The Kidd’s Most Anticipated Games From E3 2015

Im going to get this right out of the way, this years E3 is the best I have ever witnessed ever! We got so many great announcements and gameplay trailers, I lost count of how many females I saw up on stage, we got two black female presenters on stage at the same time, I didnt think Id ever see that ever, I lost count of how many female playable protagonists we got. What a year for games we really have matured.

This is also the year we got 9 Press Conferences, its a full week of nothing but games games games. So here were my highlights in order from the show but first some Honorable Mentions;

Honorable Mentions

Honorable Mentions

Deus Ex Mankind Divided: My number 11 to be honest just didnt see enough gameplay to make the list.

Tacoma: Gone Home in space with a hearing impared protagonist maybe?

Halo 5 Guardians: Its more Halo, I love Halo.

Edge of Nowhere: Insomniac making a VR exclusive 3rd person AAA game.

Beyond Eyes: A beautiful Indie game with a watercolour aesthetic about a blind girl using her other senses to feel out the world around her.

Ancestors The Human Odyssey: The new Patrice Desilets game that wasnt at any conference but has great ambition. Look out for this one.

10. DisHonored 2

DisHonored 2

Bethesda. 2016

I feel like DisHonored was the Thief game we all wanted and deserved. It really gave us the freedom of gameplay that can only be rivaled by Deus Ex the original. I liked the first game but didnt love it, the story was kinda all over the place and needed some polish and I wasnt the biggest fan of Corvo the silent protagonist. However, the sequel allows us to play as Princess Emily with a whole new set of unique skill sets and everything. I am really ready for this kind of experience the Thief reboot was so luckluster and left me craving for a rich polished experience. DisHonored 2 will fit that bill quite nicely.

9. Cuphead


Microsoft. 2016

I first saw this game at last years E3 I think (maybe it was gamescom), it just stood out it looks fantastic. Its an indie game from a new studio that is paying homage to the golden age of animation, the 30’s. It looks fluid, beautiful, whimsical and hard as hell. Its basically a platformer shoot em up and I can not wait to play it. I mean look at it!

8. No Mans Sky


Sony. 2016

No Mans Sky has been the source of speculation and heated debates for an entire year now. Thank God Sean Murray finally stepped on stage and played the game in real time showing us its scale and scope and yes guys and girls its a whole friggin galaxy. Plus with the announcement at the PC Gamer show that its gonna launch day and date on PC and PS4 makes me very happy. See you guys in space.

7. Rise of The Tomb Raider


Microsoft. 2015

I feel like Tomb Raider may be my new Assassin’s Creed. Crytsal Dynamics reboot was one of the greatest games I have ever played and the sequel looks like its going to build on that firm foundation. This sequel looks like it has more tomb raiding which was a feature many old school fans were moaning for in the last edition. To be honest im just here for the story and the brutal cinematic experience.

6. Recore


Microsoft Exclusive. 2016

“From the makers of Metroid Prime” SOLD!!!

Okay seriously though this game looks really good. It really helps that the team behind it has some really great caliber and it has the legend Keiji Inafune at the helm. Im all for new IP’s and this one reminds me of Cameo which I really enjoyed back in the day.

5. Final Fantasy VII: Remake


Square Enix. TBA

I only ever played about 5-10 hours of this game so Im very ready to play the remake. I liked what I played and if I am to believe the masses then its kinda almost as good as Final Fantasy VI which is the real best Final Fantasy kids.

4. Shenmue 3


Sony. TBA

This got me the most emotional while watching live. I really didn’t expect it would ever come to fruition how is this even possible? Im definitey going to back this because it represents my dreams and desires and the notion that nothing is impossible if you can keep believing…in Shuhei Yoshida.

3. Fallout 4


Bethesda. 2015

Wow, how long have I waited for this one huh? We all knew it was coming it was just a matter of when. Its initial trailer pretty much broke the internet and its gameplay reveal was so extensive that anyone who was slightly skeptical immediately jumped on board. Todd Howards team defines what the Open World genre can accomplish and the mere amount of features shown at E3 this year were mind blowing. And yet theres still more he says OMG wow. Lets not forget the Fallout Shelter mobile game which looks amazing in its own right. Even on the mobile front that team is leading the way in quality and content. Its been a long time and we are all ready for it!

2. The Last Guardian


Sony Exclusive. 2016

Fumito Ueda is one of the few AAA developers who makes masterpieces come to life. Shadow of the Colossus is really one of the best games ever made so seeing this in motion for real again was brilliant. AAA Games need some art games man and this here, this is it. This is the one. 2016 cant come quick enough.

1. Horizon: Zero Dawn


Sony Exclusive. 2016

Its an RPG but its kinda actiony like Tomb raider, but it also looks like Dragons Dogma and has some Monster Hunter combat elements and a rich back story and a pretty rad looking female protagonist. Man Guerilla Games set out to make the game for me it seems. Its Post Apocalyptic and the humans are preparing for an all out war with the machines. So many questions, so much to know aaargh it looks so good cant wait to play it.

Horizon was really the best thing I saw this year, New IP from an established studio trying something new with some veteran staff members from CD Projekt Red. This can really only end well.


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  1. No Dark Souls 3?

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