My Top 50 Anime of All Time. 25 – 1

This is where the fanboy in me really starts to show, brace yourselves for some incomprehensible fanboying. If you haven’t already check out my list from 50 – 26.

25. Squid Girl (Franchise)

Diomedea – 2010

This is probably the most accessible Comedy series in anime. All the characters have their quirks and little comic cues, Squid Girl is adorable and hilarious and the entire show is devoid of any fanservice. This is one of the only shows that successfully gave me laugh out loud moments in each and every episode.

24. Hoshi ou Kodomo

Comix Wave – 2010

Being the romance junky that I am, Makoto Shinkai had always been the Director for me so his depature from the genre was kind of sad but in his defence he justified it by creating a brilliant adventure/fantasy film. In typical Shinkai fashion the background art was very detailed and so was the animation. The relationships between the lead characters was not as deeply fleshed out as the previous Shinkai films but they were still deep enough to get me emotionally invested.

23. Steins;Gate

White Fox – 2011

A perfect mix of comedy, moe, mystery, sci fi and even some action are why I call Steins;Gate the perfect template of anime for the future. This show managed to appeal to me on so many levels. I love how the show uses time travel elements to explain its story without ever being convoluted. I am  currently watching the show for the second time and it is surprising how tightly knit the story is, there is also a tonne of foreshadowing which is great to pick out on the second and even third viewing.

22. Eureka 7 (Franchise)

Bones – 2005

I’m not a big fan of Mecha anime so the real hook for me on this show was the romance sub plot and its interesting characters. I really  related with Rentons situations and what he was going through,the show is very slow and can be boring but it really shows its strong points when it concentrates on the personal relationships between all the characters. I liked the Sky Surfing Mecha too, they looked pretty sweet.

21. Bleach

Studio Pierrot – 2004

Not many anime can keep me on the edge of my seat for 70+ episodes straight, the true appeal of Bleach was its unique atmosphere and setting. I also really loved Bleach because of the questions it raised on life after death, fate and forgiveness. Bleach has some truly memorable characters, being shounen the cast is huge but each character is so unique and endearing that they stick in your mind even though they only appeared for a couple episodes. Bleach can be an amazing action anime one minute and a deep philosophical anime the next i.e if you are not watching the filler arcs.

20. Lucky Star

Kyoto Animation – 2007

When I saw Lucky Star early in my fandom I found it hilarious, when I re-watched it a couple of years later I found it even more hilarious and when I watch it now I still find new things that I missed that are utterly hilarious. The self referential nature of the show is what gives it its re-watch. That said even the original jokes are fantastic the segment at the end called Lucky Channel was a unique and hilarious way to end every episode. Props to Bang Zoom on the dub of the show which I also enjoyed more than the sub.

19. Welcome to the NHK

Gonzo – 2006

This show really hit close to home with me, its exploration of the different types of “nerd culture” addictions and their extreme ramifications was surprisingly fun to watch. Satos’ growth as a character and how he overcomes all of his trials is really uplifting to see. I liked how every character in the show had some serious emotional problems that they masked when they were in public.

18. Soul Eater

Bones – 2008

This show is cool! The character designs, the setting, the fight sequences, the dialogue, the music, everything in this show has such a unique aesthetic. In the words of de_geso893 “its like Tim Burton puked all over it.” The fight sequences are so much fun to watch and are beautifully animated. I loved how the story was simple mostly because that made it a good entry level anime for any potential new viewers.

17. K-on! (Franchise)

Kyoto Animation – 2009

K-on! has a certain charm to it that other moe shows just dont, all its characters are super memorable and their interactions always manage to put a silly smile on my face. This is the show I always come back to when I am having a horrible day or just want to have a good laugh. I have not seen any other show as many times as I have seen K-on! it just never gets old. The character designs are cute and the music is in the show is super catchy. This IS the best moe show by far.

16. Horou Musuko (Wandering Son)

AIC – 2011

There aren’t that many pieces of media that have had the ability to completely change the way I look at life and approach it. Horou Musuko managed to do this while still remaining entertaining to watch. The art style is very unique with a somewhat water color feel to it and the subject matter was like nothing I had ever seen before. I talked about how this show changed my life in one of my very first articles so you can check that out. There is one thing I always quote whenever this show is brought up and its from my twitter friend @kyonkun ” If Horou Musuko (Wandering Son) opens a honest conversation about the subject (homosexuality/transgender), then it’s a win for the world.”

15. Death Note

Madhouse – 2007

Death Note kept me on the edge of my seat and guessing from episode 1  right up to the end, this show is the epitome of pin point writing and story telling. I really don’t like detective shows but Death Note put such an interesting spin on it by putting the viewer in the shoes of the “bad guy.” Its twists were jaw dropping and completely unpredictable, this is THE mystery show for mystery fans.

14. Usagi Drop

Production I.G – 2011

Watching Daikichi trying to raise an 8 year old girl by himself without any prior parenting experience turned out to be rather fun to watch and a great learning experience. The show was extremely cute and sweet but it also managed to stay firmly pressed on the harshness of reality. Showing how single parents have to make personal sacrifices for their kids or how a child slowly warms up to a brand new family are all part of what make Usagi Drop one of the best Josei titles I have ever seen.

13. Code Geass (Franchise)

Sunrise – 2007

Ive heard people say Code Geass was a mash up of all the awesome shows that aired right before it, they were probably right except for one thing. Code Geass had ideas from all the awesome shows that were airing , the only difference was that they took those ideas and executed them even better. Geass is my favourite Mecha anime because it blends drama with action in a high school setting. Its over the top but grounded in reality. The suspenseful nature of the show made it even better to watch the second time around, there aren’t many mystery shows you can say that about. I also liked the fanservice, those character designs were pretty good, kudos to CLAMP.

12. Baccano!

Brains Base – 2007

So it turns out anime based on America can be good, very good. This  adaptation of Ryougo Naritas light novel has some of the best writing and story telling techniques I have ever seen. The  none linearity of the scenes makes the show play out like a puzzle that the viewer has to decipher. I loved the characters in this show so much, it had your typical Bad asses only a little more psychotic, it had the cool type characters only a little more cooler, it even had the best comedy duo in anime Isaac and Miria only a little bit more odd. The show had some amazing action, some great comedy, a fascinating plot and one of the best English dubs of all time.

11.The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

Madhouse – 2006

A  romantic comedy about time travel directed by Mamoru Hosoda with Yoshiyuki Sadamoto character designs? Yes please! such a thing exists. Watching Makoto play around with her ability to leap through time and then realise the tragic implications of messing up the time-space continuum mixed in with a bit of drama turned out to be excellent. The romance in the movie is so earnest and heartfelt that it brought me to tears on my second viewing. I love you Mamoru Hosoda.

10. Eden of the East (Franchise)

Production I.G – 2009

This Mystery, Thriller, Drama manages to blend all sorts of genres and break certain tropes that had become somewhat standard in anime. The mixture of very cute character designs in this very very realistic modern day setting and thriller ended up working extremely well. Kenji Kamiyamas’ original story about modern day Japan and the problems its youth are facing turned out to have mass appeal, who would’ve figured?. The romantic sub plot is actually decent and relevant to the progression of the plot, the supporting cast actually had a role to play and the mysterious nature of the show as a whole kept me interested every step of the way.

9. Durarara!!

Brains Base – 2010

The same team that worked on Baccano! comes back to bring us a similar show based on another of Naritas’ light novels but only this time the setting is a little bit more closer to home. Durarara!! has the exact same appeal that Baccano! does, what makes it better though is how its modern day setting is much more relatable. I love how the Dollars are pretty much a representation of the online community  Anonymous, I love how Izaya and Shizuo are always trying to kill each other, I love how awesome Celty is, I love the cameo from Isaac and Miria, I love the dub, I love this show. Its just so so cool.

8. Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Boku Tachi wa Mada Shiranai

A-1 Pictures – 2011

My number 1 show from 2011, Ano Hana is the only show that has managed to get me emotional with each and every single episode. For a show that only had 11 episodes Im surprised it managed to make me care for the characters. The real selling point for me in this show was its portrayal of teenage romance, it was just so finely executed and realistic. There are  a lot of shows and movies out there that centre around the theme of friendship, a lot of them are good, great even but none of them are excellent, Ano Hana is.

7. Summer Wars

Madhouse – 2009

A family comedy about the internet going out of control directed by Mamoru Hosoda with Yoshiyuki Sadamoto character designs? wait we’ve already done this right? fine new approach. I love Mamoru Hosoda… already done that too? okay how about Best. Animated. Childrens. Film.

6. Toradora!

J.C Staff – 2009

There is a certain standard J.C Staff reached when they created this show. They made it impossible for me to watch any other romance show without noticing how below par it is. At this point if any anime tries to do romance and it doesn’t take cues from Toradora! it might as well not exist, just don’t even bother making it. What Im trying to say here is, this is the best depiction of romance I have ever seen ever! For a less fanboy rant on Toradora! try reading this.

5. Time of Eve

Studio Rikka – 2009

A modern day Ghost in the Shell, with no action and less technobable. This OVA discusses the differences between man and machine in a near future setting. The plot may seem overdone and cliche at this point but its the execution that sets it apart from the rest. There was a fair use of 3D CG but it was implemented so well that it was very hard to tell the difference. The problems each character faces made for such a compelling drama and the questions raised at the end kept me thinking for weeks on end. This is the best depiction of modern anime sci fi I have seen.

4. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (Franchise)

Kyoto Animation – 2006

This series is a satire of moe anime but with a compelling sci fi plot and premise of its own, how can I not love it? I love how the show goes out of its way and takes risks that not many other would have the courage to do. All the characters are memorable and fun to watch, Kyon is extremely hilarious for a grumpy teenager and the animation quality keeps getting better and better with each new release.  The movie is what makes this series land at the top of my list because of how perfect it is. Its use of characters to drive the story forward is what makes The Haruhi Suzumiya franchise so timeless.

3. Naruto (Franchise)

Studio Pierrot – 2002

It takes a special kind of show to keep you just as interested as you were at episode 1, 300+ episodes later. The ovearching story in Naruto is surprisingly deep for a shounen series, its very obvious a lot of thought and planning went into it. Events that took place back in the early episodes are only being made clear now, 300+ episodes later and the shows story is still intact. I also really love the fight scenes, unlike other shounen shows which are a matter of “I have a higher power level than, I win Haha.” Naruto uses logic that works within its universe. Its a thinking mans kind of battle, the battles play out like a chess game, the characters are constantly trying to think ahead and make the right moves all this while still managing to keep it looking flashy and colorful for the kids.

2. Full Metal Alchemist (Franchise)

Bones – 2003

I still live by the law of equivalent exchange. I love Brotherhood and the original series for 2 different reasons; Brotherhood because of how it focused on the relationship between Ed and Alphonse, we get a lot of power of friendship or power of love anime but not many that focus on brotherhood, so that was great to see.

I liked the Original for the questions it raised on religion, war, economics, humanity and fate. The show is very deep and gets you thinking which is fantastic but on top of that we also get some awesome action scenes.

1. Neon Genesis Evangelion (Franchise)

Gianax – 1995

Watching the show for the “plot” the first time around going WTF at the end, watching End of Eva and realising the show is about the characters, then re watching the show and putting the pieces all together and getting my mind blown and I haven’t even gotten to the movies yet!

What I love the most about Eva is how it tries to depict the social struggles of teenagers by putting them in an even more complex situation, applying even more pressure to these kids lives i.e asking them to save the world on top of what they are going through emotionally makes for some great melodrama and bad decisions.

The movies are less of a character study and more of an action Mecha show which is great as well. Yoshiyuki Sadamotos’ character designs are timeless and have turned out to be templates for modern day anime tropes for example, the quiet girls all look like Rei and the Tsunderes all look like Asuka.

Eva is great for both drama and action and it always seems to get better everytime I re-watch it.


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  1. Nice list. It’s amazing Evangelion got to the top when you haven’t even watched the movies. I’ve watch both and as good as the original series was the two movies I’ve seen were in a whole other league. I’d even go as far as to say 2.22 is one of the best anime movies in terms of art and animation.

    • LoL I probably didn’t phrase that properly, I actually have seen the movies and I think they were fantastic especially 2.22. The scene in which Unit 1.0 breaks the sound barrier always gives me goosebumps.

    • Tbh i have watched all of ur list here not all but i can say about 70 – 80 % of it. I am intrigued about the evangelion movies that u guys were talking about tbh , i have never watched the movies but i have the anime . In my opinion i would definetly recommend it somewhere within my top 20 or top 15 . But Not top 5 i dont really think so . I was wondring if the movies really have that great of an influence to the anime.. ? Do u guys recommend that i should watch them ? I really did like evanglion at first but then at the end it just all dissapeard but i still loved the anime. thought it would have been awsome if there were more episodes. Please tell me if u think i should watch the movies or not . IF they are really better then the anime then id love to watch them.

      • Hmm that said it seems u really love Highschool/Romance/comedy animes, Which i really dont like that much. I think romance should honestly be in Action/Sci-fi etc since for me would make the show better. About some animes if i were to make a list out of the ones uve chosen id definetly go almost like this .
        2.Code geass
        3.Death note
        4.Steins Gate
        6.Full Metal Alchemist (practicly Brotherhood)
        10.Soul Eater.
        I havent really given much thought but it would look nearly like that and as u can see i really am in favor of Long shounen / Intellegence / Sci-fci Anime. I Know u wont agree with me but for some reason i just cant seem to get liking to Duraraa! Toradora And other similiar. Toradora as ive phrased before i really dont like Romance with comedy. Am in favor with romance with action / sci -fi etc. Durrara! i just didint get what was so special about it . I watched like 4-5 episodes of it and they showed absolutly nothing. I did get excited at first about the the headless rider but then after its as though they just forgot about him and began showing some serious crap . I dont know it might have been cause i only watched few episodes but thats what i think atleast. Soul eater is getting old , to old to be in top 50. The begining was good , thought it was awsome but the ending deliverd a fatal blow to the anime and ruined it greatly.I Do agree alot with u with Ano hana , Tbh got to be the first romance that got me so hard , definetly good choice for one of the best in 2011 (tbh not first romance i did also like Ouran high school host club , even though that was a long time ago but i liked it cause it didint Focus entirely on romance.. Btw i am not really trying to lecture u or anything tbh i have been on alot of lists and this is one of the first that has inspired at this level , gonna watch those that i still havent watched yet but i was just stating my opinion even though it not needed :). Thanks for ur time reading this And keep on the good work ! 🙂

        • Hehe thanks a lot dude. Your list is pretty similar to mine in some respects and I totally understand how you feel about Durarara!! believe it or not it took me 7 eps to actually think Drrr!! was a decent show. I would recommend trying it again but this time trying to follow the different paths of each individual as they collide. Its really fun to see unfold trust me.

          • aha, Ill try to watch durara again , i mean if there are this many ppl saying that then it has to be good :). Tbh i was wondring about something and wanted to talk to u about as soon as u replyed to my comment. After i watch Durara and Neon genesis movies then it would mean that i have watched nearly all of ur recommended ones and the in diffrent lists. I may not look like it but i have watched alot of animes and somehow right now i am really interested in watching the newly ones u know the 2012 ones that came out this year. I thought u might me in the same boat as me so i actully jave watched some in this year and i cthoughtabout sharing my opions with u if thats ok. So far ive watched
            “Another” its a mystery anime that has 12 episodes mostly about a guy that trasnferd to this school and is in a cursed class where ppl or theyre family in that class dies every month and they are trying to slove it . in my opion i thought this was pretty good but not the best”. Could recommended for u
            “Kuroko no basketball” This was a really great anime by far the best this year and is 100 % better then some of the rest in other years. U might not be into Sports anime but i would greatly recommended especially if u liked Slam dunk.
            “Hyouka” This is from kyoto animation studio and is nearly the same as Haruhi. Its mostly mystery and about a guy who is usually lazy who got told by his sister to join the classic club before they close it .. and there he meets a curious girl and 2 of his old friends join him and they began to reveal the mystery behind that girls uncle 45 years ago etc.” IT was good tbh liked it the same way i did about haruhi.”
            I have seen more but they are not worth putting up the list. IF u havent seen these this year then u might want to give them a try, im sure ull like them . Give me ur opinions on them later :).

      • The movies really add to the series because they are a re-telling of sorts but this time with a much much bigger budget. I think the second movie Eva 2.0 is the series at its finest and is a must see for any fan including yourself

  2. From what I’ve read on your blog, I knew we had similar taste, and this list definitely proves it! x)

    Firstly, Neon Genesis is my favourite anime too! I know its a cliché thing to love the most, but it’s just so good! And what you said about rewatching, is exactly what made me love it more. It only became my favourite anime after my second watch of it. Also, Anohana definitely makes my top 10 as well!
    Glad to see some K-ON love, lucky star, welcome to the NHK, and pretty much everything you listed except for what I haven’t seen. I’m not kidding, I really like your list that much! Soul Eater was something I finally watch this past summer, and I liked it so much more than I could have ever expected!

    I’m definitely going to try to watch all the anime I haven’t seen that’s on your top 50, in the meantime can I suggest (if you ever have the time) to try out any of these anime: Wolf’s Rain, Tokyo Godfathers, To Aru Kagaku no Railgun, and Hunter x Hunter.

    • Hehe Glad to know we have almost the exact same tatse in anime

      . I have had the Index franchise and Tokyo Godfathers on my to-watch list for a very long time I will get to those very soon. I am still skeptical about Wolfs Rain, it kinda looks slow and like it drags out. I know its got some good philosophy behind it so that would interest. I will give it a go because of your strong recommendation..

  3. Great list once again. 🙂

    Based on your top 25, the main difference between your likes and mine (aside from the fact you liked dubs :razz:) seems to be the long running shounen series – the only one I personally like is One Piece. I second your ratings for FMA (Brotherhood only, mind) and Death Note though, and I can’t argue that Soul Eater oozes with style, even though the ending killed it a bit for me.

    • haha you only liked Brotherhood, howcome?

      • I LIKED the first anime series… I just didn’t love it. It was fun enough to watch, had some good action scenes and touched on some interesting subjects as you’ve already mentioned, but for me it didn’t quite live up to the hype – a lot of other fans had been highly rating it and had kept recommending it to me, but when I finished it I couldn’t help but feel I’d seen better.

        Brotherhood, on the other hand, took everything I liked about the first series and made it better. The plot was (in my opinion) far more interesting, the characters more likable (there was a bigger cast of characters to like, as well!), and their relationships were better developed.

        • I did like the romantic development between Winry and Ed in Brotherhood better I’ll give it that and I also like Ling. But they offed a certain Homonculus too early IMO.

  4. Agree with some titles on the list,the rest of it I haven’t watched yet. Too bad Bleach is getting way boring after 330++ episodes,I gave up already because it was so tedious. Durarara! is easily my favorite anime since 2007.

    • Glad to see another Durarara!! fanboy. Yeah Bleach kinda went downhill after the Aizen arc. I actually stopped watching it there, I heard this is the final arc so I will probably get back to it soon

      • For me,Bleach peaked on Soul Society arc. I love Arrancar arc but somehow I became bored at some points. It’s like it’s not that entertaining anymore. They just repeat some pattern again and again.

  5. Great list! Nice to see some of my favorites on it, like Death Note, Naruto, Code Geass, Lucky Star, Eva, and of course, Haruhi.

    What I like about your list in particular is that it includes long-running shonen anime as well as your standard late-night otaku anime. Not many fans enjoy that kind of variety =) Since you like Naruto and Bleach so much, have you ever considered watching One Piece? I watch all three and I like One Piece a lot more than Bleach, though it’s probably the least universally appealing of the three.

    • I have only seen about 16 episodes of One Piece, its okay its a good anime its just not my thing. The art style for one thing is hard for me to adjust to and I just don’t find it as gripping as the others.

      Glad you liked my list 🙂

  6. You sure seem to have a relatively large number of anime movies on your list, I would recommend Pale Cocoon if you haven’t seen it.

    I don’t see many people list NGE as their top anime nowadays so I’m surprised that you chose it, even though it has legendary status in the anime world. It is a great series though.

  7. Well look-e-here, I thought you hated confusing stuff and I thought you didn’t like Hideaki Anno either. Lol. Evangelion was great entertainment.

    Cool list, but I’m very surprised about Naruto, I didn’t know you even liked that anime.

    • The thing about Eva is that its not confusing at all if you follow it. Its just a character driven story with the occasional Mech Battles. I like “complicated” and sophisticated stories which is why I feel so let down by Penguindrum.

      Yeah I love Naruto, I just dont talk about it as much.

  8. I would be interested in why you like Hoshi ou Kodomo. Although it is pretty, the movie left me confused, the main character did not do a single thing during the entire film to my memory and there was little plot to speak of. She never had any particular motivation to do anything. Weird given the very long running time. Maybe I should revisit my bluray. I prefered Shinkai’s previous works, which contained themselves much better.

    For a similar type of work, which I believe is done better (though a lot of people seem to dislike it) there is Ghibli’s Princess Mononoke.

    • Yes i is quite similar to Princess Mononoke but I preferred this film because of how it explored the characters emotions. It was very subtle but it was there and was quite great to watch.

  9. I haven’t Even seen 50 anime but my top 10 list is:
    10. Baka and Test
    9. Death Note
    8. Chobits
    7. Angel Beats!
    6. Welcome to The NHK
    5. Puella Magi Madoka Magica
    4. K-On!
    3. Gurren Lagann
    2. Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion (Would be 1 if not for Haruhi Movie)
    1. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (Movie included, 3 if not)

    I’ve only seen a few episodes of Evangelion so maybe that could be my number 1 in the future

    • wow K-on! at number 4 huh thats pretty high lol. Thats a good list you have there and im sure Evangelion will atleast make your top 10 list once you complete it.

      • I know! I do love me some Moe. Well, actually I hate Moe (Despite watching it quite frequently) but I absolutely love K-On!. Definitely the best of its kind. It’s actually the first show that got me into the larger world of anime (Outside of DBZ, Pokemon, Miyazaki and the like). Oh yeah I’m still kind of new to anime (I only became a fan last November). I’m a huge fan of rock music so when I first found it and I saw Yui playing her Les Paul I was fascinated by the show. Then I watched Haruhi, then I watched Lucky Star, then Death Note and one thing led to another and suddenly I was buying anime DVD’s left, right and centre.

      • I know! I do love me some Moe. Well, actually I hate Moe (Despite watching it quite frequently) but I absolutely love K-On!. Definitely the best of its kind. It’s actually the first show that got me into the larger world of anime (Outside of DBZ, Pokemon, Miyazaki and the like). Oh yeah I’m still kind of new to anime (I only became a fan last November). I’m a huge fan of rock music so when I first found it and I saw Yui playing her Les Paul I was fascinated by the show. Then I watched Haruhi, then I watched Lucky Star, then Death Note and one thing led to another and suddenly I was buying anime DVD’s left, right and centre.

        Since I wrote that comment I gave up on trying to find DVD’s for Evangelion (Trust me they’re very hard to find here in Australia) so I bought the first Rebuild movie. It’s definitely a huge step up from the original. It’s good for me because I watch most anime dubbed and the new dub is way better than the old, crusty dub by ADV. And it looks amazing on my big TV (Something the series was definitely not, well, at least the one DVD I bought). I probably won’t watch the entire series this way (especially since the last two aren’t out yet) but It will keep me occupied while trying to find a good copy of the show on Ebay

  10. i just want to watch a high quality graphics anime

  11. galing!!!!!!!!!

  12. An update on what I said about Eva, I didn’t like the show in the end. I liked the Rebuild Movies but the show didn’t do it for me. My updated top 10 (Without Movies) is
    10. Steins;Gate
    9. Otaku no Video
    8. Haruhi Suzumiya
    7. Welcome to the NHK
    6. Clannad After Story
    5. Beck
    4. K-On!
    3. Bakemonogatari/Nisemonogatari
    2. Madoka Magica
    1. Cowboy Bebop

  13. Your list is pure and utter disgrace. You are amongst the worst anime critics ever!!! Stop watching anime, for the sake of all anime fans.

  14. Solid list! I would recommend watching Mushi-shi if you havent already, its my all time favorite. 😛

  15. We both have a lot of agreement…except the all the long shounens which I dropped long long ago. I’m kinda surprised they took near the top quite honestly considering the rest of the list. Props for loyalty?

  16. One Piece SHOULD be on this list..well, at first the animation was quite “low” but once you get used to it, you will learn to love the individual characters since they provide great comedy and action too. Also, the animation is far better today. It’s got to be on the top 3..always.

    • Maybe he hasn’t seen it? I mean, with Naruto and Bleach he probably started watching them back when they were gaining popularity. If he hasn’t seen Once Piece, it’s probably for the same reason as everyone else. The length. No matter how good a show is, most would not be willing to watch 500+ episodes to catch up.

      On a side note, the reason One Piece looks so average is because most of Toei’s money and attention (With the exception of the movies) goes into the never ending Precure franchise. One of the reasons I probably won’t watch it for a while is because I’ve heard some complaints about how the show is adapting the manga in recent episodes.

      Ironically, this newest season of Precure that started a few weeks ago is the best one in years right as One Piece is starting to fall behind. Yeah that’s right, I watch shows about magical girls over shows about Pirates. What are you gonna do about it?

  17. I agree to your list but here’s my top 15 too:

    15.Guilty Crown
    14.Lovely Complex
    11.Soul Eater
    10.Ao no Exorcist
    9.Card Captor Sakura (first anime that catches my eye)
    7.Fate Zero
    6.Tokyp Magnitude 8 (Tear-jerking series)
    5.Darker than Black
    4.Shingeki no Kyojin (although it’s still ongoing)
    3.Steins Gate
    2.Death Note
    1.FMA Brotherhood

  18. im watching some of the anime in your list and some from the comment you have here…and im enjoying it

    but i want to know wich anime is your wallpaper from????i`m really curiouse….

    • Thanks man, means a lot. The series in my background is Durarara!! its one of my favourites.

      What is your favourite off of this list so far?

  19. mmmmmmmm…..i think i like a lot,so it`s difficult to say with is the most favorite..til now i`ve watched Code Geass,Toradora,Death Note,Eden of the east too…but i think my most favorite from your list Death Note would be num one…and i have some favourite ones but it`s not in the list…

    thank you…by the way i`m a girl..hhhhh

  20. […] the pinnacle of modern romance, I certainly still believe so which is why it firmly sits unmoved on my top 10 anime list. Mari Okada has gained herself a reputation as a writer of overly dramatic ‘sappy’ […]

  21. Death Note, Dbz and Naruto are my favorite anime. I’m really sorry that Death Note isn’t on better position 😀 and for DBZ I expected it in this 50 😀 Please check out my site and tell me what is your opinion about design and other things I’ll give you link
    also if that is not alright feel free to delete and tell me so i can make one comment without link.

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