Mysterious Girlfriend X: A Lot More Than Your Regular Drivel

This current anime season is one of the best anime seasons in recent memory. I recall picking 7 shows to watch right off the bat and that’s not even including the ones I thought would be mediocre. Unfortunately, just like every season I can barely manage to keep up with all the shows I want to see and end up pruning the mediocre from the really good ones. Mysterious Girlfriend X was not one of those shows. As a matter of fact I completely disregarded the show based on how  weird the premise was and the massive negative backlash it got from some reviewers and fans.

The problem most people had (including myself) with the show was the fetishistic inclusion of saliva. The shows synopsis does not do a decent enough job to tell what the show is really about and the fact that the studio behind it was the infamous HOODS Entertainment, the guys that brought us Seikon no Qwaser, Aki Sora and Manyuu Hikenchou meant there was a strong possibility that the show would highly focus on this fetish and sexualise it to the extreme. Not exactly my cup of tea if you know what I mean.

I eventually caved in and decided to watch it after it was put on the playlist at my local anime club and it literally blew all my negative expectations right out the window, except the drool part I still find that quite disgusting but that’s the point!

The show sells itself as a Romantic Drama about 2 high school teens fresh out of middle school. However, unlike most romance anime based in this setting MGX brings up the topic of sex right from the start, the very start. I found this approach to be quite unique and intriguing, more often than not teenage romance in anime does not include or even mention sex at all and the fact that MGX was being brutally honest about it by placing it in the foreground gave it some semblance of realism or atleast an approach to to a teenage romance that I have never seen in an anime before.

I found that the show played out like the perfect fantasy of a young teenage boy, only moments after he discovers sex a mysterious girl comes waltzing into his life who not only alienates herself from the others by giving off an impression of being weird but also has the guts to bait him to approach her and also make the first move. She is also open to the idea of having sex with him and is conveniently a virgin.

All these factors make her the perfect girlfriend for a young teenager, but how do the creators manage to keep the show from devolving into just another hentai or regular fanservice show? This is where the drool comes in. The are a lot of fluids in this show and the Art Direction makes sure that you notice this. The first time Akira tastes Urabes’ drool can easily be compared to his first “sexual experience.” The fact that he continuously dreamt about her and could only be cured of his “love sickness” after she let him taste her drool only serves to consummate this fact.

The drool connects them emotionally, he believes he needs the drool to survive and she is willing to give it to him. The scene in which Akira confesses his love for her was also very different from most anime confessions. The fact that Urabe asks Akira to make a unique approach on her in order for her to accept his proposal was a clear example of this. Most anime are content with the guy screaming his undying love which is followed by a kiss but not MGX, as a matter of fact Urabe dismisses Akiras attempt to kiss her saying it’s too “commonplace” and that she wants something that only Akira can give her.

Symbolism plays a Major role in this show

Akira goes on to discard the memento of the first crush he ever had saying the past is completely behind him, that is the only scene in the entire show I can describe as romantic. There is a lot of sexual innuendo in the show, some of it more obvious than the others. I personally found that the show worked really well as a fanservice with some hints of romance. The character designs look pretty amazing and the seiyuu they got to play Urabe has a very captivating and mysterious harsh voice. Everything about this show is reminding me about my own unrealistic teenage fantasies which is why it shocked me that a lot of females actually related with the show.

The shows ED sequence and the preview of the second episode revealed that the show is actually willing to show some skin. This usually bothers me but not with MGX because the show sets its story and its atmosphere in a way that seeing some skin would actually make sense. I have not felt this way about fanservice since Nisemonogatari so way to go MGX.

In conclusion, If there is anything you should take from this article it’s that MGX is a romance show that open minded romance fans should check out just to see how different the subject can be handled with the use of sex as the foreground. It’s also the best fanservice show I have seen since Nisemonogatari so if you were into that this will be right up your alley. Don’t let the drool deter you from seeing this.

Further Reading

I would highly recommend reading E Minors take on the show and its various uses of symbolism to express sex because he explains it a  whole lot more better than I ever could.

You can also watch Mysterious Girlfriend X for free on Crunchyroll.


~ by kiddtic on May 30, 2012.

15 Responses to “Mysterious Girlfriend X: A Lot More Than Your Regular Drivel”

  1. I am really loving this show. If you look past the whole ‘drool fetishism’ thing then you can see it for what it is, a really good romantic comedy with engaging characters. I love the whole slightly old-fashioned look of the show as well, and I’m massively impressed with Urabe’s seiyuu who’s just nailed the character as far as I’m concerned.

    • The drool is a big reason why I did not want to see this show in the first place so trying to convince people to look past that is what I was trying to do. The look of the show actually works pretty well it really sets it apart from the other shows airing at the moment. I also really like the character designs and yes Urabes’s seiyuu is fnatastic. Did you know that this was her debut role? pretty amazing huh

  2. I’ve actually become desensitized to the drool – I found it off-putting at first like so many other people, especially as the animation makes it look worse than it would in real life… but now it doesn’t bother me.

    Have to agree that it’s a great romantic comedy, full of fanservice but not the kind we’re used to. Am also a huge fan of the character designs and animation style.

  3. >She is also open to the idea of having sex with him and is conveniently a virgin.

    Is she, really? She seems pretty timid and violent when it comes to intimacy. The show’s been incredibly strange about it, frankly. It’s starting to feel like another abstinence/tsundere anime, with a fresh coat of saliva. Hopefully they go somewhere more interesting then hinting at things symbolically.

    • She is, but shes’ not. She’s open to it, but gradually as opposed to right away.

      • Im sure she seems timid about it in later episodes but from what I gathered from the 1st one, which is what I have only seen so far. She is still open to the idea, unlike other anime where sex is not even mentioned in MGX Urabe most definitely has it on her mind and the writers are making that blatantly obvious.

  4. I think it should be noted that the first episode is comprised of the oneshot that the mangaka made in 2004 and that the first chapter of the manga, serialized in 2006, made up the second episode.

    Which is a shame, really. I liked the whole drool exchange as a sort of addictive substance and, therefore, an allegory to a sexual relationship, but the withdrawal symptoms were only touched upon in the oneshot and I haven’t seen any mention of it since. I don’t think she’s even regurgitated a pool of saliva since the first episode either.

    Now, with the anime following the serialized manga, it’s turned into a sort of Fetish of the Week in which the drool only serves the purpose of “LET ME SHOW YOU MY FEELS”. They exchange drool so often that it’s easy to forget exactly why Tsubaki has to do it.

    • So are you saying the drool stops serving its purpose as a symbol of a sexual relationship in the later episodes?

      • The drool transitions from a symbol of a sexual relationship to a medium by which those who share a bond can better understand each others’ feelings. So yes, it no longer serves that deeply sexual purpose by the second or third episode.

  5. can understand the drool thing back when i was 16 17 years old i had a somewhat similar thing but i let my little brother and his friend talk me in to being an asshole to her. but sadly i don’t know what happened to her after i moved all and all top notch anime i usely don’t like these type of ones but brought up old memories so i watched it and liked it. my best advice- be careful when getting friends and family’s advice on alot of things.

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