Why Boys Love, Kimi To Boku

Ive noticed a rise in interest for Kimi to Boku recently and most of it has been coming from the male audience, I found this rather intriguing and decided to investigate why this may be. I remember the initial reaction to the first seasons 1st episode last year, most of the anime blogosphere and the fandom in general wrote it off as just another K-on! clone meant for the fujoshi. I saw through all of that stuck with it and I was not alone, though at the time this was not apparent as nearly no one else had anything positive to say about the show.

Kimi to Boku was and is not for everyone, its strictly for the hardcore slow paced, slice of life fans. A typical Iyashi-Kei anime if Ive ever come across one. This was from the same director that handled SoRaNoWoTo afterall so I knew what to expect from it. A little light comedy here and and some slight touches of serious drama there.

The main reason I was very excited for Kimi to Boku was because it was meant to put a “spin” on the popular 4 girls in high school being cute to each other sub genre of moe. As a huge moe fan, I was intrigued to see how I would respond to having a show about high school boys instead of girls, I was also eager to see how the other moe fans both male and female would respond to it.  The response was positive but not very vocal at all, so what is it that makes us enjoy this show so much? Well, that’s what this article is all about isnt it?

Why I Love The Show

The main selling point for slice of life shows is their relaxing nature, Kimi to Boku does this well by pacing the show really slowly. Most of the show is just about 4 (later 5) high school kids just hanging out and going about life. Its very calming to watch and the visual aesthetic of the show also helps bring out this atmosphere too. Its particularly great when it slips into its water colour like pallete very reminiscent of Horou Musuko.

The different personalities of the characters interacting with each other is always interesting to watch. I found that this is where most of the comedy in the show came from. I found their characteristics relatable and watching the show always seems to remind me of  my own high school life with my best friends. I wouldn’t go as far as saying its realistic, no I never ever brushed my friends hair and none of us ever acted “cute” towards each other but we did have all the core traits that these characters portray and that’s cool to watch.

I found that Kimi to Boku is at its best when it is implementing its drama elements. For example, the episode that deals with Kanames’ first crush, his Kindergarten teacher. The show approaches the subject in a comical way but somehow manages to capture its audience emotionally. Its very subtle with these emotional moments which makes for a great feel good drama, its refreshing to see a show that deals with topics like these without getting all melodramatic.

The show also does romance really well, a lot better than most shoujo shows atleast. The love triangle brewing between Shun, Masaki and Chizuru is probably the most exciting thing about the entire show. The reactions from every character involved are dealt with surprisingly realistically. Chizurus’ reactions in particular are a delight to watch, like most boys in that situation he does not really express his true emotions but keeps them held up internally… all in an attempt to not ruin the friendship he has.

Kimi to Boku is a silly comedy show about “cute boys doing cute things” but its also about strengthening the bonds of friendship and high school romance. The show has it ups and downs and yes it does try hard to cater to the fujoshi fanbase what with all the cats and everything but there is something here for the guys as well. The subtle approach to the more serious side of things means it can easily be ignored if you don’t want to deal with it, it also means its not in your face and melodramatic if you are looking for an honest drama about high school boys.

It turned out that Boys could be moe too.


~ by kiddtic on April 4, 2012.

12 Responses to “Why Boys Love, Kimi To Boku”

  1. I wanted to say that we girls, especially fujoshi, already did know that boys could be moe. Even old men can be moe ^^

    Strangely enough, for KImi to Boku, I don’t think that in my network of fujoshi I have seen anyone pairing up these characters.

    • Thats true I wouldn’t say its unpopular among the girls its just not as big a hit as everyone expected.

      I guess thats a good thing.

      • I don’t know if I’d say it’s a good thing, because the more fujoshi ship, the more fujoshi spend.

        On the other hand I’m pretty glad it managed to touch another audience

  2. Good post. I’ve also realized its growing popularity around guys. Moé is officially unbiased 😉

  3. I’m a huge fan of this show as well, adoring character driven plotlines. Every one of these characters grows in the course of the season. There are so many chuckles and occasional white-knuckles. I definitely prefer the boy slice-of-life to all the silliness and predictable moe “stuff” in the girl versions. As a girl fan (an older one at that who has two boys about the age of these characters), I love seeing their struggles, their treasuring of the passing moment, and their moments of obliviousness. I think one of the best things about the series is is suggests and hints, rather than tells and spells out for the watcher. I’ve even come to like the monkey. 😉

  4. Well said but my Opinion Is that I hate Kimi to Boku!

    1. It’s from the director of Sora no Woto but what really set that series apart was the cool setting. The girls weren’t just cute girls doing cute things, they were soldiers who were also underground mobsters who piloted a mech! So much cooler than high school boys!

    2. That said, there’s nothing wrong with high school boys if they’re funny, like Nichibros. But Kimi to Boku isn’t funny! It’s boring! And they may as well be girls for how they act.

    3. Which brings me to my final point. This show made me think back on my high school days, but only long enough to be grateful that my life then wasn’t as boring as these kids’! Why would I watch a show where the twenty minute snapshots we see of the characters’ lives are more boring than a twenty minute snapshot of my own life? (excluding, of course, the twenty minutes I spent watching Kimi to Boku)

    • Im guessing you did not get far enough to see the romance sub plots in the show?

      • I watched the entire first episode! It took all of my strength and willpower.

        • I will agree the first 2 episodes are quite slow and boring but once the 3rd character comes in he really livens things up. Its got drama but its not melodramatic or exaggerated which I highly appreciate. If you ever work up the patience to watch it again I would recommend watching until episode 4 or 5 then you can make a clear judgement on whether you still hate it or not.

          I can guarantee you, there are a lot of subjects raised in this show that are just not dealt with in any anime series I have ever seen.

  5. […] of cute boys doing cute things, I wrote a whole article about why this show is awesome and why we should all watch it so go read […]

  6. I just finish watching KtB and I love it soo muchhhh.

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