My Journey, Through Journey

It started one late afternoon after a long mornings shift at work, I got back home and sat on My PC hoping for the call from my local Video Game fixing shop to call and tell me my PS3 had been fixed. The call never came, scrolling through various posts on Twitter and Google+, it was almost impossible to ignore the numerous amounts of articles praising Thatgamecompanys’ Journey. That was it, I couldnt wait anymore I had to get my PS3 Back.

A quick dash to the store and a rather long amount of time spent setting up the new machine only added to my tension and excitement, I was only a few moments away from experiencing what IGN had called “a unique vision of an online adventure experience.”

Journey starts off with my character in the middle of the a brightly lit Desert landscape with draw distance that would make the creators of all open world sandbox games drool with envy. The animations of the sand as I walked through the various dunes gives the impression of each particle of sand being affected by my footsteps and the light gush of the wind. I quickly complete what I believe to be the tutorial section by getting to different stone piles and chirping at the robes that have a remarkably similar pattern to my own.

The entirety of the game is based around this concept, get from robe to robe and enter new areas by chirping at some alters. I slide in the sand, Ride the wave of the wind and float in the sky and just when I start to think the gameplay and scenery is starting to get reptitive I hear a familiar chirping sound.

But its not my own, I curiously rush to see where this sound is coming from and lo and behold its another player on a pilgrimage just like me headed to the Summit of the mountain. His robe is a little longer than mine which means he or she has played the game a little bit longer than I have. We help each  other solve puzzles and float and glide in the sand together towards our next destinations.

Suddenly, we are in a darkly lit tunnel with massive mechanical like birds roaming around, my curiosity gets the better of me and I decide to interact with the collosal beings. My partner seemed to have the opposite reaction and chirped relentlessly at me while heading for cover, I ofcourse stubbornly ignored him and headed straight for the big things. One of them came swooping down and Bam! I was thrown across the tunnel to the other side. My partner, clearly worried for my safety rushed back towards me and chirped away as he lead the way towards cover. I vowed to never ignore my partner again.

After one or two cut scenes I realised my partner had disappeared, I desperately chirped around waiting for a response but Alas there was none, I was once again on my own. I surfed in the sand solved more puzzles, the sharp bloom of the red sunset painted the sand with a sunset Orange and I stopped for about a minute just to marvel at the spectacular scenery and then I heard a chirp. It was my partner! he was back, he danced around me in circles and I responded by jumping up and down with joy. We were ready to take on the next set of Obstacles.

Trial after trial led us to a snowy mountain pass where we had to battle against frequent strong gushes of wind, we hid behind large boulders to stop ourselves from tumbling over. Just as we were about to get to our destination the wind got stronger and the mountain got steeper. It was a struggle just to walk and before I knew it my partner had completely stopped moving…and fell face flat onto the snow. I chirped furiously trying to get a response but there was none. Once again my partner was gone.

I floated through a few more platforming sections and finally the summit of the mountain was just a few metres away. I rushed towards it with joy and as I slowly walked towards it I was reminded of the many magnificent moments I had just to get here. The many partners that had helped me come along the way and the beautiful scenery I had the privilege to witness. It truly wasn’t about the destination afterall, it was all about, The Journey.


~ by kiddtic on March 22, 2012.

4 Responses to “My Journey, Through Journey”

  1. I have a reason to save up for my own ps3 now.

  2. damn straight, games like this make it more than worth it

  3. […] written about Journey before so I won’t say much here, all I’m going to say is, this is the game that made me go out and […]

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