Kidd and Squid Anime Podcast 12 : Anime In The Philippines With Kuro

The Blogs major Hiatus comes to a close with a long overdue podcast with popular anime blogger Kuroshinko from Kansatsau Moonspeak. We get to chat about the anime fandom in the Philipines and also get to chat about our favourite shows from the previous season.

Anime In The Philippines With Kuro

Direct Download 30mb (55 minutes runtime)



1:30 Introductions an what we have been watching

15:30 General fandom in the Philippines, Anime on TV, Conventions etc

23:50 Streaming anime

24:50 Anime Clubs

31:00 Anime Dubs and Manga

34:50 How Kuro Started blogging and the blogging scene in the Philippines

50:00 Conclusion


Special thanks to Kuro for coming on and a special thanks to you guys for suppeorting me throughout the hiatus. There is plenty more to come from now on.


~ by kiddtic on July 24, 2012.

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