12 Days of Anime: A Neo Genesis of Evangelion

This article is not a review of Neon Genesis Evangelion, it’s a 20+ year old show that is so ubiquitous in popular culture that you would be hard pressed not to have come across it already. And if you haven’t yet seen the show by now it means you made a conscious decision not to for whatever reason. So this is my last ditch attempt to gently persuade a new audience or an audience that has ignored the show upto this point, to give the show a chance one last time. How? By expressing how Neon Genesis Evangelion personally impacted my life and made me the anime fan that I am today.

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It is well documented on this blog and my other micro blogs (please follow me on twitter *shameless plug*) that EVA is my favorite TV anime of all time. A spot it has held since the first time I laid eyes upon it. The show has many merits and a few demerits but that’s not why it left such a lasting impact on me. EVA was the first show that persuaded me to seek out a community that wanted to discuss the minutiae of its plot and scenarios in finer detail. I scrubbed various forums and articles and found a community 10+ years later after its original screening that was still vibrant and still wanted to discuss the show. These interactions are what eventually led me to anitwitter and reading various anime blogs and watching anitubers. The enthusiasm of the community and positive vibes led to so many different content creators who had various tastes in anime. Its because of these recommendations that I tried out, Josei anime and how I even got into moe anime like K-on! Yes I wouldn’t be a moe fan if it wasn’t for Evangelion.

Speaking of moe, I think it would be fair to hypothesize that Asuka and Rei while not the progenitors of the Tsundere and Kuudere archetype are the characters that definitely exploded their popularity and use in the medium as a whole. I do believe that the characters were probably not intended to be created that way but the attachment that the audience had towards them is everlasting. Im one the people that did get attached to these characters and it led to me the conspicuous and fun waifu subculture. The very first figurine I ever bought was a Rei Ayanami one which led to many more, and as you all know, once you drop into that rabbit hole there’s no going back.


Evangelion 2.0 was the first anime I had ever seen on the big screen. I was lucky enough to get invited to a REEL Anime screening of it in Adelaide (Thanks Madman) and this was before it had been released on BluRay. I could sense the excitement from the audience in the lobby before we got into the theatre. There were anime fans of all ages present and this was the first time I actually realized how diverse the shows audience really is. I remember overhearing one son about my age at the time discussing the ending of EVA 1.0 with his mom and it put a smile on my face. Fast forward to after the film ends and as we all know you don’t leave the theatre till after the credits roll on a Rebuild film. Bam! Eyepatch Asuka shows up and the crowd gasps, the guy next to me asks “what do you think this means” and believe it or not that was the beginning of a new friendship (Hi Lance).

I can officially say with full confidence that Episodes 25/26 and End of Evangelion are a major catalyst to my continued interest in philosophy and the appreciation of themes in media. I can’t really put into words the emotions and thoughts I had once I was done watching those episodes. A combination of frustration, satisfaction and confusion that all led to an overall positive feeling. The shows ending may be divisive but the one thing we can all agree on is that it is most definitely going to illicit a very strong emotional reaction, and the last time I left art school I believe that was the definition of ART itself.


My prized possession

The Original Neon Genesis Evangelion is going to be available to be streamed legally for the very first time ever on NETFLIX sometime next year. This is huge news because for many years the DVD’s were out of print, which meant there was no legal way to watch the show. The availability of EVA on Netflix is a chance for a whole new generation of anime fans to be exposed to this seminal series and I personally can not wait to see and participate in the impending discourse it will provide.


This is my second article for the 12 Days of Anime project, you can read and watch even more anibloggers and anitubers content by following the official 12 Days of Anime twitter account.


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