The Kidds’ Most Anticipated Games At E3 2012

I got the chance to see E3 Live again this year, I was way more hyped for it this year than I was last year which is shocking I know. I had one screen for my Twitter stream and one screen streaming the Gametrailers All Access Live stream. Just like last Year Twitter exploded and was a lot of fun and I was a big part of that tweeting over 400 times within 2 days. The WiiU was re revealed and it looked cool but the real highlight of the show was the games and I am going to count down my favourite games showcased at this years E3.

Number 10 – Resident Evil 6 – Capcom

I was not a big fan of the travesty that was res Evil 5, I know it has its fans but the franchise lost me once I discovered it focused more on the action rather than the scares. Like most Res Evil fans, my favourite of the series has a Leon in it, mine specifically being Res Evil 2 so when the first teaser trailer revealed that Leon was a playable character my interest in the game piqued. The first 2012 trailer teased 3 playable characters that all seemed to have different styles of gameplay. Chris Redfeild showcased a more fast paced action oriented cover based shooter while new Character Jake Muller confirmed to be Weskers son was showing off more close combat melee style of gameplay.

The E3 2012 Demo showcased Leon Kennedy using the familiar Res Evil 6 style of slow 3rd Person Shooter gameplay with a lot more quick time events and some cover based mechanics too. I think Capcom are hitting a good middle ground here and will appeal to a much wider audience this time. I’m gonna get this to fill in the gap in the barren landscape that is October.

Number 9 – Star Wars 1313 – Lucasarts

This game was not on my radar at all not even after it was showcased on GT TV, the reason it makes my list is because it is the only game that is clearly not meant to run on this generation of consoles. It looks phenomenal! rumors claim it is not running on Unreal Engine 4 but on 3 to which I say Lies!!

The game is supposedly a mixture of Mass Effect and Uncharted style gameplay with lots of cover based shooting and climbing. The Developers are selling at as an M rated Star Wars game, that’s a thing apparently, either way I am excited to see what this game is all about hopefully we will get more news at GDC or PAX next year.

Number 8 – Splinter Cell: Blacklist – Ubisoft

I remember playing Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow and being blown away by the visuals and attention to detail, the amazing AI (at the time) and the numerous ways one could stealthily get through a level of enemies. I am not the biggest fan of the franchise but I always keep a look out for good stealth games on the market.  Blacklist looks like a faster paced Splinter Cell experience which is something totally new to the franchise, I am interested in seeing how they make it work. The gadgets look cool, the setting looks even cooler, I never thought I would see Sam Fisher battling it out in a brightly lit desert environment.

Number 7 – Beyond: Two Souls – Quantic Dream

The real reason this game is on my list is because of Quantic Dreams tech demo Kara which totally blew me away. The amount of meticulous details on the body movement rivaled that of LA Noires’. I never played Heavy Rain but the Beyond Trailer put it on my radar I will definitely play the game to prepare myself for this. I think games like this are very important for our mediums artistic merit, Mr. David Cage is a genius and I am sure he ahs a lot more ideas to implement in his next games which is why I will fully support this, also Ellen Page.

Number 6 – Halo 4 – 343 Industries

I am a big fan of the Halo franchise both for its Multiplayer (oh man those system link days eh) and the Single Player Campaign. Halo has one of the richest (arguably richest) Sci Fi Lore today, there is just so much they can do with that story which is why I bought a 360 just for Halo 4. The E3 2012 trailer teased the fact Master Chief would go up against ForeRunner tech and wield Fore Runner weaponry. Not that much is new but I still cant wait for this one.

Number 5 – Hitman Absolution – Eidos/ Square Enix

I was shocked that Square Enix first Hitman game was not a highlight at any press conference considering it was one of the best reboots at the show. This is the first Hitman game of this console generation and the power of the new consoles has really helped this game advance in leaps and bounds. The crowd stealth mechanics are fantastic and the gameplay trailer teased some amazing open world choice mechanics. There are a lot of new features added in the game that might make it a little bit more easier for players new to the franchise to jump right into. Keep a sharp eye on this one its gonna be great.

Number 4 – Assassins Creed 3 – Ubisoft

Ubisoft sold me on this game once they told me it was in development for 3 years, I know AC Brotherhood was good but that really wasn’t the true sequel to the fantastic AC2. Ubisoft have completely revamped the game by giving it a different setting and time period with more focus on lower ground parkour and more lethal weaponry including guns…well more guns.  A survival element has been added to the game as well as believe it or not naval warfare! The inclusion of the game as a WiiU launch title is also a big deal considering the WiiU is the only console that will allow the game to run at a full 60 FPS.

Number 3 – The Last Of Us – Naughty Dog

I remember my jaw dropping when this game was announced at the VGA’s, this game was probably the only good thing announced at the VGA’s come to think about it. The new Ip from Naughty Dog which is set in a post apocalyptic America is just as polished as Uncharted was. The game plays just like Uncharted but with more focus on survival and exploration. The banter between Joel and Ellen Pag.. er I mean Ellie is fantastic to listen to and the fact that the game is not one big escort mission is a big plus. Ellie actually helps you out along the way which is a big deal and the fact that you actually go through your bag to find items is something new to gaming altogether, crazy I know.

Number 2 – Tomb Raider – Eidos/ Square Enix

My most anticipated game from last years E3 comes in at number 2 this year mostly because the gameplay reveals are even better than I would have imagined last year. The game still plays a lot like Uncharted but also has a big emphasis on Exploration and survival. Lara takes a lot of punishment in the game and yes she still moans at everything which I personally don’t mind ^^. Despite the “sandbox” nature of the game it still has its cinematic moments. This game is the perfect mix of freedom and scripted thrilling cinematics. It’s a shame it was delayed to quarter 1 2013 but for the moment it still has my pre order.

Number 1 – Watch Dogs – Ubisoft

I have watched and re watched this trailer over ten times now and I can not find anything that I hate about it. This is the game I have been waiting for, this is the game that I believe will define the crux of this console generation i.e if this game is even meant for this console generation. Ubisoft won E3 by announcing this modern day Open World Sci Fi action game, the concept of the game is very compelling and the possibilities are endless. The game looks gorgeous and is almost a perfect recreation of the city of Chicago.

I cant wait for more info on this game, hopefully Ubisoft give us some info later on this year and hopefully we get to play this game by November next year.


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6 Responses to “The Kidds’ Most Anticipated Games At E3 2012”

  1. I have a feeling that the scale and scope of Watch Dogs will be toned down when it reaches completion… Although, I’m still looking forward to it.

  2. ” the WiiU is the only console that will allow the game to run at a full 60 FPS.”

    • from AC3^^

      Also, I’ve seen that Last Of Us image many times before, but without the two characters. How old is that image with them in it?

      • Yep thats what Ubisoft said, the WiiU is the superior console for AC3, that and and high end PC’s ofcourse.

        I believe that picture was released just after GameInformer ran its article on the game.

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