Kidd and Squid Anime Podcast 5

Disclaimer! : I would just like to sincerely apologise for the horrible quality MP3 I uploaded earlier today, I have resolved the problem and everything sounds fine now.

We take some time to talk about Bandai. This one gets a little serious but we still take some time to side track and talk about some fun things. We brought a special guest on to help us tackle the topic, Mikey from One Piece At A Time Blog  drops by and gives us his opinion on the topic.

Bandai Discussion


Direct Download (Runtime 1 hour : 13 mins)


Visit The Otaku Down Under 



Mikey from One Piece At A Time Blog  joins us

What we have been upto

Bandai Discussion

Music Used

“The Opened Way ~Battle With The Collosus~” by Kow Otani

“Pursuing My True Self” by Shoji Meguro

“Icarus” by Micheal McCann


~ by kiddtic on January 16, 2012.

Well said but my Opinion Is...

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