12 Days Of Anime Day 10: My Struggle With Anime Burnout

•December 17, 2017 • 6 Comments

Hey readers, So I realise this is my first post in a long while and for the longest time I’ve had many excuses for that ranging from time constraints due to work and school, insane internet costs (they are still insane) and the good old writers block. None of which are completely true, the real reason I couldn’t find the energy to talk about the anime I loved here was because I finally hit total anime burnout sometime last year.

So Anime Burnout what exactly is it? I feel like Gigguk recent video life-cycle of an anime fan video explains it pretty well. This the point at which almost all anime doesn’t seem appealing anymore. One of the main causes of anime burnout is the constant search for the next great anime and the disappointment it provides  just gets exhausting and you just give up entirely. 2016 was truly not a great year for anime (for me specifically) its a year in which I couldn’t even come up with my yearly top 12 listicle, my favourite anime thing that year was Shelter! Continue reading ’12 Days Of Anime Day 10: My Struggle With Anime Burnout’


Games To Look Out For From E3 2017

•June 15, 2017 • 2 Comments

I haven’t written one of these in a long while but the time felt right mostly because of the occasion and because I feel the break did me some good. The occasion ofcourse being E3 which has consistently been getting better and bigger over the years, much like my passion for the gaming and nerd culture industry as a whole. This years E3 promised brand new hardware and a variety of games like never before. For the first time console gamers have options similar to PC gamers regarding their specifications and control options, the Switch would be having its first E3 presentation but for some reason the expectations and hype seemed a tad more tempered than usual. None the less I feel like E3 delivered and left us with a bunch of games and hardware to look out for and here are my personal picks and some that I figure you should look out for as well in the near future. Lets start with the ones we expected; Continue reading ‘Games To Look Out For From E3 2017’

The Kidds Top 12 Anime of 2015

•January 27, 2016 • 11 Comments

2015 was actually a very good year for varied kinds of anime, we got all sorts of genres consistently throughout the year. We even got a major smash hit the likes of Attack on Titan in One Punch Man. The following list is comprised of anime I saw to completion and actually enjoyed a whole tonne, if a show is not on the list then I probably dropped it or didn’t watch it. Continue reading ‘The Kidds Top 12 Anime of 2015’

The Kidd’s Top Ten Games of 2015

•January 21, 2016 • Leave a Comment

The year 2015 was one of the best years in gaming history, so many great games were released and the variety was so sparse as well. From narrative heavy games to straight up gameplay only ones, AAA games, indie games and everything in between as well.

This list is compiled of games I actually got around to playing in the calendar year which means there are some big games that don’t make the list such as; Tomb Raider, Halo 5, Fallout 4, Rocket League, Bloodborne and Until Dawn. Continue reading ‘The Kidd’s Top Ten Games of 2015′

Gakkou Gurashi and Escapism Through Moe

•July 17, 2015 • 6 Comments

If this current season of anime and my personal life have taught me anything its that life can get really busy and one needs sufficient rest to recuperate from the hustle and bustle of normal days life. I have personally gotten more work in my personal life recently which has given me less time in front of my computer to do silly fun stuff like play Civilisation V all day (and night) and the luxury to watch trashy moe shows. However, I have also noticed thanks to the second season of Non Non Biyori which aptly has the subtitle ‘Repeat’ that the gap between good moe anime and average moe anime is extremely large, let me explain.



Moe anime has certainly gotten its fair share of a bad reputation over the years and looking back at the copious amounts of shovel-ware, built for market, designed by committee with no artistic value whatsoever material out there its easy to see why. On the other hand, every once in a while we get gems like K-on! And Squid Girl which allow us to remember what makes the sub genre so good in the first place.

Okabe Escapism
Continue reading ‘Gakkou Gurashi and Escapism Through Moe’

The Kidd’s Most Anticipated Games From E3 2015

•June 19, 2015 • 4 Comments

Im going to get this right out of the way, this years E3 is the best I have ever witnessed ever! We got so many great announcements and gameplay trailers, I lost count of how many females I saw up on stage, we got two black female presenters on stage at the same time, I didnt think Id ever see that ever, I lost count of how many female playable protagonists we got. What a year for games we really have matured.

This is also the year we got 9 Press Conferences, its a full week of nothing but games games games. So here were my highlights in order from the show but first some Honorable Mentions;

Honorable Mentions

Honorable Mentions

Deus Ex Mankind Divided: My number 11 to be honest just didnt see enough gameplay to make the list.

Tacoma: Gone Home in space with a hearing impared protagonist maybe?

Halo 5 Guardians: Its more Halo, I love Halo.

Edge of Nowhere: Insomniac making a VR exclusive 3rd person AAA game.

Beyond Eyes: A beautiful Indie game with a watercolour aesthetic about a blind girl using her other senses to feel out the world around her.

Ancestors The Human Odyssey: The new Patrice Desilets game that wasnt at any conference but has great ambition. Look out for this one.

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Faith, Friendship, Death, Life, God and Haibane Renmei

•June 9, 2015 • 4 Comments

I had been meaning to rewatch Haibane Renmei for a very long time now, it took me a good 5 years to finally get the stomach and be in the right place mentally to watch it. Very frequently and commonly lauded as one of the best anime out there Haibane Renmei is one of the few great anime I find hard to recommend because it does require a certain amount of….thought to fully appreciate.

Haibane Renmei is on the surface an ‘iyashikei‘ anime, an anime that is meant to soothe and relax, most moe anime fall into this category and this show especially the first half definitely does. Taken as a whole though it turns out to be a psychological drama that really doesn’t pull its punches and thankfully tries its best to not be as obtuse about its true meaning. It was written by Yoshitoshi Abe, creator of Serial Experiments Lain and Texhnolyze, it shares those shows aesthetic and use of symbolism.

Haibane Renmei

Haibane Renmei is basically a story set in a fictional world where the citizens of a town called Glie are walled in and cannot leave, apart from a mysterious group of people called the Toga. The town of Glie also has a few special beings called Haibane, these Haibane are all teenagers or children that have wings and halos, very similar features to Christian Angels. The Haibane live separately from the humans and are treated differently, they are kind of protected by the townspeople and are looked upon as a sign of good fortune by some. Continue reading ‘Faith, Friendship, Death, Life, God and Haibane Renmei’