After A Year With The Kidd…

12th of May 2011 I decided to try and organise all my thoughts and opinions onto a single site where everyone could see. It would be both convenient for myself and for my friends. Convenient in the sense that I always tend to refer to things I said in the past just so I can say “I told you so” Im often right, 60% of the time atleast.

Blogging For Friends

Pic Unrelated I just Love Durarara!!

I wanted this blog to be a place where my friends that didn’t quite understand why I loved anime so much could somehow get a slight understanding of why I do. So my very first article was an Introduction to anime. It was pretty terrible I must admit filled with a fair share of grammatical errors and read quite informally. Ofcourse that really hasn’t changed over the past year but I feel that style of writing has somewhat become a style of mine that my readers can identify with.

Blogging For The Community

Thats My Anime Club

I also wanted this blog to be the place where I can talk about what has come to be known as my “controversial” opinions. After interacting with a lot of anime fans on the internet I found that most of my views and tastes sort of clashed with the norm. “A sci-fi serious business anime fan that also enjoys moe anime, No way!” I found that I got those sorts of reactions a lot everywhere I interacted so I decided to write about some of them. The first one that was cleverly titled “The Problem I Have With..” got one hell of a response on twitter. I would point to that article as the moment my audience grew from just my close friends to a wider range of critics and anime fans. My style of blogging has continuously followed that style to this day, the anime blogosphere tends to call it “Editorial” blogging so I will just go with that.

Blogging For The Industry

I had always wanted to somehow be a part of the anime Industry and there was no clear way for me to do that or affect it in some way except through my blogging and purchasing habits. Earlier in the year one of my new years resolutions was to “get legal” with anime. That is, If an anime could be streamed legally that was the only way I was going to watch it, if I could buy a DVD instead of Download I would buy a DVD and so on and so forth.

I got the opportunity to talk to Madman staff at last years Adelaide Anime and Video Games Convention, AVCon. I used that opportunity to ask them some questions about their release of K-on! which I am ofcourse a big fan of. It was quite surreal for them to recognise me at the con because of the numerous times we had spoken on twitter. That article turned out to be the turning point for me because just a few weeks later I got an Email from Madman saying they liked my article and asked me to review their anime for them. It was a small and almost insignificant part but somehow I had managed to get a voice in the anime industry after only a few months of blogging. Recieveing my first review copies in the mail was surreal and the first title I decided to review turned out to be the hardest I have ever had to do, to date.

Anime Reviews

My Dance In The Vampire Bund Review was the first official review I had ever done and boy was it tough. Ask any reviewer of any medium and they will tell you that the hardest reviews are always the ones that are mediocre and DitVB was the epitome of the term mediocre.  I learnt a lot a lot from that review and slowly changed my format to one that clearly stated what I liked and disliked from the show and then having a Final Verdict which was me prompting the reader whether to buy the product or not. Its a format that not many reviewers have but is something that I had always personally looked for so decided to implement it myself. A brief description of how my ratings and verdicts work also helped me avoid some unnecessary debates. My most popular review to date has to be my Disappearance of Haruhi which I can proudly say has prompted more than a handful of people to try the show and is a good example of the refined format of my reviews.

Going Meta

I have always been a big fan of the anime community in general especially twitter which happened to be the place where all the bloggers, journalists and industry people hung out. Getting to chat with some of my inspirations one on one was really cool. Aquagaze, 2DT, Jelx23, Kuuki, Yumeka, MkMiku, Charles (TWWK), Sam(Otaku Study), Gnitro and so many more were huge inspirations for me and finding out that they occasionally read and enjoyed my stuff was pretty awesome too. So on a whim, I decided to organise an event where all these cool bloggers I knew listed their favourite shows from the year and at the end I tallied them and we picked the official title of the “critics choice” anime of the year. I called it the AniBloggers Choice Anime Awards or ACAA for short. It started out slow but by the end I had more than 40 top bloggers participating it was really fun to see almost the whole community get behind it.

Earlier in the year I was also lucky to meet an anime fan that had nearly identical tastes in anime with myself and he happened to live in  Australia as well. His opinions on anime where a little more refined than mine so I asked him to do a guest article for me on my blog and boy was it good. That guy turned out to be my Co- Author Ian AKA De_Gesso. We also started a podcast just a few months after he joined ‘the team’ and it turned out to be quite popular, The first Kidd and Squid Anime Podcast went live on December 13th and since then we even had the chance to Interview Madman which was a big deal for us.

Just a few weeks ago I got the chance to participate in the AniBlog Tourney not really expecting to go far but hoping for good feedback from the community. I was a bit disgruntled that I got none pertaining to my content but a lot of it was about my sites layout. So I decided to alter it a bit with a lot of help from my good friend Rukishou. I took the lack of criticism for my content as a compliment and I even organised the creation of a site mascot just to cheer things up on the site for the visual department. Kidd tan will be unveiled soon.

Blog review thanks to Fosh From Metanorn

Look How Far We Have Come

Starting this Blog has really changed my life in general, because of it I got the chance to meet so many great new anime fans who have blogs of their own or who I can chat with on twitter.

Because of it I got the chance to chat with some of my inspirations, a podcast with Aquagaze being a prime example and a future podcast with 2DT down the line.

Because of it I got the chance to interview Cristina Vee and Chrsistine Marie Cabanos which was surreal and I will also have the chance to get to interview Cassandra Lee and Crispin Freeman just a few months from now at my first anime panel at the biggest anime convention in Australia.

Because of it I got the chance to see special screenings of anime that I would only have dreamed of.

Because of it I got the opportunity to interact with a side of the gaming community that I never thought I would see, Thank You Bioware Forums.

Because of it I got the opportunity to see how much the anime fandom actually cares about the industry despite our constant whining.

Because of it I got the chance to interact with all of you my loyal readers.

Here is to another year, with even bigger and better things to come.


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10 Responses to “After A Year With The Kidd…”

  1. Congrats! 😀

  2. Congratulation on reaching one year. I’m looking forward to more stuff from you so keep it coming.

  3. Congratulations!! I remember finding your blog about 7 months ago, and I have been a fan ever since!

  4. Congratulation! Getting older is never a bad thing! 😛

  5. I really enjoyed reading through this. What a wonderful adventure you’ve had so far. I’m envious. I’d love to have the energy and time to become a part of something I enjoy so much. I’ve got too many enjoys, that’s my main problem. You lead the way, and I’ll tag along. Maybe you’ll hear about the one enjoy I end up focusing on someday. Looking forward to new stuff. Keep it up. 🙂

    • Thanks a lot 🙂 that means a lot to me. Im sure you will find your passion and find the sufficient wt energy to express it. Thanks for reading I am sure you wil love what the next year has to offer.

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