Madman Interview at Oz Comic Con Adelaide 2012

I had the opportunity to chat with Nathan from Madman Entertainments Sales Team at this years inaugural OZ Comic Con in Adelaide. We had a fair bit to talk about but he couldn’t get into the specifics of topics like licensing and future products, he could however talk to me about how the sales were going, here is what he had to say.

Disclaimer: All responses are paraphrased and not direct quotations

On New Titles and Licenses

Because Sly isn’t here I cant really talk much about new anime licences, but I can talk about the new distribution deal we got with Hasbro. We were very happy to announce the distribution deal with Hasbro. We are sure shows like My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and Transformers Prime will do very well for us.

We plan to release My Little Pony collection 1  sometime in June,  the other shows release dates are yet to be announced.

Aussie Fans are Definitely Enthusiastic about the show

We also have Madoka Magica being released mid April which is meant to be  a huge title for us, The staff at Madman have high expectations for it.

(Kidd: Any chance of getting a Special Limited Edtion?)

Not at the moment, that all depends on how well the show does initially. If the show does do well we will look into having a special Collectors Edition but the only feasible time frame for this happening would be a year from now.

Whats Been Selling Recently?

We have sold a lot of copies of Elfen Lied at the Con today, it seems to be very popular here.  The titles that have been doing very well for  us recently have been High School of The Dead, thats still going strong and Vampire Knight. We have also noticed a recent increase in interest for Ergo Proxy as well. As a matter of fact one of those titles came in at number 20 on our final tally of the Top 20 Anime poll we are having. The results of that poll should be up sometime later this week.

(Kidd: is Azumanga Daioh also selling well or is it just out of print?)

Unfortunately we don’t have any copies of Azumanga Daioh left, it is out of print for the moment.

Have You Been Selling More Blu Rays?

Blu Ray sales are still low but anime fans are starting to buy more DVD’s again. The only exception is Dragon Ball Z which has 1:1 ratio of Blu Ray and DVD sales.

What Are The Chances of Getting More Josei Titles Licensed?

Josei has not done very well for us, some of the most disappointing titles for us last year were Nana and Honey & Clover. They just didn’t click with the audience like we had hoped for. We are giving them a second chance, we will be releasing both Nana and Honey and Clover in a complete Collection in April and May respectively for a very reasonable price. If those titles do well there is a chance of getting Princess Jellyfish or AnoHana licensed in Australia.

A very special thanks to Nathan for taking some time out of his very busy schedule to talk to me. If you have any more questions you can contact Madman via their twitter, facebook or forums.

Lets put our money where our mouths are and buy more Josei titles so we can finally get Princess Jellyfish you guys. 🙂


~ by kiddtic on April 2, 2012.

9 Responses to “Madman Interview at Oz Comic Con Adelaide 2012”

  1. >Elfien Lied
    >High School of the Dead
    >Vampire Knight
    >Ergo Proxy

    Why are these selling well… :S

    • I wish I had the answer to that question. I think High School of the Dead is selling well because of the whole Walking Dead Zombie thing going around. The other shows just had good advertising I guess.

  2. Those are some strange titles to be selling well. It makes me sad to be an anime fan when sex and ultra violence are prominent in the popular titles.

    I’ll be buying Madoka when that comes out though. Madman can have my money for quality titles like that.

    • This month has some amazing titles being released. Madoka, The World god Only Knows and many more. The releases are getting a lot better.

  3. for nicer pictures of the rainbow dash please go to

    as or the dvd release… this set contains the first 2 episodes of seaon 1, a few espisode further along in season 1 and 2, a sing-a-long of the extended version of the opening song and a series of character bios (excluding rainbow dash but including princess celestia).
    while its great to have something released, most fans would have prefered a release of a box set of a season straight up. those little extras would make great extras on a seaon set rather than just to fleece monies.
    maybe on the disk with the movie that is being released.

    • I always prefer having one collection regardless of the little extras they add.

      By the way nice Cosplay you did at Oz Comic Con it was one of my favourites 🙂

  4. I might sound like a freak but wow! Another fellow Australian blogger I’ve met through the AniBlog Tournament. Just how many are there in this tournament!? LOLS I reside in the same place as Ace (Victoria, Australia) and I’m really hyped up for OZ ComicCon over here ^^

    Other than that, wish you the best in the Tourney kidd! ^^

    • Oh wow I didn’t know you were a blogger, it always excited me to meet more Aussie Bloggers too. Yeah this Tourney is also helping me discover new blogs its a really good venture. Best of luck to you in the Tourney too 🙂

  5. […] Entertainment have been unable to release a Limited Edition set of the anime yet (However Madman has hinted that if this release sells well, they may look into a special edition release next year), therefore […]

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