Kidd and Squid Anime Podcast 9: The Internet and The Fandom

This week we decided to discuss how the internet has influenced our consumption of anime and just to make sure the points of views are as diverse as possible we invited two special guests. We brought Matt the Dark Messiah and Min lvlln from Metanorn to bring their much needed insight to the topic.

Twitter is praised, Nisemonogatari is discussed, Type Moon fanboys are analysed and we even have some time to critically analyse Hetalia fangirls..well sort of. Hope you guys enjoy.

The Internet and The Fandom

Direct Download  (1 hour: 25 minutes)

Visit Anime-Metropolis


2:30 Matt Introduces himself

5:15 What we have been upto (Game of Thrones, Usagi Drop, Mirai Niki, InuxBoku, Persona 4, Chihayafuru)

12:55 Mass Effect 3 talk (Spoiler free) and lvlln pops in

17:00 Zero no Tsukaima, Trigun and Nisemonogatari

27:12 Main Discussion

1: 21 :50 Conclusion

Music Used

“Key Plus Words” by Shogi Meguro

“Hittori no Onanokko” by Suguru Matsutani

“Backside of the TV” by Shihoko Hirata

“Callisita” by Saki Caska

“H.T.” by Tsuneo Imahori

“Platinum Disco” by Yuka Iguchi

“Pursuing My True Self” by Shogi Meguro

“Staggered Injection” by Ekstrak


~ by kiddtic on March 19, 2012.

3 Responses to “Kidd and Squid Anime Podcast 9: The Internet and The Fandom”

  1. I feel so hipster after listening to you guys talk about your opinions on mainstream anime.

    The whole conversation about anime communities was most interesting. Like Ian said I feel I need to get more involved in the anime community. I can relate very well to everything he said right at the end.

    Keep it up.

    • One of the main reasons I started my own blog was because I Felt I had to do more in the community so I understand why you relate.

      Also you need to watch more mainstream shows stop being so hipster LoL.

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