Ani-Bloggers Choice Anime Awards Rules For 2012

Who Shall Prevail?

Its that time of the year again folks, the time when almost all the anime bloggers will sit down and ponder on what anime they saw throughout the year was the best. There will be top 10 lists galore and surprisingly not a single one of them will be completely identical. With that in mind it is with great pleasure that I will now announce the rules of this years ACAA , to get the one and true official list of the top 12 anime chosen by none other than your favourite anime pundits exclusively.

If you are unfamiliar with what the whole event is like take  a quick look at how last years Awards fared. Without further ado here are the rules.


  • Various Anime Bloggers must either submit a list of their top 12 anime that aired this year (via Emial thats or better yet post the list on their blog.
  • Out of the 12 anime, bloggers must then pick one show as their anime of the year.
  • Only Anime Bloggers, Journalists, Podcasters and the like are allowed to participate in the voting
  • All participants must notify me of their willingness to participate via twitter, Email or by leaving a comment with a trackback to their blog/show/site in order for me to keep track.
  • Notifications of participation has  a deadline of 30th November
  •  Submissions of votes have a deadline of 30th December
  • Only shows that aired this year are allowed to be picked, even cross over shows. Exception to the rule is long running Shonen or Shojo shows
  • Only movies that were available subbed this year can be nominated.
  • It is recommended that sites or blogs with more than one reviewer or writer come to a consensus on what their sites top 12 is. This will make it easier for me to tally and more fun for the readers too.

How The Tallying Works

Each of the 12 anime selected gets one point.

The one anime selected as Show or Movie of the year gets a bonus extra point.

An Excell spreadsheet detailing all the tallying will be provided for all to download, just like last year.

Why Am I Running this Contest?

Good question. I have always had an interest in what the anime fandom as a whole thinks about the anime they watch, that is one of the reasons I started blogging about anime in the first place. Also anime fans don’t necessarily have a metacritic equivalent which whether you are a fan of or not is  a rather nifty and convenient thing to have, I thought organising a one-off event like this would be the closest we could get to having something like that.

Final Thoughts

Last year was a lot of fun and I am hoping this year will be even better. We got a tonne of great anime to pick from so don’t hold back. Get the hype going on all the social media so that everyone can anticipate the final result. I know I am. #ACAA

While just sending me a list via Email is perfectly fine, posting an article with your list is highly recommended because I pull “Back of the Box” type quotes from what I consider to be the best endorsements of those particular shows.

We had about 50 participants last year lets double that this year!

Contact Details





~ by kiddtic on November 2, 2012.

49 Responses to “Ani-Bloggers Choice Anime Awards Rules For 2012”

  1. Would love to participate.

  2. I’d like to participate again this year. At Metanorn, we do our year-end awards after the end of the year, so we’e not going to be able to come up with a consensus to send in, but will rather have to do individually, so I hope that’s OK.

  3. I’m all in this year! 🙂

  4. Count me in! ^_^

  5. I’m up for this. :>

  6. I’m in!

    I guess Hunter x Hunter counts this year too?

  7. Would love to take part again, internet permitting… hopefully I’ll be able to get my connection and speed issues sorted by the end of the year. 😛

  8. I’m in.

  9. Erp. Gonna have to screw the rules! I have one writer who is interested in coming up with a Top 12. But only one writer, it’ll be just me and her. I know for sure our lists are gonna differ, so an exception must be made xD

  10. […] I have every intention of doing. And as with last year, I plan to do them as part of kidds’ Ani-Bloggers Choice Anime Awards (ACAA for short). If you’re also an anime blogger who likes making lists, I recommend you […]

  11. […] I envision titles included in my list will mostly be those that have been picked up and subsequently simulcast outside of Japan this year. If you are interested in reading the rules for this event or taking part yourself, check out the following post on “Ani-Bloggers Choice Anime Awards Rules For 2012“. […]

  12. […] Achiga-hen is likely to be one of the series in my top 12 for kiddtic’s Ani-Bloggers Choice Awards 2012, so this should be a welcome reminder of the show’s strong points before the voting […]

  13. I’m in this year, too. But I expect most people will learn of this by actually seeing the top lists of other participants, so there will probably be plenty of last-minute (i.e. December) hopefuls. Maybe limiting the declarations of participation to November isn’t the best idea.

    • well its not exactly a limitation but a way for me to keep a look out. I know I’ll get over 20+ last minute entries like last year. Just trying my best to limit that.

      Thanks for joining again

  14. […] every year since the last one the nice Kidd is asking bloggers to participate in his Ani Bloggers Choice Awards. I thought it would be great to share my choices with […]

  15. this sounds interesting! I will try to get some type of list together hahah

  16. […] to compose my Top 12 anime list for 2012! Which, like last year, I’ll be doing as part of kidd’s Ani-Bloggers Choice Anime Awards. Basically, that means this list, along with the lists of any other anime bloggers who’re […]

  17. Hey, are only TV series eligible? Or are OVAs and stuff fine too?

  18. Maybe you should limit anime that ran only through 2012. Series like Space Brothers and Hunter X Hunter I think are illegible since technically, their run ain’t finished by this year. This just my take on ‘2012 anime.’ Your call though.

  19. […] Kiddtic over at Kidd’s Anime Blog had a great idea: Get a whole lot of anime bloggers, journalists, and podcasters to each submit a […]

  20. […] you into picking your favourite, but for lack of a better format, and because I am taking part in Kidd’s Ani-Bloggers Choice Awards I shall have to come up with a list and an order for my favourite anime for the year. But, even […]

  21. […] on my favourite anime of 2012 I’d write two posts.  This is the first one and is part of the Ani-Blogger Choice Awards run by kidd.  Since I also participate in the APR rankings, the top 10 on this list make up my […]

  22. […] a list of twelve favorite shows for this year’s AniBlogger Choice Anime Awards was quite a challenge. Deciding on the top ten was easy enough, but after that, I ran out of shows […]

  23. […] that took place this year similar to what I did at the end of last year, however participating in Kidd’s yearly Ani-Blogger’s Choice Awards seemed like a much more tempting thing to try out first. As much as anibloggers write about anime, […]

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  25. […] looks like kiddtic’s running this year’s ACAA again (if you don’t what that is, that stands for the AniBloggers Choice Anime Awards), so […]

  26. […] This is a list I made for the Ani-Blogger Choice Anime Awards that Kidd has been nice enough to […]

  27. Just in case, my list is already up at Yaranakya.

  28. In case anything goes wrong, my list has been up for a few days now (

  29. […] since this list is a part of Ani-Bloggers Choice Anime Awards 2012 I must order them. Besides, really, it is all for fun and not some bloody matter of life and death […]

  30. […] And now, here are my top 12 anime of the year… These are the shows that will get sweet, sweet points in Kidd’s Ani-Bloggers Choice Awards for 2012. […]

  31. […] has brought to my attention my need to network better with other bloggers.  He participated in a Bloggers’ Choice Best Anime of 2012 collaborative rating project done by another blogger, Kiddtic, and while it’s […]

  32. I know I’m a little late to the party, but here’s my top 12. and

  33. You know, I was looking out for this, and I somehow totally missed it this year. Well, I’ll try for next year!

  34. […] we’ve managed to watch in the year 2012. One way I’m doing that is by participating in The Aniblogger Choice Anime Awards. Kiddtic started it last year, and I ended up taking part then — it only makes sense that I […]

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