My Favourite Anime: In This Corner of The Anisphere

I have a very dated list of my favourite anime of all time that needs updating, but I like to keep it that way so I can look back at what I considered my favourites and what stuck with me then. Its like a time capsule that I can reopen whenever I have internet access, its great.

Over the years my tastes have changed im less angsty, im a little bit older, ive experienced more life I suppose and new anime has been released. The first anime to topple Evangelion off of my personal list of favourite anime was Satoshi Kons’ masterpiece, Millenium Actress which I first saw in 2016. The direction, shot composition, character arc, themes and narrative blew me away, never had I seen any film marry all of these elements to such perfection all for the sole purpose of conveying a singular theme. Millenium Actress remained my number one anime but one I found and to be honest still find hard to recommend partially because “I feel they wont get it” Lame! I know, but I realise the reasons I enjoy that film are very subjective things that not many people pay attention to or particularly enjoy. The Nihilistic theme of the movie is not something that I believe many people will resonate with either (even though the 20 somethings on twitter might suggest otherwise) However, if you can stomach none linear story telling, a personal narrative about the journey of life and the meaning of life and the most astonishing Cinematography ive ever seen then Millenium Actress might just be up your alley.

So what kind of anime could possibly top this? Well as you’ve probably deduced from the title of this article or from me saying it to you on twitter or in person, its the modern masterpiece, In This Corner of the World. Released to English speaking audiences in a year that had, A Silent Voice and your name, In This Corner of the World was slightly relegated to that one serious anime thats really good that your older weeb friend constantly told you to go and see atleast once.


I have been trying to wrap my head around what it is about ITCotW that fascinates me so much. The art style is reminiscent of other shows ive seen and the basic premise is a little bit similar to Grave of the Fireflies. Its basically Everyday family life during World War 2 as seen through the lens of a young Japanese woman. The slice of life nonchalant aura and aesthetic of the movie works really well to establish the atmosphere of the civilian in that time. War is bad we know that, soldiers die we know that but what about the everyday life of the average teenager during these times? Life had to go on somehow and ITCotW shows this side of life extremely effectively.


The most impactful moments in this movie are not “fetishized” for lack of a better term. Even if the movie is based in Hiroshima right when the bombs dropped, its the very real very true to life reactions of this impact that really gets me. The attention to emotional detail, shock, sadness, anger, disbelief and everything in between are all laid bare for the audience to see. The characters in this war film are not heroic soldiers or politicians, its just a young girl who loves to paint for fun and cant anymore because paintings might be assumed to be secret messages sent to the enemy.


I bring up ITCotW right now because its Mothers day. The matriarchal characters in this film are what carry it from beginning to end. They are the shoulders that everyone cries on, They still go about their daily routines despite random carpet bombings, they still care for the children and they make the conscious decision to rebuild even stronger after the disaster. On this Mothers Day, I would just like to encourage anyone who has yet to see this film to try it out. You wont regret it.

Happy Mothers Day.


~ by kiddtic on May 14, 2018.

6 Responses to “My Favourite Anime: In This Corner of The Anisphere”

  1. I love Millennium Actress so much and I’m glad someone else still does as well. In this corner of the world seems much beloved, I should probably give it a watch as well

    • Please do try it out, tell me what you think of it. Yeah Millennium Actress doesnt get as much love as the other Satoshi Kon films. Its the one that spoke the most to me.

  2. Just finished In This Corner of the World. Once again, your recommendation rocked. For those in the US, it is available in Netflix. ❤️

  3. The thing I liked best about In This Corner of the World was how daily life was juxtaposed against realities of a country at war. We exist, we continue to exist, we question our existence. All of this is declared in an understatedly beautiful film.

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