Top 20 Anime of the Decade

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Editors Note: This list is based completely off of my personal preferences including the ranking. If a show doesn’t appear on this list I probably never saw it or didn’t like it. This list does not include feature length films or short films, that would need a separate list.

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E3 2019 Highlights

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dishwasher1910 fanart

Fan Art By Dishwasher1910

Its my favourite time of the year and it is my yearly tradition to always take note of the announcements that got me the most excited and will most likely have a great impact on the future of the games industry. So here is my list of the highlights of this years E3! Continue reading ‘E3 2019 Highlights’

12 Days of Anime: The Zambian Anime Community

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Anime is a globally revered medium, its huge in Europe with countries like France even co-producing some anime, it’s obviously massive in North America and Australia as they have vibrant industries and communities and ofcourse its big in Asia. We very rarely, if at all read about the anime industry or culture in Africa. I will attempt to rectify this by highlighting what the anime fandom is like in Zambia in 2018.

I had the pleasure of interviewing about a dozen Zambian anime fans in order to have a clear picture of where the fandom currently is and where its possibly headed. In order to understand what anime culture is now it’s important to find out how it all started.


A Budding Fandom

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12 Days of Anime: A Neo Genesis of Evangelion

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This article is not a review of Neon Genesis Evangelion, it’s a 20+ year old show that is so ubiquitous in popular culture that you would be hard pressed not to have come across it already. And if you haven’t yet seen the show by now it means you made a conscious decision not to for whatever reason. So this is my last ditch attempt to gently persuade a new audience or an audience that has ignored the show upto this point, to give the show a chance one last time. How? By expressing how Neon Genesis Evangelion personally impacted my life and made me the anime fan that I am today.

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12 Days of Anime: Contemporary Dating Culture and Why Love is Hard For Otaku

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I often lament at the various rituals that my more affluent and socially adept mutual and colleagues have to go through in order to find a date and keep a long lasting relationship in 2018 (modern times). Tinder, texting rules and even how to approach the opposite sex all have acute unwritten rules that we apparently are all supposed to be aware of. Some of these rituals in my opinion are kind of outdated considering how progressive most of daily culture is becoming these days but I often tell my current GF that if by some chance I happened to be single again I wouldn’t be able to navigate this cultural maze that has been created.

So, what has this got to do with anime you say? Well I happen to enjoy the romance genre in films and anime but I’ve never really found many with characters or scenarios I can relate to. WotAkoi just so happens to be one of the few anime, nay media that has relatable characters dealing with scenarios that more often than not got me to say “mood!” more than a few times. It also tackles how Otaku get to navigate love life and relationships in these contemporary times. Continue reading ’12 Days of Anime: Contemporary Dating Culture and Why Love is Hard For Otaku’

What To Take Note of From E3 2018

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If you have been on social media this weekend you must have come across the term E3, The annual Electronic Entertainment Expo is currently underway and all the main Press Conferences took place over the weekend. E3 is gamings biggest weekend filled with brand new game announcements and industry defining moments, Here are the main highlights or talking points to take from this years conference. Continue reading ‘What To Take Note of From E3 2018’

My Favourite Anime: In This Corner of The Anisphere

•May 14, 2018 • 6 Comments

I have a very dated list of my favourite anime of all time that needs updating, but I like to keep it that way so I can look back at what I considered my favourites and what stuck with me then. Its like a time capsule that I can reopen whenever I have internet access, its great.

Over the years my tastes have changed im less angsty, im a little bit older, ive experienced more life I suppose and new anime has been released. The first anime to topple Evangelion off of my personal list of favourite anime was Satoshi Kons’ masterpiece, Millenium Actress which I first saw in 2016. The direction, shot composition, character arc, themes and narrative blew me away, never had I seen any film marry all of these elements to such perfection all for the sole purpose of conveying a singular theme. Millenium Actress remained my number one anime but one I found and to be honest still find hard to recommend partially because “I feel they wont get it” Lame! I know, but I realise the reasons I enjoy that film are very subjective things that not many people pay attention to or particularly enjoy. The Nihilistic theme of the movie is not something that I believe many people will resonate with either (even though the 20 somethings on twitter might suggest otherwise) However, if you can stomach none linear story telling, a personal narrative about the journey of life and the meaning of life and the most astonishing Cinematography ive ever seen then Millenium Actress might just be up your alley.

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