Review Guide

Madman Anime Reviews

Dance In The Vampire Bund

Eden Of The East

Spice & Wolf Season 2

Eden of The East: The King of Eden

Eden of The East:Paradise Lost

High School of The Dead

The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya

Trigun: Badlands Rumble

– Arrietty: The Borrowers

– K-on! 

Professor Layton and The Eternal Diva

Baka and Test: Summon The Beasts

Mardock Scramble: The First Compression

Darker Than Black: Gemini Of The Meteor

The World God Only Knows

Coicent/ Five Numbers!

Honey and Clover Complete Collection

Reviewing Criteria

My Reviews are graded out of 10. Mostly because that is how I have been rating Anime ever since I began watching.

a score under 2 is a territory we best not partake in.

a 3 is is just terrible, it would atleast have some good art or music.

A  4 would be a “so bad its good” kind of anime, its horrible and we all know that but its tolerable to some extent.

A  5 is generally just below average not necessarily good or bad anime , I would not recommend it to anyone except hardcore fans.

A 6 is an average score and is an anime I would recommend to a fan of that particular niche or genre. for example I would only recommend Canaan to action fans.

A 7 is a good anime. Any show with a 7 rating is recommended.

An 8 is a very good anime and is a show I would recommend fans to buy.

A 9 is an excellent anime and is one I can recommend to everyone, even people new or alien to the medium

a 10/10 score is a masterpiece.

My Preference

While animation and music are very important to have in order to complete a great series or movie, the story is what I mainly focus on. In an anime that does not have a central plot at its core, the character interactions is what I use to judge it by.

Because I will be reviewing DVD and Blu ray copies of anime, The English Dub will also play a very large role on getting a high score.

Extras and Packaging are also put into consideration in my ratings.

Final Verdict

Buy It! : Speaks for itself really.

Borrow It! : If the anime is either too expensive or is just luckluster in certain areas but still very good, this is the final verdict it will recieve.

Try It! : If the anime is good but only recommendable to a particular niche, this is the final verdict it will recieve. ( This refers to seeing at least an episode or two before commiting fully to a purchase)

Look Away! : Speaks for itself really.

2 Responses to “Review Guide”

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  2. […] is first and foremost exceptional in its quality i.e if I were to rate it on my review scale (check my scale to understand how I rate) it would most likely be a 9 or 10. A ‘classic’ is a show that has a cascading effect on the […]

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