Who is this kiddtic?

Yeah who is this Kiddtic anyway? Well first of all I prefer to be called Kidd  the “tic” comes from critic (worst word play ever I know)

Im a passionate anime fan and like to talk about all things anime related. I was born in Zambia and had lived there for 19 years until I moved to Australia to study.My first “re – encounter” with Anime was back in 2007 when my friend showed me his DVD of Naruto, I immediately fell in love with the animation style and story that I had to have more. I then got myself my first ever Anime DVD and haven’t looked back since. I have been watching anime ever since I was about 5 years old. I didn’t know I was watching Anime at the time but I realised later on (this year actually) that most of the shows I had loved while growing up were actually anime.

I created a top 50 Anime of Time List which is constantly changing as better shows pop up. You can check out the list to get a good idea of what my tastes are.

26-50 Top Anime

25- 1 Top Anime

Im an avid gamer too, been playing games since before the answer to 3 – 5 was “it can’t” (AKA forever.)  I keep up to date with latest hollywood blockbusters and I also love modern  Rock music.

I created this blog to voice my opinions on anime and the fandom.  I believe I am privileged to be/have a very different point of view on the fandom  based on my background and how I joined the fandom. This will enable my blog to be unique in its own right.

I hope to enjoy my stay here.

Contact Info

Email = kidd-05[@]live.com


Facebook Page

More can be found on the “More Kidd” tab.

5 Responses to “Who is this kiddtic?”

  1. Interested in doing a blogroll swap. I’m trying to expand mine and it would be great to include some Australians.

  2. What ages is this website for?

  3. Always passionate and always well written. I love popping by!

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