The Kidd’s Top 12 Anime of 2012

Just like last year here are my top anime picks of 2012, these are also my nominations for the 2012 version of the Anibloggers Choice Anime Awards.

12 -Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online

I seem to always be on the apologetic side of the blogosphere when it comes to these polarising shows. Last year I added Fractale to my list completely unironically and that brought me some flack, I have a feeling this might too. Sure I haven’t completed SAO yet but that doesn’t erase the fact that all the SAO Ive seen so far has been entertaining. Its not as good as I or we all thought it had the potential to be but its still good.

This is a show that makes the list simply because of its unique MMO in real life premise. The way the characters have to switch their mindsets from fantasy to real life survival in a world that is purely fantasy is fascinating to watch. I’d recommend SAO to any anime fan any day.

11-Natsuyuki Rendezvous


Natsuyuki’s first 5 episodes is the best anime of 2012. Just like Hanasaku Iroha last year the show delves into the meh zone after it loses touch with what its actually good at in the second half (Im never gonna let that HanaIro thing go am I). Im a sucker for Josei and Natsuyuki’s story about a middle aged widow falling in love with a much much younger man was something that was not only new to me but the anime fandom as a whole. The comedy kept the show light enough to watch during some of those dreary somber moments and the fantasy elements added something a little special to the mix too.



What do you get when you mix KyoAni with a lot of money trying to show off? You get Hyouka. Animation, animation, animation. Hyouka’s overarching storyline may not have been the stuff of Legend but the one off episodic mysteries are what kept me coming back for more. Id also be a fool to deny the fact that the character designs kept me watching. The boys were just as cute as the girls if not more. It was a good year for cute boys doing cute things.

9-Kimi to Boku Season 2

Kimi to Boku

Speaking of cute boys doing cute things, I wrote a whole article about why this show is awesome and why we should all watch it so go read it!

8-Daily Lives of High School Boys

Daily Life of High School Boys

The show dubbed “NichiBros” by the twitter anime community pretty much sums up the show really well. It’s got the 4-Koma basic setup of comedy and unlike most failed attempts at the craft, NichiBros executes it superbly. This is the most hilarious show you will ever watch scene for scene. You can quote me on that.



More boys, boys everywhere. This is slowly starting to divulge into the creepy zone but indulge me I am a little bit fujoshi afterall. Tsuritama is another one of Kenji Nakamura’s genius titles that mix great art with unique and quirky narratives. It has Aliens, Secret Agents, Giant Water Dragons, Fishing and cute boys. Tsuritama really shines when its being comical and crazy but that’s not to say that the serious moments are bad they just don’t stand out as much. Tsuritama is probably the best noitaminA-ish show this year meaning it joins great company such as AnoHana and Fractale 🙂

6-Mysterious Girlfriend X

Its got some pretty good music too

Oh look fanservice! Yes a fanservice show is in my top 12 and im not a tad bit ashamed of it. I also wrote a full article as to why I love MGX but here is a quick summary. Tasteful, Classy, Sexual innuendo mixed with a heartwarming love story and some comedy.

5-Space Brothers

Space Brothers

Easily the most heart warming show this year. Space Bros manages to capture that sense of empathy and hope in all of us no matter how varied our degrees of skepticism are on people’s dreams becoming a reality. The Tale of the two brothers journey to get into space turned out to be more entertaining and hilarious than any of us thought it would be. Its also the most accessible show this year, void of moe tropes or self referential jokes I could wager you can show this anime to anyone with taste and they are bound to enjoy it.



Remember how Bakemonogatari had an amazing mysterious plot and also had some of the cheekiest fanservicey camera angles but shockingly low production values? Well Nisemonogatari only has one of those things but somehow turned out to be better, and no it was not the low production values. Som bloggers called Nisemonogatari nothing but fancily animated smut and it’s hard to argue with them. However, that somehow made the show more appealing because it knew exactly what it wanted to do. The witty banter was still present  and some of the deeper themes in the over arching narrating were still there but they were not the highlight this time and it was glorious.

3-Kids on the Slope


We all knew a Josei show based in the 40’s with jazz themes directed by Shinichiro Watanabe and music composed by Yoko Kanno would be cool, what we didn’t know is that it would end up being one of the best bromance stories anime has ever told. The animation during the musical performances was absolutely stellar, surpassing even some of the most iconic animated performances like those done in the Live Alive episode of Haruhi Suzumiya. The Jazz performances told the story in this show; no words were needed to convey the feelings of the characters once the music started playing. The love triangle formed between the friends was also interesting to see unfold. This show did a lot of things right and it made me a believer in Watanabe as a Director.


Taichi x Chihaya forever :3

Eish what more can I say about this excellent anime that I haven’t already? I spoke about it to length on the Otaku in Review Podcast and also on a few articles I wrote about Josei. At its core Chihayafuru is about Chihaya’s goal for personal achievement all wrapped in a sports anime with romance and comedy themes about an obscure card game. The character growth and interaction in this show is second to none, I found myself personally invested in each and every single characters story and it managed to bring a few tears to my eyes on more than one occasion.



This show just feels Grande, The characters are all pompous and self important and they sell it because they genuinely believe they are the most important people on the planet. The themes of the show are dark and the stakes are high. The animation is on par with some of the big budget movies being made today and the lines of dialogue are as pompous and conceited as the characters themselves. This show knows its the best and it doesn’t need to prove it either.

The final 2 episodes are probably the best directed episodes in all of anime, well just behind the last two episodes of Neon Genesis Evangelion at least. You know a show is great when the only character you can describe as being “the good guy” is pompous a-hole who wants to enslave the entire world.

Fate/Zero is a must see for any anime fan, a true masterpiece.


~ by kiddtic on January 1, 2013.

17 Responses to “The Kidd’s Top 12 Anime of 2012”

  1. Great to see some of my favorite series of the year (Sakamichi no Apollon, Natsuyuki Rendezvous and Fate/Zero) get more points! As much as I’ve enjoyed reading through all the lists that have been completely different from mine, it’s good to know I’m not the only person who likes these series. 😛

    • Im also really glad to know that Im not the only one who enjoyed shows like Kimi to Boku or Tsuritama.

      Reading through all these lists has been wonderful as always.

  2. I really gotta disagree with Sword Art Online even being on the list (no offence, I know it’s your opinion and all). Since you’ve only seen some of the first part, I’ll let you off. Just wait til you get to ALO…Oh boy, full of facepalms and a whiny girl who won’t stop bitching about being in love with someone she can’t get. Is that still a part of a great MMO? I highly doubt it. Also why are there no backstories to these characters? We hardly know anything about Asuna by the end of the series and also the other main/side characters. Aren’t those aspects important in any anime series, so that we can feel what they feel? Also the ending…CRAP. Overall, the series was crap. One of the worst animes I’ve seen all year and Little Busters *shudders*…

    I agree with Natsuyuki Rendezvous, Hyouka (which I recently watched and really enjoyed), Fate/Zero, and Kids on the Slope. Not sure about the others because I haven’t seen them.

    But yeah, I just feel really annoyed when people praise SAO. It’s like they don’t see any of the MAJOR flaws and are fine with an annoying character bitching about her feelings…Which quite frankly no one cares (except the people who actually feel for the character -_-) about because it detracts from Kirito.

    • I know SAO has its flaws but to call it the worst? A bit much dont you think. Can you really admit that you didnt enjoy some of the show. Its highs outweigh its lows IMO.

  3. My reasons are completely justified. I still stand by my words that it is one of the worst animes I’ve seen this year.

    There aren’t many highs…Music and art.

    Now the lows: Character development is barely existent, no back stories, there are only like 5 boss fights in the first part of SAO (Even less when they arrive in ALO), I won’t touch on Sugu cos I’ll end up going on a rant, why does every chick that Kirito helps want to screw the guy? The ending was crap. Kirito can’t keep any promises…Well one but that was essential to the plot 😛

    Heavy incest themes…If I wanted to watch an anime with incest, I’ll do so, but really. In a show about MMORPGS and more, I really don’t want to see Sugu craving Kirito’s dick for half of the series. I mean he is meant to save someone and here we are with Sugu not caring about anyone else but herself, and only thinking about her own selfish desires. I asked someone in a hypothetical situation, would you be focusing on saving someone you love or frolick around in this world. His response was obviously not saving that someone but instead frolicking around -_-

    Oh and the second to last episode, was pretty much just a molestation of a certain character…What am I meant to enjoy that or something?

    So we got rape and incest…Mhmm, just what I want in an anime -_-

  4. I wish I had hopped onto the Fate/Zero train earlier. I’ll be sure to watch that sometime soon! I’m glad there’s a few more shows I haven’t seen on this list as well.

    NatRen, Nisemono and Slope were all cool shows in theory but didn’t get as good as I would have hoped. Especially NatRen, that show kinda dragged on after a while and the female lead never became interesting enough for the two guys to be fighting over in the first place. Still good, just not terrific.

    And as far as SAO, I just put down the first 14 episodes as being the best in the series on my own Top 12. There’s a lot to like about the series and there’s a lot to dislike, and while I agree with Anime Viewer J that the good certainly doesn’t outweigh the bad, SAO was pretty fun early on. But yeah, that whole “die in the game, die in real life” dynamic lost all meaning once Kirito activated god-mode and magically killed Akihiko after dying.

  5. 12–Enjoyed it but felt the character development could have been deeper and less cliche. 11–Loved it so much. 10–Didn’t see it. Worth a try? 9-Adore this one too! So many great characters and character interaction. 8–Missing or mis-numbered? 😉 7– –Wasn’t sure if I’d like this at first, but it kept me watching and I really love the friendships. 6–Too bizarre and too fan-service for me. Guess I’m more prudish than I thought. 5–Another great show, and it’s unique setting makes it that much more fun. 4–Didn’t see this one either, but I’m not opposed to good smut. (There is such a thing, right?) 3–Short version, this one will be on my shelf as soon as it makes it to the States. 2–As a poet and Lit major, I felt this has the best of everything in an anime. Can’t wait to put it beside KOTS. 1–I watched one of the FATE shows, but not this one. I’ll definitely watch it in the future. I’d appreciate (if you haven’t done it already) a post or comment on the suggested order to watch the FATE series. Thanks for the year wrap up. It was a really good year. 😀

    • Hyouka is something you must try to see if you like. It starts out really slow but then growa on you. I’d wager that you will find yourself hooked on the characters and the mysteries by the 3rd episode.

      Nisemonogatari is definitely good smut. This is the sequel though so id recommend starting with Bakemonogatari which has less fanservice and more a story to follow.

      You should start with Fate/Zero because its a prequel to Fate/Stay Night. F/SN is not very good unfortunately so we are all crossing our fingers and hoping for a remake.

      You’re welcome Hime, it really was a good year, lots of variety and more drama and innovation.

  6. lol getting into a bit of bromance there aren’t we Kidd? I love your top tens because of the spoiler free detail and honest opinions that you give.

    I have already picked my favorites from this list and starting to collect them right away. (all the ones with cute boys)

    I’m starting with Fate Zero though.

  7. I think Hyouka should at least be on the top 3. It was the best slice of life series last year.

  8. I thought we were only supposed to pick shows that ended 2012? Why is Space Brothers in there? O_O

  9. […] given in to peer pressure and I’m following suit.  The second reason is because reading some other anime of the year lists has reminded me just how important my existence in the AniBlogger community is, since I find myself […]

  10. Kiddtic, I see we agreed on only two of the top twelve, Hyouka and Nisemonogatari. I said this to Justin over at Anti-Social Geniuses, but I actually wrote a lengthy article on why Kids on the Slope is one of the worst anime of 2012 here and the ending for Natsuyuki Rendezvous really disappointed me. And as I also told Justin, I think I can respect the rest of your choices as differences in personal taste.

  11. I’m glad to finally see someone else put Fate/Zero at the top of their list, I think a lot of people forgot about it because it was at the very beginning of 2012.

  12. I missed out on this, so I’ll just put my top 12 here:
    12. Yuruyuri S2
    11. Nekomonogatari (Black)
    10. Kokoro Connect
    9. Tari Tari
    8. Madoka Magica Movies
    7. Girls und Panzer
    6. Strike Witches Movie
    5. Psycho Pass (It’s still airing, but I really wanted to mention it)
    4. Hidamari Sketch x Honeycomb
    3. Hyouka
    2. Nisemonogatari
    1. Fate/Zero

    I actually didn’t think it was all that good a year overall, but there were still a few gems. Fate/Zero was amazing, Hyouka was unique and interesting and the Strike Witches Movie along with Girls und Panzer turned out to be surprisingly quite good. Plus Guilty Crown was a brilliant guilty pleasure.

    All the hatred for SAO makes me sick. And I don’t even like the show. Some of the fans aren’t the brightest:

    But the haters are least 10 times as dumb. It’s mostly made up of idiots who try too hard to be edgy or people new to anime who jump on the bandwagon to fit in with the other ‘edgy’ individuals. It’s not hard to point out flaws in the show, but they still manage to fail at doing so 90% of the time

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