Coicent / Five Numbers! (Double Feature) Review

Straight to video anime or OAV’s were a really big part of the Western Anime fandom in the early 2000’s and some of the mid 90’s. However, in recent years we have seen less and less of them released and localised. So how does this new double feature with the highly acclaimed name Dai Sato behind the scripts and studio SUNRISE with the production hold up?


Coicent is a very short sci fi story based  in a neo futuristic Japan. The lead character is a high school boy named Shinichi who happens to bump into a girl called Toto. Toto is a cyborg that is on the run from the organisation that created her, She has a goal to get to see the ocean for the first time and Shinichi takes it upon himself to guide her to one.


Despite the heavy use of CG animation I really like the look of the anime, its very colourful and fun to look at. The cel shading and animation is also very nicely done.

The English voice acting is absolutely brilliant! Vic Mignogna does an excellent job as Shinichi and Luci Christian once again sounds extremely cute as Toto. The two bounce off of each other so very well. Greg Ayres makes an appearance as well in his egrigously typecast character type, the nerdy best friend.


The story is really dumb and quite honestly has been done to death already. There is absolutely nothing new to see here. The romance sub plot is an absolute joke. The sci fi elements are kind of neat but in the end none of those elements are used in a way to advance the story or the characters.

None of the DVD extras are even worth mentioning, its just the usual trailers etc.

Rating: 4/10

Five Numbers!

Five Numbers! is  a story about 5 prisoners trying to escape from a highly secure yet empty prison. The story starts right when there is a sudden power outage and the prison cells are let open.


I really like the setting and concept of the show, all 5 of the main characters have different  archetype like personalities that are actually used to advance the story in an intuitive way. The sci fi elements and cinematography is top class stuff, the concepts are intriguing enough for the audience to care.

The dub is not too bad either, Greg Ayres takes the “lead” role and sounds pretty decent, the pick of the bunch would have to be Tiffany Grant. She Directed the short as well. glad to see her back in the business.

The Extras have an interview with Dai Sato and the Miyu Irino. The Interview with Dai Sato is really interesting to watch.


Most of the scenes and dialogue is pretty dumb and cliche, the entire show is actually quite cliche which is sad because the premise sets it up to be something different. Once again nothing new to see here.

The visuals are not exactly pleasing, the 3D cel shading just looks jarring and its hard to not pay attention to it.

The overall story didnt seem to make much sense at all, the show really needed a whole lot more than 24 minutes to tell its story or atleast for me to appreciate it in full.

Rating: 4/10

Final Verdict: Look Away! I really cant recommend this DVD to anyone except any hardcore sci fi, indie anime fans that have a lot of time and money to spare. The concepts are there and they are pretty neat but the overall execution just falls short in so many areas. I really expected the combination of SUNRISE and Dai Sato to give us something more.

This double feature is now available from Madman Entertainment on DVD.



~ by kiddtic on May 31, 2012.

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