My Top 50 Anime of All Time. 50 – 26

I decided to rank my favourite anime in order for both my convenience and any new readers that would like to gauge my interests. This list will not have sequels or any thing of that sort. Each title will be treated as a franchise e.g I wont have Index and Railgun appear twice on the list just because I think they are both super awesome.

Well there’s a long list ahead of us so, lets get right to it.

50. Ergo Proxy

Manglobe – 2006

Ergo Proxy was the 3rd anime I ever saw. The setting and its characters were so weird and strange that it kept the sluggishly slow plot interesting. Ergo Proxy was responsible for planting the moe-blob loving seed in me thanks to one of my favourite anime characters.. Pino 🙂

49. Cowboy Bebop

Cowboy Bebop

Sunrise – 1999

Unlike most western anime fans, Cowboy Bebop did not blow me away, maybe it’s because the ending was spoiled for me while I was watching the show. (I’m never visiting FUNimation forums ever again) It did however have some really neat concepts and characters and how can you not like Ed, He/She is one of the most whimsical and fun characters in anime.

48. Ghost in the Shell (Franchise)

Production I.G – 1995

Its Mamoru Oshii’s second interpretation of Masamune Shirows’ work that lands this title in my top 50. I really loved how GitS: Innocence blended 2D art with 3D CG so smoothly, I also enjoyed the trippy story telling techniques. Not to take anything away from Kenji Kamiyamas’ series, the Laughing man episodes in Stand Alone Complex were some of the best mystery, sci fi concepts I have ever seen.

47. C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control

Tatsunoko Productions – 2011

I was sold on the mere premise of this show, using the potential future of your life as stock and waging battle against others for the betterment of the world, sign me up! Kenji Nakamuras’ 3rd noitaminA anime was the least arthouse one of the bunch meaning it was more accessible to the general anime viewer. The concepts covered in the show were fantastic and so was the art, everything was flashy and shiny and even if it did have a few wonky 3D CG moments it still managed to hold its own when it mattered the most.

46. Perfect Blue

Madhouse – 1998

There arent that many writers that could deliver like Satoshi Kon could in the world of anime, in fact there aren’t many writers in any Media at all that can write a profound Mystery, Thriller story like he could. Perfect Blue leads you to believe the story is going one way until Wham! you are totally lost but then ties it all up together right at the end in the most comprehensible fashion. All while leaving some of the unanswered questions up to the viewers interpretation. This is still my favourite Satoshi Kon movie for that reason.

45. Trigun (Franchise)

Madhouse – 1998

Badlands Rumble is the main reason this makes my list. The fine mix of action and comedy is what makes Trigun an absolute classic in the eyes of the  western anime fandom. Vash is an endearing idiot and the supporting cast are a fine source of comedy and bad assery, exactly what I want from an action comedy.

44. Natsume Yujinchou (Franchise)

Brains Base – 2008

I like Josei, have I mentioned that before? Natsume Yujinchou is like a watered down version of Mushishi but with more personality added to the mix. The show is very episodic and the plot moves very slowly. Each episode is heartwarming and somewhat nostalgic and that is exactly what  justifies the slow pace and somber atmosphere of the show. Also Nyanko Sensei.

43. 5cm Per Second

Comix Wave – 2007

Back when Makoto Shinkai used to make romance movies, this was the best he ever crafted. The visuals are totally amazing and the story is extremely heartbreaking, in signature Shinkai fashion.

42. Gurren Lagann

Gianax – 2007

Over the top silly Mecha action is serious business. I really loved the animation and whacky characters in this show. This is also one of the few shows whose dub I enjoyed better than the Sub, good job Bang Zoom!

41. Whisper of the Heart

Studio Ghibli – 1995

There aren’t many stories that look at romance from the purest of perspectives, especially not in anime. Whisper of the Heart is about a budding romance between two Middle School aged children. Being a Ghibli film, the animation is pretty outstanding and so is the use of the music.

40. Arrietty: The Borrowers

Studio Ghibli – 2010

I am yet to see another Ghibli film that deals with topics as deep and dark as Arrietty does, for a kids movie that is. The background art and animation is some of the best I have ever seen. This movie was Studio Ghibli pretty much flexing its monetary muscle and reminding everyone else who still reigns supreme in the anime world.

39. Samurai Champloo

Manglobe – 2005

Hip Hop and Samurai in an edo era setting with a cameo by the New York Yankees and a heartfelt family reunion story at its core, whats not to love? Also that music.

38. Sword of the Stranger

Studio Bones – 2007

A true Samurai story for true samurai enthusiasts. I really liked how the film focused on the bonds between the characters amidst all that Beautifully choreographed Sword Action. Man and his Dog, Man and his Enemy and even a potential fraternal relationship were all brought up in the film. I’m not big on action anime but this one definitely delivers on all limbs.

37. Princess Tutu

Hal Film Maker – 2003

 Youve heard it countless times but I’ll say it again “Real Men watch Princess Tutu.” This show was moe before moe was a thing, this show did cute characters in a dark fantasy before Madoka made it popular, this show used ballet as battles before…well its the only one that uses ballet as battles. If you liked Madoka I strongly recommend you watch Princess Tutu, your mind will be blown.

36. Kurenai

Brains Base – 2008

This is one of the only shows to touch upon a subject as sensitive as incest in an honest and realistic manner. Most of the show is played out like a  slice of life series pretty slow and mostly focusing on the characters rather than forwarding the plot. It has some action and a lot of drama which blend with the story very well. Murasakis’ character is what hooked me on the show, she is a very eccentric and curious little girl that is just trying to live life to the fullest while still remaining grounded in the harsh truths of reality. She is unrealistically mature for her age..most of the time and that is where her charm lies.

35. Spice and Wolf (Franchise)

Imagin/Brains Base – 2008

The mature format in which Holo and Lawrence form their relationship is the main reason I love this series so much. The setting, characters and even the plot is good too but the drama and Romance are the real spectacle here. I also really like dub and the music in this show, top class stuff.

34. Bakemonogatari (Franchise)

Shaft – 2009

Insane Camera angles, witty dialogue, luscious character designs, interesting characters, unique art style and a decent plot are all part of what make the “Gatari” franchise the best fanservice show out there. If watching Queens Blade is akin to saying “We went to the strip club last night” then Watching Bakemonogatari or Nisemonogatari is similar to saying “The guys and I went to relax at the Gentlemans Club the other night.” Pure Class.

33. Angel Beats!

PA Works – 2010

Angel Beats! had all the ingredients of a typical Visual Key anime except the harem part. It started out as a whimsical comedy which I thoroughly enjoyed but then got dark and serious pretty fast. It covered themes like life after death, friendship, romance, fate, religion and so many more in a very honest and mature manner. The ending also made me tear up so that makes it an insta top 50 anime.

32. Bakuman (Franchise)

J.C Staff – 2010

The creators of Death Note somehow managed to bring the same intensity and suspense from their mystery series to this one. I love the fact that I can get accurate inside views on the manga industry through an anime. albeit a little bit exaggerated but still pretty realistic. The two leads bounce off of each other very well and so do most of the supporting cast. The show has some nice comedy and some terrific drama. Just don’t expect the drama to come from the pathetic tacked on romance sub plot.

31.  Oreimo

AIC Build – 2010

I loved this for many reasons, the character designs, the video game and anime references, the oh so bad but oh so good romance subplot but most importantly I liked it because of its characters. The scene in which Kuroneko and Kirino argue over what kind of anime is the best (Moe vs Thriller) is what sold me on the entire show. Oreimo is a good comedy, a little trashy but still good.

30.Working!! (Franchise)

A-1 Pictures – 2010

The first season was absolutely hilarious and one of the best comedy shows I had ever seen and then the second season aired and was even better than the first! I guess I really like Working!! because I work in a restaurant as well and s many of those situations in the show are relatable. The characters are all very unique and fun to watch, I especially love Yamada and how random she is. Oh Yamada.

29. Princess Jellyfish

Brains Base – 2010

This is the one title that made me swear by Josei. The story about college aged female nerds and their struggle to confirm with the dynamic world surrounding them really hit close to home. I also love how the love triangle was dealt with in the show, Im such a sucker for good romance.

28. Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit

Production I.G – 2007

Anime doesn’t really get the Fantasy setting right, but when they mix it up with their own mythos an sensibilities you get something unique and wonderful, like Moribito. I liked Moribito mostly for its depiction of Maternal Love and Camaraderie, Balsa was not exactly a likeable character and neither was Chagum but their relationship was. This was the first title that made me take note of then rookie Director Kenji Kamiyama.

27. Fate/Zero (Franchise)

ufotable – 2011

I enjoyed Fate/Stay Night so the idea of having a prequel that is more true to the original source material is absolutely fantastic. Fate/Zero may be 70% talking heads and 30% action but is definitely100% fun. I love the animation the bombastic characters and the exciting fight scenes. Fate/Zero is the action anime I go to when I don’t want to deal with the dumb bit of most action anime.

26. Madoka Magica

Shaft – 2011

Winner of the 2011 ACAA, I’ll just let this article speak for itself.

Look out for the top 25 in a few days.


~ by kiddtic on January 28, 2012.

19 Responses to “My Top 50 Anime of All Time. 50 – 26”

  1. I’m looking forward to seeing what ends up in your top 25. I think we have pretty similar taste so I know anything in the top 25 I haven’t watched is probably worth me putting in the time to watch.

    Funny how Cowboy Bebop is 49. I guess spoilers really can ruin something great.

    • That and how only 5 episodes in the show are actual canon. I really dont like episodic anime LoL. I liked the movie though that was fantastic.

  2. It’s amazing how the anime I keep hearing the local otaku in Zambia talk about are all the bottom 3 (nearest to 50 that is). I’m looking forward to seeing your top 25. This list will help me find the best anime to watch from now on ^_^

  3. Solid list (though there are a few shows in it I haven’t seen) – of course, we all have different tastes. Cowboy Bebop, for instance, would be in my top five. 😉

    • Hehe Im getting that a lot. Its the episodic nature of Bebop that lands it further back on my list. I need more plot progression to fully enjoy an anime.

  4. Such a lofty position for Kurenai!…at any rate, i get a strong feeling Eden of the East will rank highly on your list…but as long as Code Geass and Death note are where they ought to be i’ll be pretty happy with the list!

  5. Great list, nicely varied. 🙂

    Around five of the shows you’ve mentioned so far feature in my own Top 50, ten just miss out on a place, there’s five I personally didn’t like at all, and the other five I haven’t watched yet. I should get around to putting my list into a proper post at some point, right now it’s only recorded in the form of the 50 shows I’ve rated 5/5 on Anime-Planet.

    One of the shows I definitely agree with you on is Cowboy Bebop, including its position – Top 50 material, but not the higher end. I liked the characters, animation, music and virtually every episode… but its episodic nature means it doesn’t stand out to me when I compare it with series that have a running plot throughout. One last thing on the subject of Bebop that shocks most people I talk to about it: I watched it in Japanese. I don’t care how good the English dub is, it doesn’t have Norio Wakamoto voicing the villain! 😛

    Looking forward to the second half, which is usually where people’s similarities and differences in taste really start to show! 😀

    • Wow you have 50 shows rated 5/5 thats a lot of perfect scores LoL. I think I only have about 6 or 5 shows with a perfect score. You should totally make a top 50 list I would be very interested in seeing it.

  6. Nice list you have going. Considering some titles like Madoka and Bakemonogatari are in the bottom half of your top 50, I’m curious to see what you have in the top half.

    • Most of these shows have the same rating its just my personal enjoyment that is separating them on this list. All the shows listed are 7/10 plus.

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  8. I was looking for a new anime to watch and was randomly browsing through different anime blogs when I found this.. Great list! I’m very disappointed though when I didn’t find One Piece anywhere on it.

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  11. cool list,i have to see bakuman

  12. good liste

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