Kidd And Squid Anime Podcast 10: The Spring Anime Season With Aquagaze

I finally get to have a one on one interview with one of my Blogging inspirations Aquagaze. We get to talk about how and why he started and sort of “quit” blogging and we also get to fanboy over the new anime season.

The Spring Anime Season With Aquagaze

Direct Download 40Mb (1 Hour: 12 Minutes)



1:30 Aquagaze Introduces himself and talks about The Aquagaze Anime Weekend

7:00 Aquagaze work on Tumblr

10:30 Tips for new Anime Bloggers

11:30 Main Discussion

14:00 Medaka Box

15:30 Tsuritama, Natsuiro Kiseki and NichiBros

22:50 Saki Achiga Hen and Acchi Kochi

26:30 Jormungand

29:00 Kids on the Slope

33:00 Lupin the 3rd: A Woman Called Fujiko

35: 50 Eureka 7 AO

40:00 Fate/Zero season 2 and Madoka Magica Italian Version

46:20 Kimi To Boku season 2

50:15 Uppotte

52:25 Hyouka, Future Diary J-Drama and Ouran High School Host Club J-Drama

55:30 K-on! Movie (I could not resist), Little Busters and Avatar: The Legend of Korra

1: 00: 30 Operation Rainfall Games and Japanese Games

1:06: 55 Katawa Shoujo

1:10:35 Conclusion

Music Used

“Pure Parade” by Kugimiya Rie, Kitamura Eri, Horie Yui

“Virtual Love” by Hajime Hyakkoku

“Lemon Beach House” by Tomoki Kikuya

“Non Stop Road” by Sphere

“Ikebukuro West, Five Way Intersection” by Makoto Yoshimori

Tsurezure Monochrome by FUJIFABRIC

“Miracle Rush” by StylipS

“Acchi de Kocchi de” by Acchi⇔Kocchi

“Borderland” by Mami Kawada

“Moanin” by Art Blakey and The Messengers

“Dance of Class” by Yoko Kanno

“New Wuthering Heights” by Naruyoshi Kikuchi Pepe Tormento Azcarar feat. Ichiko Hashimoto

“The Battle is to the Strong” by Yuki Kajiura

“Storywriter” by Supercar

“You Should Become A Magical Girl” by Yuki Kajiura

“Futari no Kimochi no Honto no Himitsu” by Mutsumi Tamura & Chinatsu Akasaki

“The Force of Gravity” by Nakata Yasutaka

“Battle Zangurg” by Nobuo Uematsu

“Painful History” by 4Leaf Studio

“Assassins of  Kings” by Adam Skorupa & Krzysztof Wierzynkiewicz


P.S I played around with what I should call this podcast but all of them were giving off BL vibes. Some examples were Kidd x Aquagaze on Spring 2012 Anime and One on One with Aquagaze 😛 Anyway hope you guys enjoyed the show, tell me what you think about the new season and don’t forget to check out Aquagaze’s Tumblr for more Aqua goodness.


~ by kiddtic on April 22, 2012.

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