The Kidd’s Most Anticipated Games From E3 2014

This year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo had a lot of promise Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo all had properties they could have shown that would have stolen or ‘won’ the show for each of them respectively. There sure were a lot of leaks and pre announcements and that kind of withered the shock factor away for most reveals. With all that in mind there were still some great trailers and demos showcased by all the publishers at the event and here are my top 10 in descending order.

10. Mirrors Edge


Publisher: Electronic Arts/ DICE

Release Date: 2015 TBA

A Mirrors Edge reboot was teased last year at EA’s Press Conference to much surprise and approval from the entire gaming community. I remember playing Mirrors Edge when it was first released and being awed at its unique gameplay and premise. The story and the gun-play sucked and it could have been a great defining game of the last generation if only a few quirks were ironed out and that is what this new Mirrors Edge seeks to do. EA teased an open world Mirrors Edge and I’m all for that and dear God Faith looks good in NextGen graphics.

9. Valiant Hearts: The Great War


Publisher: Ubisoft/ Ubisoft Montpellier

Release Date: 25th June, 2014.

Indie games have become a very big part of the modern gaming landscape, with Journey winning a multitude of Game of the Year Awards and Tell Tales The Walking Dead winning the Spike VGA’s in 2012. It was only a matter of time before one of the big publishers would try to cash in on this ‘indie money’ and who else embraces experimentation and money? Ubisoft ofcourse. Child of Light was clearly a beta test of this and the critical acclaim and praise its gotten from the entire Gaming community was all the green light this project needed.

Valiant Hearts: The Great War is a 2D game using the UbiArt Framework Engine previously used by Rayman Legends and Child of Light and is set during the first world war. It seems to follow the story of a war dog and it looks very sad. Im certainly getting my hands on this game because it’s just the kind of innovation and variety gaming needs.

8. Rise of the Tomb Raider


Publisher: Square Enix/ Eidos

Release Date: 2015 TBA

Tomb Raider (the reboot) was on two of my most anticipated games of E3 lists and it delivered on all aspects. This game is a direct sequel to the reboot and its capitalising on the strongest aspect of its predecessor, Lara’s Character. Lara is undergoing therapy after enduring and surviving that horrific island which makes her way more human than any other character in similar situations. I’m hoping this new iteration is a little more open and has a much steeper punishment for mercilessly killing bunnies…no seriously.

7. Inside


Publisher: Playdead

Release Date: 2015 TBA

Inside is the second game from indie developers Playdead who you all know from the award winning game LIMBO. Inside looks like Limbo but it has colour this time you guys. The perspective is a little more 3 dimensional but still stays 2D a la Deadlight. It also has a dark tone similar to deadlight and the narrative seems to hint at the boy escaping a camp of some sort. I’m personally giving myself a media blackout on this game just so I can be shocked once I play it next year.

6. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt


Publisher: CD Projekt Red

Release Date: February 2015

We saw this game revealed at last year’s E3 and it was probably my game of the show. We got to see gameplay this time around and yep, it looks like an open world Witcher game from CD Projekt. The key differentiator this time around is the freedom and exploration most of the mechanics look exactly the same and ofcourse the game got a boost graphically. With the promise of over 20 unique endings this game may be the most replayable RPG ever or could end up being Mass Effect 3 2.0. I have faith in CD Projekt though.

5. Halo: The Master Chief Collection

The Master Chief Collection

Publisher: Microsoft/ 343 Industries

Release Date: Fall 2014

It’s no secret that I am a huge Halo fan, Huuuge! So the announcement of all Halo games being packed into one collection with a revamped Halo 2. Man, Man, Oh boy. The Master Chief Collection includes all multiplayer maps including Halo 2’s which all the cool kids know are the best Halo Multiplayer maps.

The Halo Collection drops this Fall which to be honest is a huge reason to buy an Xbox One for me and it ships with a Halo 5: Guardians Multiplayer Beta. Hows that for a console pusher?

4. Assassin’s Creed: Unity

asscreed unity

Publisher: Ubisoft

Release Date: Fall 2014

I told myself I wouldn’t buy and play AssCreed 4 because I was done with the series and it was over, I then went on to play over 40 hours of that game. Asscreed Liberations then came out for PC…I then played more of that..and then the teaser for Unity came out and I was done, im totally done! Then the E3 demo happened.

Unity takes place in France during the Revolution and it looks gorgeous, the crowds have nearly doubled, the parkour is faster and the general mechanics of the game look more akin to the original AssCreed. Oh and it has 4 player Co op which is amazing to watch. I’m gonna play this game, not for the story but for the gameplay because that’s what the Asscreed games have become for me.

3. Far Cry 4


Publisher: Ubisoft

Release Date: Fall 2014

I reeeeeeallly loved Far Cry 3, I really did like it a lot, I loved Vaas he is the greatest video game villain. Far Cry 4 looks like more Far Cry but next Gen and better mechanics and probably a bigger world and surprise surprise a villain whose just as charismatic as Vaas voiced by none other than Troy Baker. I want this game, I want it so bad.

2. Splatoon


Publisher: Nintendo/ Kyoto Studio

Release Date: 2015 TBA

Splatoon is an online multiplayer 4 on 4 shooter from Nintendo. It’s a new IP that allows players to switch between squids and human form; in human form the characters can spray ink and shoot opposing players and as squids they can swim through their ink or hide in them. The game is won by having the most ink by the end of the timer. Although, I have a feeling there will be multiple game modes including capture the flag and deathmatch.

This game looks amazing, the art style is super colourful and the squid girls look super cute and badass it just looks like so much fun. I predict this game becoming as huge and probably bigger than most of the online multiplayer shooters available today.

1. The Legend of Zelda WiiU


Publisher: Nintendo

Release Date: 2016 TBA

Next. Gen. Open. World. Zelda. Think about that for a minute. Some fans are already dubbing it Zelda Scrolls and that’s exactly what it looks like. This is the innovation and revitalisation that this series and the WiiU quite frankly needed. The world looks huge and the fidelity is amazing, I love how Eiji Aunoma is keeping the cel shaded 3D look from Skyward Sword and…is link female now?


Well those were my favourite games at the show what were yours and why?

Honorable Mentions

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain – Didn’t make it because it was on my list last year

No Man’s Sky – Didn’t make it because I don’t really buy its freedom yet

Sunset Overdrive – my number 11, made my list last year

Mortal Kombat X – Not really a fighter fan but MK is cool especially the story mode

Captain Toads: Treasure Tracker – I just think this is cute.


~ by kiddtic on June 13, 2014.

4 Responses to “The Kidd’s Most Anticipated Games From E3 2014”

  1. We really had a solid line up of games to look forward to from E3… hopefully some games don’t get delayed again…

  2. It’s been confirmed that is Link and he is still a dude.

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