My reaction to Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance


Is what I thought when I saw the latest trailer of Metal Gear Rising: Reveangance at this years SPIKE VGAs’.

I rarely talk about Video Games on this blog but Metal Gear is a special case because it is my favourite video game franchise, I love Snake all four versions of him (Solidus, Liquid, Naked, Solid) I love Hideo Kojima I’m probably his biggest fanboy alive and I love Konami, they have given me classics like CONTRA and my favourite Football Simulator Pro Evolution Soccer.

Metal Gear Solid: Rising – First Impression

I first found out about this new Metal Gear after watching the 2010 E3 recap. It blew my mind! Anyone who played MGS4 remembers how Bad Ass Raiden was in that game and there were many moments where I felt like “man I wanna do that, I wanna be able to control Raiden.” This new trailer showed us just that.

With the aid of Kojima Productions brand new FOX Engine, Raiden had the ability to precisely cut anything in the game. I figured this game mechanic could be used wisely in so many different ways. For example, slicing load bearing pillars to capsize buildings on your foes in order to vanquish a large number of enemies at one go, or cutting through corridors in order to create a secret path etc.

I was vey excited for this game, I knew it would not be the same slow paced super Stealthy Metal Gear I have come to love and adore but it was still Metal Gear at its core and thats all I needed.

Metal Gear Rising: Reveangance – First Impressions

2011 E3 came and went and no word on the new Rising game was revealed, rumours started spreading around saying Kojima had canned the project but these were just rumours at this point. Gamescom 2011 came and went and still no word, PAX and even Tokyo Game Show had no word on Rising. The anticipation for any news on the game was fever pitch. Finally, at the SPIKE VGAs’ Kojima revealed his brand new trailer for Rising, convineiently changed to drop the Solid name and with the addition of the very catchy subtitle Reveangance (don’t you just love Kojimas wordplay?)

The new trailer was quite shocking to put it lightly, its gameplay resembled Ninja Gaiden or Devil May Cry a little too over the top for a Metal Game, but the big surprise was right at the end when it said “Developed by Platinum Games” Wait What?

It turned out the game had been canceled by Kojima after all, he released a video explaining the development cycle of the original Rising game just last week. Apparently Rising was supposed to be a test for his young production to make a AAA title without the aid of Kojima himself. The team worked hard on the project but couldn’t figure out how to properly integrate the “cut anything” mechanic into a coherent gameplay style. They also didn’t know how to switch the gameplay from Stealth to Action without the game looking like it has split personality disorder.

After Kojima finshed working on PeaceWalker (great game play it) he decided to check up on his teams progress and was shocked at the fact that they hadnt progressed at all. So he cancelled the game.

He later met the Platinum Games CEO Tatsuya Minami and suggested that they work on the project. They accepted and worked on the game but hit some roadbloacks with the FOX Engine so they canned that as well and started from scratch with the Platinum Engine. Basically making Metal Gear Rising: Reveangance a brand new game.

Conclusion (AKA My Impression on the Game For Reals This Time)

I love Kojima he is a very smart human being, but I don’t think cancelling the Rising project was the right thing to do. I realise he is tired of pretty much single handedly making all the Metal Gear games (Yes he pretty much designs all the levels, enemy movements, story etc thats why his games have the ” A Hideo Kojima Game” label splattered across them) but that does not mean he needs to nullify all the work his staff had put into the project. I think it would have been best to just work hands on on Rising again, with a little less responsibility but just enough to guide the young team forward.

I’m not a fan of Hack n Slash games, I think they are silly ( thats my personal opinion) I prefer to take my time and think things through when I’m playing a game. Some hack n Slash titles have blended the two well, take Prince of Persia: Sands of Time for example one of the greatest games ever made. I had hope for Rising because I knew it wouldn’t be a dumb mash X and Y 50 bajillion times to get to the Boss kinda game, I knew it would have more substance to it but Platinum games don’t do substance, they do “cool”.

I was also looking forward to Rising because the story was meant to be a prequel to MGS4, getting to see how Raiden went from whiny stealthy guy to full on Bad Ass Samurai/Ninja was going to be so cool and deep. The decision to set Reveangance after MGS4 just means its relevance to Canon is now nearly 0%. As a Metal Gear fan story is like 70% of the reason I enjoy the franchise and if you remove that and the stealth Gameplay you are pretty much left with nothing but familiar character models doing random things on a screen.

In short, I don’t like this new game I’m gonna pass.

~ by kiddtic on December 21, 2011.

2 Responses to “My reaction to Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance”

  1. Personally as soon as I saw the very first
    “slicing” trailer way back when, the first
    thing that came to mind was GIMMICK!!
    I immediately lost interest in the game.
    Granted, Kojima should not have canned
    the whole thing but I do empathise with
    his thoughts because the game just
    WASN’T an MGS game when summed
    up. Am I looking forward to seeing
    Revengence? Yes. Just not in my usual
    Fanboy mode. I am NOT for the
    “prequel” idea much. Very few games
    have pulled it off perfectly.

    • Kojima is no newbie at Prequels. my fav game of all time MGS3 is a prequel, Peace Walker is a prequel as well so the guy can get his stories down pat. I dont even wanna see Revengance coz ugh…its just sad and annoying.

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