For Inclusivity and Representations Sake

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The year 2014 has been a pretty crucial year for representation in popular media. There have been a lot of highs and very many lows but the most important thing is that the conversation is being had and results are starting to show or will begin to reveal themselves soon. Its no secret that I am an outspoken feminist, I have shied away from the label in the past for fear of being placed into a category that is not necessarily well understood by the masses quite yet. The extent of my ‘activism’ has also grown exponentially over the past year almost without me knowing and without me really trying but almost being forced to, but I’ll get to that later.

This article is meant to highlight what had become my motto for atleast ¾ of the year and that was “For Inclusivity and Representations Sake.” It all started right after I saw Disney’s Frozen for the first time. The film received some criticism for its final act in which the sisters rely on each others true love to save themselves and the Kingdom at large. This twist ruffled some conservative feathers who believed that it was lesbian propaganda targeted at children. The sentiment was obviously ridiculous but it really highlighted how engrained the cultural idea that a female can not be a hero in her own story is, even in Western society. Couple that with the fact that seeing two females have a functional relationship that does not include a man at all was so inconceivable, really made me realise just how backwards the representation cause was in popular media.

That was just the beginning. However, like an annoying little brat a lot of titles in movies, anime and video games strove to break down these barriers almost as a direct response to the backlash and some of the personal highlights for me were;

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The Queen of Drama, Mari Okada and How She Saved Anime

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During my early teenage years I remember having a conversation with my Mom about her obsession with soap operas, I remember telling her how I never understood why she loved such overly dramatic depictions of usually ridiculous situations that would never happen in real life. (it seems I’ve been a critic since I was 13 lol) Her response to me was “I can assure you one day you will.” Ofcourse I scoffed at that and while I still don’t watch live action soap operas Ive come mighty close to its anime equivalent, with the brilliant works of anime writer Mari Okada.

Mari Okada

Okada is a prolific and well decorated screenwriter starting her career as far back as 2001 some of her early notable titles include Basilisk and Rozen Maiden. She first came to mine and most of the anime fandoms knowledge in 2011 after she won the best writer award at the 16th annual Kobe Awards. This firmly put her in the spotlight and she has rarely disappointed from then on. Continue reading ‘The Queen of Drama, Mari Okada and How She Saved Anime’

The Kidd’s Most Anticipated Games From E3 2014

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This year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo had a lot of promise Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo all had properties they could have shown that would have stolen or ‘won’ the show for each of them respectively. There sure were a lot of leaks and pre announcements and that kind of withered the shock factor away for most reveals. With all that in mind there were still some great trailers and demos showcased by all the publishers at the event and here are my top 10 in descending order. Continue reading ‘The Kidd’s Most Anticipated Games From E3 2014′

Top 12 Anime of 2013

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Here we are again, the end of the year and boy what a mediocre year it was for anime as whole. Fortunately for us there were a few stand outs that were pretty much close to masterpieces and we even had a few shows that could pass for mainstream hits, Lord knows the Western anime fandom really needs one of those so thank Goodness for that. I was also incapable of running the Anime Bloggers Choice Awards this year for personal reasons but trust me it will be back in full force next year, so without further ado here we go, The best 12 anime that aired in 2013 were: Continue reading ‘Top 12 Anime of 2013’

The Kidd’s Manga Chronicles

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With the announcement of Crunchyroll’s new manga programme I thought now would be a good time for me to talk about my experience with manga, how I first came across it and why I haven’t read any in close to 2 years now.

Oh NaNa such a great manga

Back in 2007 when I was just becoming a full fledged anime otaku some of my anime connections frequently discussed manga. At the time I never really knew that most anime was adapted from manga, so when I saw the scanlated copies of Naruto I was pleasantly surprised but kind of underwhelmed. For one thing they weren’t even in colour. I was never really a comic guy to begin with so maybe that played a role as well. Continue reading ‘The Kidd’s Manga Chronicles’

The Kidd’s Top 50 Games of This Generation: Part 2

•October 23, 2013 • 3 Comments

This is my top 24 list of games I believe were the best this generation, if you have not already go read up the previous list to catch up, the game you are looking for just might be on there.

24. Company of Heroes


Platforms: PC

Year: 2006

Studio: Relic Entertainment

Back in my early days of gaming I considered myself a PC Gamer, playing classics like Command and Conquer, Warcraft and Red Alert. I enjoyed my Real Time Strategy games. So how fitting was it that the game that brought me back to PC Gaming after dropping it for all these years was arguably the best RTS of this generation.

CoH had a brilliant single player campaign, fantastic use of dynamic terrain as cover or for setting traps, beautiful visuals and it also had Steve Blum as the announcer how cool is that. CoH does have a pretty steep learning curve but once you get the basics it’s so rewarding. The online Multiplayer matchmaking is some of the best I’ve experienced on any game, so go ahead hop on steam and get this baby if you haven’t already.

Rating: 8.5

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The Kidd’s Top 50 Games of This Generation: Part 1

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With the arrival of the final batch of next gen consoles looming I thought id list my favourite games of the past generation. I have a lot to say so We’ll get right into it.

50. Angry Birds


Platforms: Multiplatform
Year: 2010
Studio: Rovio Studios
Well yeah Angry Birds, we all played it, had fun with it, some got addicted others didn’t. The impact this game has had is not something we can ignore it brought a lot of casual gamers in and continues to do so.

Rating: 7

49. Dance Central 2


Platforms: XBOX 360

Year: 2011

Studio: Harmonix

The Kinect had problems, yes it didn’t work half the time but when it did it was magnificent. I’ll be honest I’m not very good at Dance Central but it’s a lot of fun with friends and one of the only ways to get a bunch of drunk dude to embarrass themselves on camera.

Rating: 7

48. Rock Band 3


Platforms: Multiplatform

Year: 2010

Studio: Harmonix

One of these had to be on here, how could they possibly be ignored? I remember having my mind blown the first time I strapped on my plastic bass guitar and stroked away. It was like magic, my lifelong dream coming true; I was the Bass Guitarist of a Rock Band!

This is still one of the best party games ever made, it’s a shame they over saturated the market with themselves and ended up committing marketing suicide. We will miss you forever Rock Band.

Rating: 7

47. Plants Vs Zombies


Platforms: Multiplatform

Year: 2009

Studio: PopCap Studios

Im not much of a mobile gamer so I ended up playing this time sinker on my PC. I was astonished at how easily I got addicted to this game that had zombies in it, and we all know how I feel about Zombie games.

PvZ is one of those rare causal games that hits that sweet spot between accessibility and depth that any type of gamer can easily enjoy the many hours they spend with it. Its probably my favourite Tower defence game, ill even go out on a limb and say its the reason tower defence became such a big hit this generation.

Rating: 7.5

46. Wii Sports

wii sports

Platforms: Nintendo Wii

Year: 2006

Studio: Nintendo

My very first encounter with motion control, I still recall it clearly after all these years. Holding that WiiMote and swinging at the virtual golf ball on the screen. It was such a mind blowing thing at the time and little did we know then that this little whit machine we were playing it on would win this console generation.

Rating: 7.5

45. Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition


Platforms: Multiplatform

Year: 2011

Studio: Capcom

This is the game responsible for the renaissance of 2D fighters. We had waited years for the return of a proper Street Fighter and Yoshinoro Ono finally delivered.

Its Street Fighter, with all the perks and quirks.

Rating: 7.5

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