Power Levels Revealed!! Top 10 Otaku in Anime

Its Been a while since I had a post on here so I decided to cop out and pull up a top 10 list everyone loves those right?

The thought actually occurred to me while I was in the shower (where all world changing ideas are born) I noticed that most of my favourite characters in anime were Otaku just like me, so I looked up my list and favourite characters and lo and behold I got the convenient number of 10 different Otaku. Without further ado and in no Particular order here they are.

EdwardCowboy Bebop











She…umm He..wait umm. This person makes this list simply because of how epic she/he is (we will go with she for now) Introduced fairly late in the series Ed stuck with me as my favourite character from the show. she was funny, Intelligent, Quirky, always hungry and Funny. Her hacking skills made her an essential member of the Bebop I remember panicking in a few episodes because Ed just wouldn’t take certain situations seriously, she would always pull through in the end though. her character design was unique and I found her rather cute which is why I firmly stick by the opinion of her being female. Honestly speaking if  Ed was not added to the Cowboy bebop cast Im certain I wouldn’t have enjoyed it as much.

Her character is not only put in the series for comedy, the last few episodes of her arc were very touching and are some of the highlights from Cowboy Bebop.

Erika & Walker – Durarara!!









ahh Durarara!! Why are your characters  so Awesome? From the very first scene we see these two we know they are Otaku, their power levels are waaay to high to suppress. From the memorable scenes of them Packing a Life size Holo cut-out poster into their van to their Role playing with anime figures. All their scenes together are atleast packed with an anime reference or two. I especially loved the bonus episode 12.5 which was seen from the point of view of Walker. His narration rivaled Kyons’ from Haruhi Suzumiya, his monologues about reality and fiction are very funny and fun to listen to. I have to admit to having atleast said some of those things before.

Just like all characters in Durarara!! these two are bad ass, asking you to pick what form of torture you would like to be inflicted on you from a moe magazine is simply diabolical. In other words, don’t piss them off.

Ika MusumeSquid girl











She came from the bottom of the sea to conquer the land and ends up becoming a waitress on restaurant by the sea side. BUT, don’t let that fool you that’s just the beginning of her great conquest. Ika Musume is a very unique character her speech- quirks and blue tentacled hair certainly make her stand out. Her power levels are slowly revealed to us as the series progresses. My favourite one being the episode where she wakes up in the middle of the night to have a good Video Gaming Session, Super Nintendo gaming no less! She also occasionally references movies and some games as the series progresses. It may not be blatant but the signs are there.

Squid Girl is an awesome comedy show and if I have ever had a Licence wish before this has got to be way up there with the best.

Yuki NagatoThe Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya














The silent member of the SOS Brigade joins the list and arguably has the highest power level among these. She’s primarily a bookworm and is the sole member of the Literature Club. She ditched her glasses after Kyon suggested that she looked cuter without them, I do not disagree. Her favourite kind of books are science fiction and when she gets into gaming she really really gets into it.  My favourite episode is the Computer Club Duel episode because it showcased just how advanced this Humanoid Computer Interface really is. Right at the end she acknowledges that she enjoyed the entire experience, which is the first hint in the series that she actually has feeling. Nothing like gaming to loosen up an alien android.

In the Movie/sequel The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya her character growth is extremely immense and is quite shocking. Its an awesome movie and the fact that it currently sits at Number one on the ANN ratings is proof that I’m not the only that thinks this.

Konata IzumiLucky Star















Wow where to even start? She’s a high school Anime Otaku, loves manga, loves games, loves Visual Novels, collects some figures and is also a cosplayer. Yup the total package. Everytime i watch the show I find something new every.single.time. No kidding!! Konata is very very funny and is fun to watch and takes some of the common otaku traits to some extremes (or are they?) If I ever had a mascot Konata would probably be it.

Keima KatsuragiThe World god Only Knows












Nicknamed “The god of Conquest” because of his impeccable skills at dating sims or galge this maestro of a gamer even has his own website that acts as an online strategy guide for any decent Galge ever made. Yes people he IS the best if there ever was one. Spotting him without his “PFP” is stuff of legend something only very few eyewitnesses can attest to. He is not only confined to this hardware however he is known to have every console ever created to play atleast one dating sim, he has played them all ladies and gentlemen.

I really really love his monologues on reality and 2D vs 3D, the sad thing is I have said some of those things before and seeing someone else say them gives me mixed feeling. On one hand joy and satisfaction because im not the only soul who believes this on the other great shame because of how stupid and silly it is to say things like that. Here are a few quotes I can remember off the top of my head.

“Real girls has no flags to hit”  “The game design for Real life is seriously flawed”    “Life is just a crappy game” … and those are not even close to his best.

Ruri “Kuroneko” GokouOreimo 












We are introduced to her character in a cafe in Akihabara. Always clad in Gothic lolita cosplay in public, she will not be seen in any other way. Her favourite anime series is called “Maschera” which is clearly a parody of Code Geass. Her “argument” with Kirino (the main character of the series) on what type of anime is the best totally hooked me on the show. See Kirino loves magical girl/ moe anime and Kuroneko loves Fantasy/Mystery anime, these silly little arguments happen online ALL THE TIME so seeing it in an anime was really good fun. The fact that they become close friends because of this encounter was both funny and quite accurate.

She writes her own fantasy doujin light novels and role plays occasionally, she is also very good at video games this proven with one scene of her winning a tournament in one of the episodes. Oh yeah she can also create her own video games, beat that!

Hashida “Daru” ItaruSteins; Gate











I tried not to include any characters from unfinished series but Daru stands out so much. He is a Computer Programmer that works for a self proclaimed Mad Scientist. Daru loves all things Akihabara especially maid cafes, He often references Geeky movies or shows to real life situations and loves too see him a good cosplayer bonus points if they are moe. His snarky remarks, perveted jokes and timely comebacks are what make him awesome though.

with the show still ongoing Im sure there is way more to come so check this space.

Tatsuhiro SatoWelcome to the NHK












The idea of watching a Hikikomori (shut in) go about his daily life may sound boring at first but add a little otaku culture in there and you get one of the best shows ever created. Sato starts out your normal average Hikikomori (whatever that is) and slowly starts to attain habits, some more dangerous than others but ill save that for another post. The one “habit” that Sato went through that I enjoyed and related to (the most LoL) was his online gaming. Sato spent hours upon hours on what was clearly Final Fantasy XI. The amazing thing about this little arc is that within a couple of weeks or so he went from utter complete “newb” to the ranks of Guild leader for lack of a better comparison. He was clearly addicted and the story centres around his efforts to try and cure himself from this dreadful dreadful diesease.

Sato is also the best candidate of what I call the Nerd recommendation syndrome (name subject to change and/or suggestions)  This is the phenomenon that occurs when you recommend something new to fellow nerd and find out they have become an even bigger fan of the said thing than you. My favourite of these in the series is when Sato is introduced to the world of Dating sims and Akihabara. He spends a couple of nights playing borrowed games from his friend and within ended up buying model figures of his favourite characters. Im sure every one of you has a similar story….No?

Tsukimi KurashitaKuragehime (Princess Jellyfish)












This one is a little different, as the title suggests Tsukimi is a Jellyfish Otaku. That means she likes all things Jellyfish, yes she draws them in her spare time, she has books on them, she can name their scientific alias’ and can identify them by the color pallete alone. All this has nothing to do with anime or manga but its her passion that warrants her a place on this list. Because that is the one thing all these characters listed above have, Passion and Tsukimi is the best example of this.

Well there you have it? Wow looking at this list I only now realised there’s more females than males which is a far cry from reality. What are some of your favourite Otaku in anime and why lemme know.


~ by kiddtic on June 2, 2011.

2 Responses to “Power Levels Revealed!! Top 10 Otaku in Anime”

  1. The guy from Eden of the East is cool too, forgot the name but he’s also fat – Basically a hikikomori.
    Anyway I only knew four characters on your list

  2. To add to Nagato Yuki, during The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi-chan she frequently plays eroge and even sings along to anime openings.

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