gate was a true rarity, taking its ambitious source material (conspiracies, time travel, the fate of mankind and the love of a woman — things geeks take to like a fat kid to a pudding cup) and making a TV adaptation that was faithful, thrilling, but most importantly, accessible.”


“Steins;Gate captures the absurdity of the otaku perfectly. From Daru’s meme-filled rants about everything to Her Cat-Eared Highness Feiris NyanNyanSteins;Gate is a tribute to Akihabara, its people and its history.  Steins;Gate shifts mood from being hilariously silly to deathly serious within the blink of an eye. Its mastery of the Akiba spirit, combined with its thoughtful sci-fi story, makes Steins;Gate the greatest visual novel adaptation ever.”


Number 2

Usagi Drop (37 points)

Studio: Production I.G

“I could go on for hours about how the storyline is both well thought out and heartwarming, following 30 year old Daikichi who decides to adopt his six year old aunt Rin who is believed to be the illegitimate daughter of his grandfather. . I could also go on about the at times simplistic and at times detailed design which also works well with the series. Simply put, it is one of the best noitaminA series that has been released and is well deserving of  my Rank #1 Japan-released anime for 2011.”


“Not often do you stumble across an anime so thoroughly centered on family with none of the fan service to which almost all others conform.  From the very first episode it’s evident that Bunny Drop is in a league of its own and is a classic that will still be talked about after many of the others of its season and year are already forgotten.  The story is one that many Americans like me readily recognize as that of the dysfunctional family, and one that also re-defines those preconceived notions of what it takes to be a successful parent.”


“I learnt so many things from Usagi Drop such as responsibility and the sacrifices required to raise a child, especially when you’re single and working full-time! There are a lot of media outlets that focus on the difficulty of being a mother, which is very understandable. But has anyone really focused on what the dad is going through?

I’m glad to see that there are a lot of young adults taking interest in Usagi Drop, its a light-hearted and sincere show filled with beautiful art and opening/ending songs. There is so much to love about this anime, and I’m glad that they put so much effort into this show! Perhaps it warrants a second season?”


2011 AniBloggers Choice Anime of The Year

“I have wasted blog upon blog upon blog rambling on about how utterly brilliant this show is. I have sung about it. I have refused an opportunity to travel to Monaco just to watch the finale. I have literally used every positive word I am capable of uttering in order to try and scratch the surface of how utterly genius this show is. My opinion on it has only gotten better over time.

I am honestly having a hard time trying to come up with more praise for Madoka. Nothing I have said here has had any value anyways, as everything that I wanted to say about it has already been summarized by the lone wordcloud announcing its position on this list. It’s the best. Number one. What else is there to say about it?”


Madoka Magica gave anime fans quite a jolt when it aired early this year, taking one of the most moe of sub-genres (magical girls) and somehow warping it into a dark, Faustian thriller.  That contrast makes for an interesting idea, but perhaps the best part of Madoka is taking that high concept and actually backing it up.

The story is original and compelling with excellent pacing and not a single frame of filler.  The art style is unique and memorable.  The score by Yuki Kajiura couldn’t be more perfect for the setting.  Those elements combine to create an epic, genre-busting series that had me glued to my screen every episode.  We’ll have to wait and see how well Madoka stands the test of time, but at the very least I’d say it was the best anime of 2011.”


“This masterpiece is made by a very interesting line-up of staffs. It is directed by Akiyuki Shinbo (Nanoha), the script is written by Urobuchi Gen (Saya no Uta of Nitroplus), the original character designs by Aoki Ume (Hidamari Sketch), the anime character designs by Kishida Takahiro (Durarara!!, Baccano!) and the music is composed by Yuki Kajiura (Kara no Kyoukai).

Puella Magi Madoka Magica is a very contradicting magical girl anime, however, it’s that contradictory that makes it such an excellent show. Even though it’s a magical girl genre, the girls are seen using swords and fierarms, even though it’s a magical girl genre, there are angst, blood and even violence. The show is a great example of how blending dark elements into a magical girl show works.”


“I don’t always watch Magical Girl anime, but, when I do, I watch Madoka.”


“From the contrast between the cute character designs and the dark subject matter to the beautifully animated fight sequences and the awesome score provided by Yuki Kajiura. Madoka Magica was quite honestly one of the best shows to have aired in the past decade.”


Don’t forget. Always, somewhere, someone is fighting for you. As long as you remember her, you are not alone.

Puella Magi Madoka Magica ( 45 points)

Studio: Shaft

MS Excell spreadsheet showing all the tallying – ACAA spreadsheet

See You guys next year.


~ by kiddtic on December 31, 2011.

38 Responses to “AniBloggers Choice Anime Awards : Winners”

  1. Great post 🙂
    How many participated?

  2. Man…I will get to watching Madoka. I swear! But I was hoping Usagi Drop would have gotten at least closer^^

  3. I hate this town

  4. The World God Only Knows and Working’? People actually liked those? I’m surprised Fate / Zero is so high as well.

    • Im surprised with Working’!! I personally loved that show but didnt expect a lot of bloggers to enjoy it but it turned out that they did.

      Fate/Zero is a genuinely awesome show as well.

  5. Thanks for putting this together, I’m sure it took a lot of work reading everyone’s entries and crunching the numbers. I had fun participating and I hope I manage to watch enough anime to join in again next year.

    • Reading was fun, putting it together was fun but crunching the numbers OMG!

      Im glad you had fun, I hope it will be an even bigger success next year.

  6. Great work kiddtic, and I’d say the final list does reflect what was going on in the western side of the anime world this year. KamiNomi and Working remind us that anime is sometimes best as simple entertainment, while the higher-ranked titles all have something that will make them stick in the community’s collective memory for years to come.

    I think I’m most happy for Hourou Musuko ranking high for such a challenging show. Very glad to see Usagi Drop at second place, too, despite me not giving it any points on my own list. And Madoka takes a deserved win at the end of a worthy race.

  7. Thanks for organizing this! It was a lot of fun to participate and especially to read everyone’s lists. I’ll eagerly anticipate this again next year. 😉

  8. Huh, biggest surprises for me are the high ranking of Hanasaku Iroha and a complete no-show for Idolm@ster. And I never would’ve expected Bunny Drop to capture #2, above even Steins;Gate.

  9. Forever disppointed Yondemasu-yo Azazel-san didn’t make it to the list (though I kinda knew it but well, at least I’ll have the consolation of not being the only one who liked it)

    That being said, the only thing on all this list I didn’t watch is Nichijou. That means : I’ll watch it. Right now. (Otherwise I’d feel left out ^^)

  10. overall my 4 favourite from this year were in the top 4, just in different order, so i’m happy!

  11. […] and with that, it brings 2011 and my articles on anime to a close. Congratulations to all the titles that won and if anything… this event has shown that there is a variety of different preferences in anime among the blogosphere and if you are wanting to find out about any series… you are almost guaranteed to be seeing articles on it. For more information about the variety of responses or anyone who would like to hassle Kiddtic for prizes, celebratory champagne or to see detailed information on every series recieving a reward – check out Kiddtic’s post HERE. […]

  12. You did good, mate!

    The Top 5 were expected, but I still can’t believe the World God Only Knows made it on the list. Odd.

    Looking forward to ACAA 2012. Cheers.

    • Thanks a lot.

      Id say that tie between Nichijou and Hanasaku Iroha is what made it possible for Kami Nomi to make the list.

      Cant wait for next year too.

  13. All I can say is that I agree with number 7 and up 🙂

  14. I was waiting for you to compile all the results ^_^ Nice to see most of my picks were shared by others. I just finished reading Deus ex Machina’s results of his Anime Power Rankings project, and most of the favorite shows here (Madoka, Steins;Gate, Usagi Drop, Fate/Zero, Penguindrum) ranked highly there as well. Madoka was #1 on both too though that’s not surprising XD Thanks again for inviting me to the project. It was fun!

    And thanks for quoting me about Ikoku Meiro~

  15. Awww shucks, Steins;Gate is at no.3 ;x

  16. […] the results are out and I want to give my thanks to the mastermind behind this epic project, kiddtic (it must be tough […]

  17. […] Thus ends my first attempt at anime awards.  Thanks to TWWK of Beneath the Tangles for first giving me the heads up about the ACAA, and to Kiddtic of Kidds’ Anime Blog for hosting this tournament! (Winners posted here.) […]

  18. […] the start of my AniBloggers Choice Anime Awards post (Hey, did you know the winners have been announced?) I mentioned how I’ve only seen about twelve shows this year, some of which were just OVAs […]

  19. Thanks for organizing this awesome event. Will be great to see how many people participate next year

  20. I guess I really should watch Usagi Drop ^^’

    I’m quite surprised by that KamiNomi and Nichijou, which I dropped around episode 20, have made it to the top 10, while for example Haganai hasn’t. I guess that either the 13-episode anime wasn’t enough for people to appreciate it, or they were not very fond of the seemingly cold relationship between the characters who themselves are crazy enough to be condemned by some people. Let’s see if anything will change when the second season airs (I strongly believe the sales will be high enough to guarantee another season).

    • Haganai believe it or not nearly made the Top 12. It missed by a couple of votes LoL. I liked it but not enough to make my personal 12 best of the year.

      Yes , you totally should watch Usagi Drop, its so cute and awesome

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  24. Okay. Where is the actual award listing for 2012? Either it doesn’t exist or I can’t find it.

  25. […] the blogging community.  Right now, most of the blogging community I know of is anime focused.  Kidd’s ACAA was a a great way to get involved.  I also recently participated in a post about music on […]

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