Kidd and Squid Anime Podcast Special: Madman Interview

I got a chance to chat with Slyvester Ip, Madmans Product Manager in my first ever Industry Interview. We discuss all things Madman Related from What it is they do exactly to all time best selling titles, how titles are licenced and even how the Bandai situation has affected them. We even have time to answer some of those Twitter and Facebook Questions.

Madman Interview

Direct Download (Runtime 40 Minutes)


Visit The Otaku Down Under 



What Madman is and does

3:30 Licencing (streaming and digital distribution)

9:30 Best Selling Anime so far

11:00 Anime on TV

12:50 Anime on the Big Screen

14:15 Madman at Conventions

17:40 Madman Manga

18:30 Brand New Madman Licences (Madoka and Limited Edition releases)

22:25 How Josei and Shoujo Anime fares in Australia

25: 40 Anime on Blu Ray

29:15 Twitter and Facebook Questions, Anime in collections, Bandai and Madman, Sub Only Titles, Madman and Dubs

Music Used

“Madman Intro Theme” by Madman

“Pursuing My True Self” by Shoji Meguro

“Arriettys Song” by Cecille Corbel

You can contact Madman on their Twitter, MADBlogs, Forums, Facebook and you can also listen to their Anime Snacktime Podcast every month.

I apologise for the poor sound quality in the first 10 minutes, it gets better I promise 🙂 Thanks for listening.


~ by kiddtic on January 18, 2012.

5 Responses to “Kidd and Squid Anime Podcast Special: Madman Interview”

  1. Your best podcast so far. It’s great that Slyvester answered a few questions I had about upcoming anime releases in Australia.

    Your getting better at your editing too.

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  3. […] already confirmed in channels such as the most recent installment of “Kidd and Squid” HERE that due to several reasons we would not be seeing it released over here…. sorry for anyone […]

  4. […] Kidd and Squid Anime Podcast went live on December 13th and since then we even had the chance to Interview Madman which was a big deal for […]

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