Connecting Loved Ones Through Space and Time

This Winter anime season has given us two anime classics and frontrunners for anime of the year that will take some serious effort to overthrow. Both A Place Further Than The Universe and Violet Evergarden have been nothing short of stellar. The most fascinating attribute that both of these shows have is the core theme and way in which it is represented.

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Both Violet Evergarden and Yorimoi (A Place Further Than The Universe) have protagonists that are seeking a loved one who may have deceased. This quest to find this person and relay messages to them atleast one last time is what drives their sense of adventure and passion throughout the entirety of the show. Both Protagonists are socially awkward due to their circumstances and fight through all of this to attain their goal.

Its through their personal trepidations that they realise they can not go through this ordeal on their own and slowly learn how to interact and even become vulnerable with new people. These interactions yield varying results from betrayal to discovering long lasting friendships.

Yorimoi has a beautiful episode that does its best to try to define what friendship is. One of the main characters is startled after the main ensemble cast announces nonchalantly that they are best friends. She feels left out and wonders when this happened exactly. Later they try to explain to her that friendship is vague and happens naturally over the course of time. It cant really be defined it is only felt.


Violet the protagonist from Evregarden is trying to prove to herself that she is no longer just a war machine tool with no emotions and has motivations of her own. (Slight Spoilers) One of the episodes has Violet sent to write letters for an ill mother to her 5 year old daughter. These letters are only meant to be seen by the girl as she grows older year by year. The burden of the task placed on Violet finally dawns on her as she realizes how important her role in this situation is and she breaks down. Its at this moment that Violet finds her calling. To connect people over time and distance through their words.


(Major Spoiler ahead) In Yorimoi, Shirase, her friends and us the viewers know that her mother is deceased, but we all lack closure. Its finally given to us when she stumbles upon her mothers old laptop and we get to see all the unsent emails Shirase never got to receive. Her mothers messages of love finally connected her through time and distance.

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My short reviews of both shows would give Yorimoi a 10/10 and Violet Evergarden a 9/10. These are essential anime shows and a modern classic. Madhouse and Kyoto Animation have given us some of the best anime drama shows in years and all in the space of one season. If this is what 2018 is starting out as I can only imagine how spectacular the rest of the year is going to be.

~ by kiddtic on April 13, 2018.

2 Responses to “Connecting Loved Ones Through Space and Time”

  1. Lovely review I also think these will be hard to top

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