The Kidd’s Top Ten Games of 2015

The year 2015 was one of the best years in gaming history, so many great games were released and the variety was so sparse as well. From narrative heavy games to straight up gameplay only ones, AAA games, indie games and everything in between as well.

This list is compiled of games I actually got around to playing in the calendar year which means there are some big games that don’t make the list such as; Tomb Raider, Halo 5, Fallout 4, Rocket League, Bloodborne and Until Dawn.

10. Splatoon


Look at how cool they look!

I only managed to play about 5 hours of this game and that was all online matches. I really love the aesthetic off the game especially the music. The idea of letting the players draw stuff to share was really brilliant too, there has never been a better online hub world. It didn’t matter whether you were a Squid boy or Squid girl, your character looked super rad. Nintendo met my expectations with this one and proved that they can still make original games well.


9. Invisible Inc


Oh man I love my turn based strategy games, I love cyberpunk, I love Klei Entertainment and I love rogue-likes, turns out Invisible inc has all of these elements and gave me all of them plus extremely memorable characters with vastly different abilities that allow you to plan and tackle various situations dynamically. Invisible Inc is hard yes, but its fair, subsequent playthroughs get you to understand the mechanics of the game and I can safely say it has some of the best emergent gameplay in games that have been released in 2015.


8. Titan Souls


Titan Souls reminded me of my time with Super Meat Boy and the masterpiece that was Shadow of the Collosus. You could even say that it was Shadow of the Collosus lite if you want to be reductive about it. The controls were spot on and so was the atmosphere and the music. I really feel like this little gem was forgotten in the glut of fantastic games that were released this year, It however left a lasting impression on me which is truly saying a lot and not only because it was excruciatingly punishing.

7. Ori and the Blind Forest

ori and the blind forest

I love Metroidvania games, every year serves up a good one but 2015 in particular served up one of the best I’ve ever played in years. Ori is one of the most emotional games ive played that did not use voice acting or  conventional text. With clearly the best art direction of the year and the best original soundtrack, Ori and the Blind Forest is clearly the most artsy game I played in 2015. The pin point controls married with the great level design and punishing gameplay gave the game a substantial level of weight that that I had not experienced in a very long while.

6. Mortal Kombat X

morrtal kombat x

For the better part of 2015 MKX was my game of the year, I absolutely loved the story mode and the new characters that were introduced. The cheesy  B-movie like script and acting in the story mode kept me super entertained all the way through. The jump in visual fidelity and sound design helped a lot and so did the new and refined fighting game mechanics. MKX was our chosen party game of 2015 and it was well deserved.

5. Her Story


I was 2 hours into watching the videos and taking down notes before the prompt to ask me if I was satisfied with my findings came up and I clicked NO. I wanted to see all the videos and be completely certain that my  findings were accurate. A few minutes later  I did and the credits rolled. Sam Barlows game is my fav FMV game that ive played so far and I would certainly be up for playing more like it. It was one of the most unique experiences I had in 2015 and hope for more like it in the future.

4. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt


As of writing I have sunk about 40 hours into The Witcher 3, It is certainly one of if not the best open world RPG I have ever played. I got a chance to play Dragon Age Inquisition earlier in the year and it really does pale in comparison in almost all aspects. Its been said before and ill reiterate it, the level of care and detail put into the side quests story and designs is like no other game ever made. I found myself putting more time into the side quests not because I wanted to grind but because the story and characters were just so well written.

The Witcher 3 is leagues better than its predecessor and it only goes to show you how great of  a year 2015 was that it didn’t get my top spot.

3. Undertale


This game came out of nowhere and forced itself into my best rpg of all time list by the 5th minute of playing. Undertale is one of the most charming, funny, sad and fun games that pays a huge homage to old school jrpgs like Earthbound. Both the narrative and the characters were so well written and memorable that they stick with you long past your 3rd playthrough. If you love rpgs and meta commentary that is actually good, play Undertale.

2. Life is Strange


I became a Dontnod Studios fanboy way back when they released Remember Me, a 3rd person action adventure game that dabbled with some interesting time bending mechanics. Fast forward a few years later and the release of cult favourite Life is Strange has finally given the studio the recognition it deserves.

Sure the dialogue is cheesy and terrible but honestly that just adds to the overall charm of the game. Life is Strange is the best “Telltale like game” since The Walking Dead season 1 simply because it refines that structure and adds a few new elements that make the formula fresh again. I love Chloe, I love Max, I love the music and the atmosphere and most of all I love the story in this game.

1. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain


I had waited for over 4 years to play another numbered sequel in the Metal Gear franchise and the wait was well worth it. Hideo Kojima and his team somehow managed to redefine the conventions of what an open world action adventure is supposed to be. Metal Gear is known for its bombastic characters and over the top story and shenanigans, all that is present in this installment but not served in quite the same way as its always been. If you frequent gaming sites often you might be sick of hearing the term “emergent gameplay” unfortunately for you and me its really the best and quite honestly the only way to describe the experience that is MGSV.

I managed to get attached to most of the characters in the game especially Quiet, she had a realy strong character arch that the player for better or worse had to choose to engage with on their own. Thats really the story of MGSV in the end its all about player choice and immersion. The overall narrative was not as compelling as past installments but that was compensated with stellar gameplay and interesting characters.

MGSV is my game of the year because it married the best of gameplay mechanics and unique and new story telling methods in a manner that felt like my own. the action set pieces are all moments that are so unique they are nearly impossible to recreate and the stealth moments are even better. What a way to close the chapter on this great franchise.




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