Darker Than Black:Gemini of The Meteor (Season 2) Review

I’ve really been in the mood for some good Sci-Fi action lately, so what better way to quench my cravings than watch the much anticipated sequel to an anime that had one of the most ambiguous open ended conclusions.

Gemini of The Meteor starts off with a huge gap between the 1st and 2nd season, not much is explained except the fact that Hei  succesfully escaped the Syndicate and is now searching for Yin in Russia. Hei gets to meet a girl named Suou Pavlichenko who he mistakes for Shion her twin Brother. Shion is apparently a special contractor whose abilities and connections might help Hei locate the whereabouts of Yin.

After losing his powers in a battle, Hei decides to kidnap/adopt Suou and teaches her to defend herself rather abusively. The Duo spend the rest of the series trying to find out what happened to Shion and also trying to find the whereabouts of Yin. All while dodging attacks from The CIA, The Syndicate and a new organisation called Section 3.


There are a lot of cool action scenes in this show and they are all very well animated. The background music used during the action scenes really got my adrenaline pumping. You will be hard pressed to find a recent action serial anime with such great production values.

The biggest quandary people had with the first season was that its overall plot was… confusing. Season 2 changes all that answering a lot of questions left hanging in the first season. Its focus on Suou also helped make the series have more of a drama, slice of life feel to it. The show maintains its mysterious and suspenseful nature which is what made the original Darker Than Black such a good show in the first place.

Suous’ character growth is one of the best I have ever seen in anime, contractors are not meant to have emotions by nature but Suous’ rare circumstances make her an anomaly. She is just entering puberty and is discovering feelings of love for the first time, all this mixed in with the emotional trauma of witnessing death all around her all the time makes for some great character dynamics. Its really great to watch.

FUnimation brought their A-game to this dub, Jason Liebrecht better known for his role as Akira in Eden of the East shows his amazing range with his gruff “cool guy” voice for Hei. Even characters that have small roles like Nika are voiced by the up and coming talent Micah Solusod and sound fantastic. The entire dub cast sounds natural and give some great performances, this is one of the best dubs anime has produced in recent years. My favourite of the bunch was Cherami Leighs’ July, the accurate young boy English accent she performed always managed to steal the show despite the fact that she had very few lines.

The Extras include all the 4 OVAs’ that were released, which is great because they bridge the gap and answer most of the questions and plot holes that were left in both seasons 1 and 2. I Strongly recommend watching them last in order to fully enjoy the mysterious side of the show. However, if you aren’t patient enough to wait for the answers at the end, you can watch them first before starting episode 1 of Season 2.


The show often side tracks and seems to focus on things that are not related to the overall plot at all. Theres a lot of sillyness in here and I found that it pulled me out of the dark grim experience that was Darker Than Black. The shows focus on Suou and her ability which amazingly resembled that of a stereotypical magical girl felt like the series was trying hard to appeal to the a different type of demographic.

The shows slow pacing does take a little getting used to and it can get very frustrating when it ends leaving you on a cliffhanger. The shows tendancy to not answer all the questions can also get very frustrating.

Rating: 6/10

Final Verdict: It was really hard for me to come to a solid verdict but Im going to have to go for a Buy It! with this one as well. At this point you have already gone through season 1 and after that ending you owe it to yourself to complete the entire series.

Darker Than Black: Gemini Of The Meteor is now available from Madman in both Blu Ray and DVD format.


~ by kiddtic on March 27, 2012.

13 Responses to “Darker Than Black:Gemini of The Meteor (Season 2) Review”

  1. This is one of my many best ANIME! True dat and i want a Blue Ray copy there…

  2. 6/10?!! Bit harsh mate! Least a 7

    • I don’t think so, It did have some good bits but there were also a lot of parts that were boring. I also don’t think its quite as good as season 1.

  3. I LOVE Darker than Black! Shame about the low rating, though!

    Your blog is really great by the way! I’ve been looking for new anime blogs to read and shall definitely subscribe to yours.

    Do you read Manga UK? I quite like that one, too 🙂

  4. It pains me to say this but I was disappointed. I kept convincing myself that it’s as good as the first Darker than Black but I had to face the truth that the show sucked. The plot was a mess and i had to google the explanation so that i would understand it. Hei lost his interesting parts and he wasn’t even able to showcase his power for more than half of the series. I was sad that it screwed up Darker than Black’s legacy.

    • I understand your pain and I know you are not the only one that felt this way. It could have been better, a lot better but it was not completely horrible.

      Did you happen to see the OVAs after the series ending?

  5. its not that bad is it i mean there might have been a couple boring parts and they might have made the show a little to mysterious and confusing but thats whats so good about an anime is that it keeps you wondering if there wasnt any confusion or mystery it would be one of those shows like golgo 13 or somthing where the main character keeps doing the same thing over and over again

    if you havent seen the ova’s there is a really good website with alot of anime all eng dub watch em.


    • Well I don’t think a 6 is a bad score that’s above average that’s a good score. I liked the show and I liked the mysterious side to it, but you have to admit it did get a little bit frustrating at times.

      I have seen the OVA’s and I enjoyed them a lot, especially the character that was played Johnny Young Bosch.

  6. Darker than Black being one of my favorite anime, I found that the second season was definitely weaker than the first one. And why the hell did they have to turn Hei into some drunk bastard? That probably annoyed me the most. -.-

    • Well the writers wanted to show you what Hei’s life would be like if he didn’t have any of his powers. Turns out all he would be is a drunk. The 1st season was a lot better I have to agree to that.

  7. Actually liked this better than season 1–I like both though. Also I idealy, I’d hope everyone is watching this BEFORE they watch Gaiden. I always find reading or watching fiction in release order more satisfying than “cheating” and doing it in chronological order.

  8. Y’know i agree that it sucked that Hei turned into a drunk Jackass. But it had nothing to due with losing his powers. I mean, in the first season he pretty much losses everything he’s ever liked/loved and the last thing he has left is Yin. She was the last thing holding his sanity together and he loved her. When you found out he lost her too (Well sorta) in the OVA it’s only natural that he collapsed. Actually if he still remained the way he was before that would have been unnatural. So i really don’t see that as a flaw at all when you actually look at the story. How would you respond to seeing everyone you like/love die? (And I mean everyone)

  9. Very dissapointing. First series two-chapter structure was a nice vehicle for independent stories that wrapped beautifully, but this second season is a long and slow story without twists and imagination, that hardly made me feel anything for the characters (maybe they wanted to make me feel like a contractor!) Add to the mix a lotta lolicon and nonsense booby fanservice to make yourself ashamed and bored at the same time. I can’t say that is a “bad” anime anyway, nice production as you pointed. The rating is fine for me…

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